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Kevlar is a heat-resistant and tough finish that was developed in 1965. Its uses vary across many product categories, such as clothing, tires and even drum heads. Kevlar suits the automotive finish market well because of its toughness and clearcoat appearance. We talk a lot about cars and trucks, but Kevlar can be used on any object you want to protect with Kevlar, including boats, RV’s, aircraft and much more.

Bringing the Best to Market - Fortador Kevlar Coating Kit
Fortador has one of the best Kevlar solutions available. As part of its ceramic coating kit, Fortador brings a complete system with three product stages. This kit includes all the product, application pads and cloths you need.

Ceramic Coating Kit-Fortador Kevlar
Many people are looking for another choice and a better solution for a quality automotive finish. Kevlar coating is an exceptionally strong finish that can be a great solution for many car and truck coating jobs. The ceramic coating kit featuring Fortador Kevlar is a three-stage package with easy-to-follow instructions. Applying this coating to any vehicle will give owners the look and durability they want.

Why Choose a Fortador Kevlar Coating
Protecting a vehicle with a professional level and quality ceramic coating is one of the best choices an owner can make. There are many benefits to the car or truck owner. Professionals speaking to vehicle owners and techs that apply the product should think long-term for the care of the vehicle.

A professional ceramic coating provides a barrier between the vehicle and the outside elements. Dirt, dust, road chemicals and other particles are the enemies of a car’s exterior. A ceramic coating can protect against destructive particles.

Car owners will save time by not having to wash or wait in line at car washes when their vehicle is protected with a ceramic coating. They won’t have to wash their vehicle as frequently because of the durable protectant on their valued possession.

Second to a home, a vehicle is often one of the most highly-valued assets a person owns. Protecting it is important. One of the major factors in determining the re-sale value is the exterior condition and appearance. Cars and trucks protected with a professional ceramic coating with Kevlar will not be disappointed in the preservation of their vehicle. They can realize a higher re-sale value.

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Advantages of Applying Kevlar

Ceramic coatings like Kevlar are liquid polymers that chemically bond to a vehicle’s paint, creating an additional level of protection. It’s a more comprehensive protective alternative than car wax, as it creates a semi-permanent to a permanent bond that does not need frequent reapplication.

A thorough application of Kevlar provides several notable benefits to keep vehicles looking like new. The main ones are:

1. Ultraviolet Stability.  Vehicles exposed excessively to the sun often have paint that becomes dulled and faded. Applying a layer of coating results in protection pain on metal surfaces, which reduces the amount of oxidation that occurs due to UV rays.
2. Protection from Stains and Etching.  Acidic contaminants can endanger your vehicle’s exterior. Kevlar can make your vehicle more resistant to staining and etching if you apply the coating in a timely manner.
3. Easy Cleaning. Even with highly efficient steam cleaning, you can still encounter swirl resistance on the surface of your vehicle. By applying our Kevlar coating, mud, grease, grime and other undesirable elements will easily wash off, providing not only paint protection but leather protection should you decide to apply it to cabin surfaces.
4. High Gloss. Let's face it, don't you love shine on our vehicle's exterior? Our Kevlar protection package can provide that. A thorough coating will add to the beauty of your vehicle's exterior, as it enhances its reflective properties.
5. Eliminates Water Spotting. Although swirl resistance is a major concern, so is water spotting. Drops of water usually contain some dirt and minerals and, as such, can leave marks on vehicle exteriors. Kevlar coating will prevent those spots from occurring.
6. Less Frequent Washings. While this advantage may seem counterintuitive to your detail business, telling customers that they have the ability to go longer in between washings can work to your advantage for your business. Informing customers that adding a better protective coating than car wax can benefit your detailing business.

Kevlar protection coating installation

Stage 1:
Preparation is key to coming out with the best protection and look you want. Washing and power-polishing are the minimums you want to do prior to application. Paint correction for removal of imperfections, steam cleaning to remove residues and a paint cleaner with a microfiber cloth, depending on the condition of the vehicle, will all contribute to the end result.  

When the vehicle is prepped for application, you are ready for the ceramic coating. You will use the primer/activator with the applicator pad. Just 5 to 15 drops will do. Massage this into the body of the car or truck. The primer and bond will evaporate, and be ready to receive the Kevlar coating. In five minutes, you are ready for stage two.

Stage 2:
Now you are ready to put the ultimate finish on the vehicle. Follow the safety instructions of this game-changing product. You only need to apply a thin layer of Kevlar from the jar. Wait five to ten minutes for it to completely dry.

Now it is time to polish and begin reveling the final result. Polish by hand with the provided microfiber cloth. Wait about 15 minutes and polish again with that same cloth. Be prepared to be impressed as this vehicle takes the road with a Kevlar coating protection.

Stage 3:
Make the job complete. The Kevlar protection is now extended to the interior. After vacuuming, and a thorough cleaning, you can apply the product to the dry upholstery. Simply spray the product on from one-foot away. No rubbing necessary. After 15 minutes, the first layer will be dry. Apply a second layer by repeating the application. Now the entire vehicle is protected by Kevlar and ready for what the road brings.

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  • KEVLAR Primer/Activator 50 ml
  • KEVLAR Paste 120 ml
  • KEVLAR Interior coating 150 ml
  • Application brush
  • Applicator sponge
  • Fortador Premium Microfiber

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Kevlar Coating Warranty

We value your peace of mind. Application of Primer/Activator is one time, for best look and protection we recommend to maintain Kevlar paste every 6 months

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Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
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