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What is the best commercial steam cleaner? Fortador PRO line
Fortador's commercial steamers allow you to clean almost anything, almost anywhere. Our dry vapor steamers offer the most effective and ecologically friendly method of cleaning today. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, vapor-steam is ideal because many locations are unequipped to deal with excessive waste-water, abundances of chemicals and the resulting downtime. Use the Fortador Steamers to erase graffiti, eliminate infestations, mitigate mold, remove gum, and clear-up stains from surfaces all while deodorizing and sanitizing.Wash windows, floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards, restrooms, kitchens, commercial equipment, restoration and so much more.

Sanitation for the Entire Facility

Can you put a cleaner in steam cleaner? - Yes, Fortador PRO Line has additional tank for cleaner that will be injected into steam.
Our steam machines are of commercial and industrial quality, allowing you to quickly and easily complete the hardest cleaning tasks. Dry vapor contains less moisture in comparison to conventional boiler-systems and pressure washers, cleaning those delicate and hard to reach areas with the least amount of moisture. Steam reaching 212ºF melts and removes grease, oil and dirt leaving surfaces clean and dry. Commercial kitchens enjoy using our steamers on fryers, prep tables, grills, washing areas and hoods to maintain and preserve equipment. Easily clean walk in freezers with no down-time or excess waste-water. Steam cleans and removes E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria on food prep surfaces and equipment without the use of harmful chemicals. Effortlessly utilize steam to clean and sanitize your entire facility, including your consumer seating areas or anywhere bacteria may lie.Check this blog post about sanitizing

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Greener, Fresher, Stronger
Tile and grout cleaning is an important but often overlooked area of cleaning that can easily harbor bacteria, mold and mildew problems. Grout can create harmful health effects if not cleaned properly as harmful microbes, dirt, grease, stains, and mold can accumulate inside, resulting in foul odors and deteriorating indoor air quality.  The dry vapor from the Fortador Steamers gently penetrates the pores releasing the dirt, grease and mold. High heat and pressure behind the vapor removes odors and stains while restoring the surface.Fortadors offers the most powerful commercial- grade steam equipment producing the highest steam temperatures for the most efficient cleaning.
Fortador Kevlar Protection system

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Solution

Kyle Bryant
Hi-Definition Auto Detailing, Austin, TX
Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
Gerard Suico
Miami, FL
I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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