Fleet Maintenance: Steam Cleaning and Disinfection

Efficient Method to Clean with Steam
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FLEET maintenance:
steam cleaning and disinfection

Maximize Fleet Cleanliness With Fortador Steam Sanitation

State-of-the-Art Technology

With burners made by Lamborghini, Fortador steam cleaners give you reliablestate-of-the-art technology. Our portable units include a wet/dry extractor made by Ghibli & Wirbel for additional versatility. Thanks to multiple long hoses, operators can work on more than one vehicle simultaneously. When combined with one or more of our add-on packages, your operation will have everything it needs to thorough fleet cleaning.

Streamline Scheduled Fleet Maintenance

Fortador’s line of professional steam cleaners allows you to streamline sanitation of all vehicles. Instead of making appointments with detailing businesses, your staff can accomplish the task themselves at a time that works for your business. Accomplish sanitation right in your garage. That means no time spent driving the vehicle to an outside contractor, leaving it there and driving it back. The ability to clean several vehicles at once and get them back out on the road quickly will translate into savings and additional revenue as your staff can focus their attention on other tasks.

Efficiency of Fortador

Thanks for Lamborghini Caroclima diesel burner Fortador steamer consumes x3 less diesel than competitors, so in one year you can save costs of Fortador using it. Price in difference is less than 3 months of diesel consumtion.

Kind to the Environment

Steam cleaning units provide you with a green solution that is kind to the environment. Dry steam uses only a fraction of the water used by other cleaning methods. You’ll have little runoff resulting in less pollution of the local water system, which can make your operation a green leader.

In addition, Fortador steam machines eliminate the need to use harmful chemicals during the cleaning process. The combination of hot steam and high pressure blasts away most dirt and harmful particles. No harmful residue will run off into drains or remain on vehicle surfaces, giving your drivers and staff an overall healthier environment. If desired, you can use mild detergent when needed to loosen stubborn dirt and stains.

How You Can Steam Clean Your Fleet

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Fortador steamers to disinfect your fleet is you can use them for multiple applications. Steam cleaning is appropriate for cleaning dust, dirt, grime, road salt, insects, leaves, and anything else from the exterior of vehicles encounter when they are on the road. Steam cleaners are appropriate for washing vehicles with ceramic coating sand other paint protection products.

Steam is also ideal for cleaning greasy engine parts. Removing grease and grim can help extend the life of your fleet’s engines, leading to a reduction in overall fleet costs. You’ll have vehicles that will run better and longer while reducing time in the repair shop.

Perhaps, one of the most important aspects of detailing these days involving interior cleaning and disinfection. Thanks to accessories available with Fortador machines, you can thoroughly all kinds of interior surfaces that include carpeting, cloth, faux leather and real leather seats, dashboards, cupholders and consoles and other interior surfaces.

Advantages of Regular Disinfection

Fleet vehicles that receive a lot of use can get dirty quickly. More than ever, many people are concerned about the transmission of viruses and bacteria that can live on surfaces. This concern is especially apparent if you have a business that frequently transports people. Frequent cleaning of the interior of fleet vehicles keeps them smelling fresh but, more importantly, reduces the possibility of inadvertent transmission as steam cleaning is effective at removing harmful viruses, bacteria and other unwanted particles.

Funding on Your Terms

We focus not only on providing your company with the best portable steam cleaners for our fleet operations but also on getting you the financing you need to buy our products. Fortador works with several financial institutions, including ClickLease, Ascentum Capital and PayPal, so that you can buy the equipment you need at terms that work for your business.

Get the Support You Need

From product design through usage and maintenance, Fortador is dedicated to helping you improve your bottom line through steam disinfection. Our website includes quick-start product guides to help your staff learn how to use these machines, along with support videos that cover various aspects of operation and repair, including water pump replacement, electrical connection inspection and replacement, touch screen recalibration and more. We even have replacement parts to keep your machines in top condition. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more information and tips on how to use our machines. Check our blog regularly for additional information.

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The On-the-spot All-in-one

Save man hours by reducing car cleaning to just one device that does it all! The Fortador Steamers eliminates the need for chemicals and provides an effective sanitizing clean for the entire vehicle inside and out. With no waste-water or overspray, you may effectively clean an entire vehicle right where it rests at your dealership!

Lessen The Load

Car wash and detailing equipment cost money. they cost even more to maintain in addition to training employees on each piece of equipment. The Fortador Steamers can eliminate your need for a pressure washer, injector/extractor, waste-water reclamation mat, buckets, wash mitts and an air compressor.

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Ultimate Conservation

Steam greatly reduces exterior wash time. The traditional method of car washing is a five step process (pre-rinse, soap, rinse, dry and wax). Using steam, there are only two steps. Step one, the operator sprays the vehicle’s surface with steam and then dries the surface with a microfiber towel. Step two, the operator applies a surface protectant. Use steam to avoid damp interiors. Steam is a light, super-heated, vapor. Steam penetrates dirt quickly, kills bacteria and removes odors. With dry vapor-steam, upholstery dries in minutes, not hours.

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Why Steam Cleaner is the Best Tool for Car Wash Detailing

A steam cleaner for cars is the go-to piece of equipment in car detailing and amatuer home detailing. When you start telling customers how much you can do for them, they will be amazed. When you thoroughly clean all of the areas possible with steam, they will be impressed by the results and want you back.Steam is safe and effective across almost every surface in a vehicle. The right commercial steamer will have flexibility and capabilities to do steam, car shampooing, detergent cleaning and other features.

Car Steamer Methods

There are really two categories of procedures or methods when using a car steam cleaner. Cleaning with steam as the primary agent is the one that often comes to mind first. Here the steamer is used with different gun ends and application techniques. You will use the steamer at different angles and distances from the surface. You will also use micro-fiber cloths and other cloths to follow up and cleanse the surface of the dislodged particles, stains and debris.

Extraction is another cleaning technique. A high-quality professional car steam cleaner should have extraction capabilities. Extraction is seen by many as the best technique for carpet and car upholstery. Here you will use extraction ends to inject and extract water with or without cleaning agents from the seats and upholstery. You will see the soil and particles as they are extracted.


A car shampooer is another feature some professional steam cleaner for cars have. This additional level of cleaning is often necessary for soiled carpets and interiors. The Fortador Pro Max steamer has all the capabilities you need for steaming, extracting and shampooing. That is important because you never really know what level of soil and dirt you encounter on a job until you get going. Get ready to clean it all without haste with Fortador.


Snow foaming is a technique in which a cleaning foam is sprayed on the exterior of the car. This thick cleaning agent soaks deep in the paint, glass and other surfaces of the vehicle. The Fortador Pro Max steamer is capable of rinsing snow foam the wet steam mode. With two three steam guns, no need to change hoses or tank hook ups, just press Wet mode on touchscreen.. Check out all of the potential cleaning areas a steam cleaner can take care of!

Glove Boxes

It is not always about just cleaning. It is also about a total clean and sanitized car. Take the items out of the glove box and put them in a zip lock bag. Flood the glove box with powerful and hot steam.

Wheel Wells

There may be road chemicals, tar and other materials that build up in the wheel wells. Safely get up and underneath the wheel wheels with a steamer.

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Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars

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