Decoding the Rivalry: Fortador vs Optima - An In-Depth Analysis of Industrial Steam Cleaners

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June 16, 2023

Comparing Fortador and Optima: The Battle of Industrial Steam Cleaners

The Fortador PRO is a Complete Commercial Steamer; see how it Compares to the Optima DMF, CMF and XD     

Commercial steam cleaners are becoming more important than ever. Their use and services are expanding beyond car detailing. People looking to purchase a steam cleaner for cars or another purpose have many options. A great choice can be the Fortador PRO. It is important to see how it compares to another steamer, the Optima DMF, CMF and XD diesel-fired steam cleaners

Key Takeaways:

  • Performance Parameters: The Fortador PRO steam cleaner outperforms the Optima models with higher steam pressure (232 PSI vs. 137.8 PSI) for quicker job completion and potential increased earnings.
  • Construction: The Fortador PRO's corrosion-free aluminum alloy frame provides superior durability and strength compared to the Optima's polypropylene and polyethylene construction.
  • Fuel Efficiency and Savings: The Fortador PRO's remarkable fuel efficiency (0.15 gallons per working hour) leads to substantial cost savings compared to the Optima (0.6 gallons per working hour), resulting in $4,000 savings per year with current diesel prices.

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Performance parameters Fortador vs Optima

Steam pressure

The pressure at which the steam is delivered can make the difference in the time spent on the job and the effectiveness of the project. The Fortador PRO is ready to take on the biggest challenges with 232 PSI. The Optima diesel-fired steamer deliver a maximum of 137.8 PSI. The higher PSI allows users to finish jobs quicker and potentially make more money in less time.

Boiler size

The boiler is what provides the steam for detailing equipment. When a team is working on a job, they need to keep going. The Fortador PRO has about 35% more water capacity so most jobs can be easily finished without stopping.

Steam Hose Connectors and Accessories

Shops and remote jobs can maximize production with multiple hose connections. The Fortador PRO offers up to three hoses operation while the Optima DMF is equipped with two. Both models offer a good assortment of accessories including steam guns, specialty tools and adapters to fit different job requirements.

Preheating Time

Cleaners want to start work quickly. Both detailing equipment pieces give users adequate water preheating times. The Optima DMF preheats in 3-5 minutes while the Fortador PRO preheats in 2-7 minutes. Both models let users begin work without delay.

Weight, size and portability

Both models make it easy to transport and work around a shop. The Fortador PRO has an empty weight of 175 pounds while the Optima DMF steamer weighs 191 pounds.

Diesel tank size and fuel consumption

Both models are efficiently diesel-powered. Cost of operation is ongoing, and it is top of mind when considering a capital purchase. Fortador impresses here. The Fortador PRO uses 0.15 gallons per working hour while the Optima DMF comes in at 0.6 gallons per working hour.  Doing the math over a year’s time or an eight-hour shift will show considerable savings with the Fortador PRO. Because of the exceptional fuel efficiency of the Fortador PRO, users get 25 working hours per tank verses 10 hours from the Optima DMF, CMF and XD. With current price of diesel inNovember 2021 at 3.30 / Gallon it is $4,000 savings per year

Construction Optima vs Fortador

Frame material

efficient steamer for cars cleaning

Long-term durability is critical in a capital equipment purchase. The Fortador PRO has a corrosion free aluminum alloy frame. The Optima steamer is made of polypropylene and polyethylene. Aside from everyday shop use, commercial steamers often have to be moved and loaded into trucks for remote work. Aluminum provides more tensile strength.

optima steamer break down

Overall design

It all starts with the design. Fortador clearly has end customers and owners in mind when they design their steamers. Europe is known for its quality design and manufacturing. Fortador handcrafts its steamers in Europe with hardware that will last for years. Optima steamers are manufactured at a number of sites including Asia.

End users and owners can count on the consistency of Fortador’s steamers for years. This has many benefits including easy-to-perform maintenance. This results in less down time and higher worker productivity. The Fortador PRO is the 6th generation of steam cleaners, all produced to high standards and powered with a burner by Lamborghini.

efficient diesel urner for steam cleaner
lamborghini diesel burner

Post Purchase Support Europe vs Asia

Customer Service

Fortador sells direct and through a network of sales partners. Optima relies on distributors to sell its product. Fortador has a team of customer service and technical representatives in house. They provide a high level of expertise with efficient troubleshooting and issue resolution. Owners of Fortador’s steam cleaners will appreciate the strong branding support.

Warranty policies

The Fortador PRO has a comprehensive standard warranty of 12 months. Buyers have the option to extend the warranty to 36 months or 3,000 moto hours. A 5-year warranty on the boiler is included. The Optima DMF comes with a 1-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on the boiler. The longer warranty terms have obvious advantages should there be an issue longer into the equipment’s life.  

Technical Features Digital vs Analog

Advanced Control and Monitoring

When purchasing a steam cleaner for cars, buyers want the latest technology. The Fortador PRO comes with a touch screen and auto-diagnostics system. Touch screens are often expected on quality machinery; the Fortador PRO delivers on what users expect. This 7-inch screen shows current fluid level of the water, detergent and diesel. Users also see the boiler pressure, hour meter and much more. Users are always in control.

steam pressure manometer for optima steamer

The Optima steamer has an automatic alarm for a fuel shortage or out-of-range pressure. It is better to be able to monitor the levels electronically with the Fortador PRO. The Optima DMF has traditional knob-based and dials for machine control.  

Fortador offers auto-detailing control software to manage, maintain customers, take payment and much more. This innovative mobile-based software can help owners manage their business and ultimately increase sales.

Notes and Additional Features

Purchasers will pay a little more for the Fortador PRO upfront. Although the initial investment is higher, the technology is worth the investment and the return will come in the form of diesel savings over the life of the machine.

One of the bigger advantages of the Fortador PRO is its ability to simultaneously clean with a detergent or sanitizing agent. With its three detergent tanks, users are ready to take on any job, including post construction deep cleaning, sanitizing and HVAC maintenance. This has many advantages as users go on jobs and are presented with new situations that require a different cleaning agent to do the job right. The Optima DMF does a good job with steam, but is a little limited beyond that.

optima steamer alternative

The Fortador PRO is designed with the owner and user in mind. It has the latest technological features that make a difference in daily and long-term use. Visit our web site, compare the models and contact us for finance options and to reserve your new commercial steamer today.

optima steamer alternatives

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