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Industrial Steam Cleaners, Sanitizers, and Washers

Steam generators for industrial cleaning and sanitizing such as packaging, beverage, mechanical, manufacturing industries. A wide range of practical, versatile and ecological products, which sanitize without the use of chemicals.
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The Ultimate Guide To Commercial &
Industrial Steam Cleaning

Table of Content
- Commercial Steam Cleaning
- Many Businesses have Needs
- Applications, Opportunities and Surfaces
- Building Owner Insights
- Commercial Steam Cleaners
- Cleaning Agents
- Steam Clean and Win

Commercial Steam Cleaning

Commercial steam cleaning is a growing service, and one that most businesses do not want to do themselves. Many businesses take care of the daily and routine cleaning in-house. Successful commercial cleaning takes specialized equipment, training and time that many businesses do not have. Fortunately, for new and experienced entrepreneurs, this can create an opportunity. There are an endless number of commercial applications that are best cleaned with steam.

All steam cleaners are not built for the high demands and the diverse needs of the commercial and industrial markets. High-temperature steam will break down the grease, eliminate odors and kill harmful bacteria. A well-designed commercial steam cleaning machine with effective accessories and cleaning agents can make all the difference.

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Many Businesses have Needs

As you drive past industrial centers, business complexes, municipal buildings, and shopping areas, you will find opportunities for steam cleaning. The buildings and fixtures all take a beating and will soil over time. The dirt and stains that appear within the walls and outside greatly vary. Some are natural, some are synthetic. You can clean them all.

You can feel confident that steam at the proper temperature and pressure can clean and sanitize the surface of the dirt-filled objects without haste. Below are just a few ideas on the types of buildings and businesses you can look to gain business from.

• Office centers

• Strip malls

Child care centers

• Manufacturing plants

• Distribution centers

• Public areas

• Restaurants and bars

Hotel rooms

• Commercial kitchens

• Parking structures

• Schools

• Laundromats

• Bus depots

• Sporting facilities

• Apartment buildings

Car dealerships

• Department stores

• Airports

• Dental offices


Health care buildings

• Coffee shops

commerciaal kitchen steam disinfection

Applications, Opportunities and Surfaces

In the interiors and exteriors of all the commercial structures, with the right industrial steamer, you can clean almost anything. You can feel confident and prepared for any situation and stain that presents itself. There are many applications for you to steam clean.

Graffiti and Gum

Bathroom stalls and other surfaces in commercial buildings are invitations for graffiti and gum. This causes unsightly areas and does not reflect well on the business. Steam works to eliminate the graffiti stains and blast the gum from the surfaces. You have just solved a problem.

Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a problem in pockets in the Unites States. Steam is an effective and chemical-free solution. Using an industrial steam cleaner with steam above 160 degrees will kill bed bugs and their eggs. The penetrating steam goes beneath the surfaces to eradicate the pests and eliminate the problem.

Automotive Grease

Even though car dealerships try to keep the showroom clean from the grease from the garage, it is not always possible. Technicians and mechanics need to pass through common areas. As they do, the grease stains from their shoes can easily transmit to the office or showroom area. Using steam and an extractor if needed, will leave the floors clean as new.

If there are stubborn and ground in stains, there are safe and effective agents to add. Fortador’s line of steamers gives you the flexibility to add a cleaning agent when necessary.

Kitchen Cleaning and Sanitation

This can be a large market to provide steam cleaning to. Kitchens in restaurants, schools, food trucks and hotels all have needs for high quality cleaning and sanitation. E-coli, salmonella and listeria can start and grow on kitchen equipment including appliances, handles and food prep areas.

Using a commercial kitchen steam cleaner will take care of common food stains as well as the bacteria and contaminants. The high temperature and precise amount of moisture content of Fortador’s steamers are perfect for commercial kitchen cleaning. The steam efficiently makes its way between the cracks and crevices for effective cleaning and disinfecting.

You are also able to clean the floors and walls with a commercial steamer. Because Fortador’s steamers use minimal moisture, the area will safely dry quickly. Get cooking!

Public Restrooms

When you walk into a public restroom, you expect cleanliness and high standards. When these are not met, many people pass judgements on the business that extends beyond the bathroom walls. Using steam to sanitize and clean public restrooms is a great solution. You will be able to clean the entire bathroom including the fixtures, mirrors, hand dryers, walls, floor and ceiling. Your customers will not be disappointed.


Businesses of all types have carpeting. As it becomes soiled from traffic and spills, you can clean it. A commercial steam cleaner is one of the best solutions for this high-profile surface in a building. Using an extractor will remove the residual moisture so the foot traffic can resume.

Floors and Molding

Tile, grout, laminate, polymer and other flooring materials all get soiled. Dirt grinds into the pores which makes them hard to clean. Dirt gathers in corners and where the molding meets the flooring. You can use steam to pressure the dirt away and penetrate the cracks and crevices.

Learn more about best steam mops for floors cleaning.


Upholstery is everywhere in commercial buildings. Many businesses have a customer seating area. Reception desks and office cubicle walls are also common. Fortador’s line of steamers have the ends and accessories to restore the fibers and make them look like new.

Wall Marks

As employees and customers carry items and scrape up against walls, they become marked up and stained. These black marks stand out and become unsightly. Use steam and potentially a brush end to remove these with a commercial steamer. You have the ability to clean the entire wall for a fresh look that dries fast.

Vinyl and Leather Seating

These types of materials can look dirty and warn if not maintained. Use your commercial steam cleaner to bring chairs and benches back to life. A steamer will remove all types of dirt including soil that accumulates from skin contact, and ink marks from pens in people’s pockets.


Commercial building operators struggle keeping glass clean. How many times have you seen streaky glass in doors and windows as you enter a business? Using steam is one of the most effective methods for cleaning glass.

Making one pass over the glass and then wiping with a microfiber cloth will keep the interior and exterior of windows impressively clean. We also carry a glass cleaner if you prefer.

Playground Stains and Marks

Children’s playgrounds get dirty and dusty from traffic and particles in the air. This build-up can cause the equipment to become unsafe. A steam cleaner is the perfect tool to clean this type of equipment. It will get in the corners to remove dirt and grime from the seams on the playscape. It will also double as a sanitizer, which is more important than ever.

Shipping Docks

Commercial buildings, including grocery stores, have shipping and receiving docks. There are internal and external drivers and loading crews that work on the docks. Building docks that handle food have important reasons for being clean and sanitized.

Steam cleaning is perfect to fully clean and sanitize shipping docks across a market. The loading bays, handles, doors and areas around each dock can effectively and efficiently be cleaned with steam. Keep things safe and moving!

car cleaner making car detailing with steam

Building Owner Insights

Many commercial building owners own multiple buildings. Some of these operations have their cleaning services centrally-coordinated; some leave the decision up to the individual building managers.

If you complete a cleaning job in one building, ask the site manager if there are other buildings under the same ownership. You now have a potential referral and an expanded opportunity.

Depending on the type of commercial building, some operators may have a regular cleaning service that provides standard and routine cleaning. There are opportunities to provide the higher level of cleaning that steam can achieve. Sanitizing is also becoming more important to commercial buildings. Performing this higher level of cleaning monthly or quarterly are opportunities.

Commercial Steam Cleaners

Commercial Diesel Steam Cleaner Fortador PRO

Our line of steamers is fully equipped and ready for any commercial job. You can feel confident that you will able to clean any surface in your market. One model option we have is the Pro S. This steamer is designed with the user in mind.

Steam pressure is one of the key operating points of a steamer. The PRO gives you up to 232 PSI. With this capacity, you can remove even the toughest stains on most any surface. This higher pressure can add efficiencies to your work days as you complete jobs quicker.

Preheating time is only 2-7 minutes. This allows you to start your jobs as quickly as possible. This diesel-powered engine delivers boiler temperature up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This takes care of the bed bug and all other jobs.

Owners are continually impressed with the low cost of operation of the Pro S. With .15 gallons of water per working hour, you get 25 working hours per tank. Keep working!

The Pro S has the capability to simultaneously clean with a detergent and steam. With three detergent tanks, you will be prepared for using different cleaning agents on the same commercial job site.

heavt duty diesel steam cleaner

Fully Electrical Steam Cleaner Fortador Volt Electra

If you are going to be doing a high number of interior jobs, the Fortador Volt Electra can be a great solution. This is an all-in-one steam cleaner that gives you the capability to complete commercial cleaning jobs. The Volt Electra comes with a built-in commercial grade vacuum and extractor. You can easily clean carpets and upholstery.

This electric-powered steamer lets you easily connect to power in a commercial building and complete the job area to area. It delivers high-quality steam at a very effective 175 PSI.

Send in your team as the Volt Electra lets two users steam clean simultaneously. At 99 pounds, easily move from commercial room to commercial room.

Cleaning Agents

We are proud to say that we can supply you with the cleaning agents for the commercial building market. Below is a list of products you can easily purchase. We want you to succeed.

• Glass cleaner

• Carpet cleaner

• Plastic cleaner

• Polymer additive for steam with shine effect

• Window coating

• Active OXI foam for carpets

Steam Clean and Win

The countless number of commercial buildings all have cleaning needs. We can help you determine the best commercial steam cleaning machine for your jobs, and get started when you are ready. We fully support you with the highest quality steamers, training and supplies.

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Revolutionary Cleaning System

What is the best commercial steam cleaner? Fortador PRO line
Fortador's commercial steamers allow you to clean almost anything, almost anywhere. Our dry vapor steamers offer the most effective and ecologically friendly method of cleaning today. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, vapor-steam is ideal because many locations are unequipped to deal with excessive waste-water, abundances of chemicals and the resulting downtime. Use the Fortador Steamers to erase graffiti, eliminate infestations, mitigate mold, remove gum, and clear-up stains from surfaces all while deodorizing and sanitizing.Wash windows, floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards, restrooms, kitchens, commercial equipment, restoration and so much more.

Sanitation for the Entire Facility

Can you put a cleaner in steam cleaner? - Yes, Fortador PRO Line has additional tank for cleaner that will be injected into steam.
Our steam machines are of commercial and industrial quality, allowing you to quickly and easily complete the hardest cleaning tasks. Dry vapor contains less moisture in comparison to conventional boiler-systems and pressure washers, cleaning those delicate and hard to reach areas with the least amount of moisture. Steam reaching 212ºF melts and removes grease, oil and dirt leaving surfaces clean and dry. Commercial kitchens enjoy using our steamers on fryers, prep tables, grills, washing areas and hoods to maintain and preserve equipment. Easily clean walk in freezers with no down-time or excess waste-water. Steam cleans and removes E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria on food prep surfaces and equipment without the use of harmful chemicals. Effortlessly utilize steam to clean and sanitize your entire facility, including your consumer seating areas or anywhere bacteria may lie.Check this blog post about sanitizing

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Greener, Fresher, Stronger

Tile and grout cleaning is an important but often overlooked area of cleaning that can easily harbor bacteria, mold and mildew problems. Grout can create harmful health effects if not cleaned properly as harmful microbes, dirt, grease, stains, and mold can accumulate inside, resulting in foul odors and deteriorating indoor air quality.  The dry vapor from the Fortador Steamers gently penetrates the pores releasing the dirt, grease and mold. High heat and pressure behind the vapor removes odors and stains while restoring the surface.Fortadors offers the most powerful commercial- grade steam equipment producing the highest steam temperatures for the most efficient cleaning.

Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Ceramic Coating Protection System for all materials


Our Main Products

Fortador PRO Max
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with Vacuum

20 bar / 295 PSI
Fortador PRO
Industrial Steam Cleaner

16 bar / 235 PSI
Fortador Volt Electra
Fully electric steam cleaner
with vacuum

12 bar / 175 PSI
Portable Steam Cleaner
Fortador Volt Mini
Portable steam cleaner

7 bar /100 PSI
Powerbank for car steam cleaner
Fortador Powerbank
mobile power source
Fortador Car Wash Van for auto detailing
Fortador Cargo Slider
Fortador Self Wash
Steam Car Wash Station
Mobile Car wash
Van equipment set
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