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Mobile Car Wash Trailer - Auto Detailing Trailer

You can choose one of the best available trailer to make Mobile car wash and auto detailing services easy than ever. One axel or two axels trailers will be your money making machine. that will fit our state-of-art setup for mobile operation, with Fortador PRO Max Steam & Vacuum Cleaner or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner, generator or Powerbank, set of detailing materials and other tools. You can provide any type of mobile steam wash and disinfection to your customers and do car, moto, truck, yacht or commercial wash and cleaning.

Main Specifications & Features:

Make Mobile Service Easy High Quality Equipment for auto detailing Fits Fortador PRO Max Steamer


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Mobile Car wash Trailer and Auto Detailing Trailer
Equipment setup:
Car Wash, Detailing and Sanitizing
$0 down / $399 Docs fee for qualified enterprenuers

You can choose one of the best available trailer to make Mobile Services easy than ever. One axel or two axels trailers will be your money making machine. that will fit our state-of-art setup for mobile operation, with Fortador PRO Max Vacuum Steam Cleaner or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner, generator, set of detailing materials and other tools. You can provide any type of mobile steam wash and disinfection to your customers and do car, moto, truck, yacht or commercial wash and cleaning. We can also provide you web-site, back office and custom built customer app for managing your bussiness. Become one of our partners in your city. You can get ready to install mobile car wash equipment kit for any van with even $399 down payment Best Financing options are available

We customize in-house with silence Honda EU2200i generator or Powerbank. water tank with pump, to make it fully mobile and be ready for 8 hours shift operations. we will include set of chemicals, microfibers, extra vacuum unit to make you ready to start you own mobile business. Our training center in Miami will help you started. Customs wraps or special addition on request

How to Build Your Perfect Mobile Car Wash Trailer | The Most Important Things to Know about Auto Detailing Trailer

Choose right type of trailer for car wash and detailing

When you design your mobile car wash business, a great option for transporting the equipment is a trailer. A trailer gives you many choices at a reasonable cost. Planning out your trailer based on your car wash and detailing needs is the key to success. Let’s learn a bit more.

mobile steam car wash and auto detailing trailer

Make your professional marketing business machine with trailer

As you are driving on the public roads to your customers, your trailer will be a moving billboard to promote your business. Having your trailer wrapped in vibrant colors draws attention to your business. You can wrap all four sides with your phone number, website or QR-code. Let the marketing machine work for you!

car wash trailer

Get business logo for your auto detailing and car wash and place it on trailer

Having a well-designed logo can make your business look more professional. Some trailer or truck-based businesses overlook this opportunity. A professionally-designed logo is within reach. You do not have to go through traditional routes to get your logo. Marketing firms can be expensive.
Think about friends or family who may have the talent to design a logo. Workers at tattoo shops are another area to look for logo-design talent.

mobile steam car wash and auto detailing trailer

Choose right size trailer for mobile car wash and auto detailing

Trailers between six and ten feet work well for a mobile car wash. A single or dual axle trailer will ride well based on your equipment. Consider the long-term needs and growth of your business when you select a trailer size.

50 Steps to Detail Car Interior like a PRO Detailer

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Main design and layout features of efficient car wash trailer

Trailer Floor Covering

Most enclosed trailers have plywood flooring.  For a low cost and simple upgrade - vinyl garage flooring is a great solution.  This type of flooring is available in roll form and is easy to install- you simply measure and cut to fit with a razor or scissors. The floor can be put down with adhesive or simply laid down after being cut to shape.  This will make the inside of the trailer look more professional and will protect the plywood from detailing chemicals and any moisture.   To really protect your investment, you can apply a waterproof wood coating to the underside of the floor too.

Plan out your interior layout. You will need to carry equipment and supplies in your mobile car wash trailer. You and your crew will be getting in and out of the trailer. Consider the ease of accessing the supplies and equipment when you design your car wash trailer setup. The following are items and fixtures you can consider in your setup.

antislippery floor covering inside auto detailing trailer

Detailing Working Table

You will appreciate having a work station in your trailer. This solid surface can be used to prep cleaning agents, stage materials, work on your laptop and invoice customers.

Mounted Racks for Spray Bottles with Cleaning Supplies

One of the most effective ways to deliver the cleaning agents to the interior and many times, the exterior of a car, is a spray bottle. You can easily have six to eight spray bottles in your van. The racks keep your spray bottles from falling off a shelf while you drive from job to job. You and your staff will appreciate having the bottles organized and ready to go on a specialized rack.

Water is the primary ingredient for cleaning cars, trucks and recreational vehicles. We recommend a 26-gallon water tank. This is enough for eight hours of work. You will find easy hook ups to the steamer. The Fortador steamer will efficiently use the water for the car shampooer, steamer and other cleaning functions that require a water mix.
The best thing is that you can expand as you need. These tanks are relatively inexpensive. You have the option of buying one tank and another one later as your business grows.

Safety extras

With this washing service, you will be working around engines and flammable materials. Being prepared with a wall-mounted fire extinguisher will keep you prepared for any situation.

Water Tank for Car Washing and Car Steam Cleaner refilling

vacuum and tools trolley for car wash
mobile steam car wash and auto detailing working table

Bins for storing your Detailing Tools and Microfiber Towels inside trailer

Mobile Cart

This is optional, but you may find it handy. Some people who do car detailing and washing appreciate having a mobile cart to take out of the trailer. This cart can easily be maneuvered around the car or truck as you work. This can bring efficiencies.

Mounted Racks for storage of Detailing Supplies

Mounted racks or shelving can be a lifesaver. You may want to consider a modular system so you have flexibility and options. We suggest racks and shelving with lips and high edges to keep things in place as you drive.
If you choose a non-modular rack and shelving system, take the items you want to store and use them as height measurements between the racks and shelves.

This is where you can be creative to meet your needs. There are great bin systems on the market for your car wash trailer set up. A great option is to install a modular system that includes vertical strips for the bins and other accessories to hang from.
You will need larger bins for dirty towels, rags and microfiber cloths. Small bins can be used to house replacement parts for your equipment, clay bars and spray bottles.

Canopy to Shade from the Sun for detailing work during summer months

Prepare to beat the sun. You can install an awning on the side of your auto detailing trailer. This allows your team to stay cooler and potentially protect the vehicle. You also have the option of a pop-up tent. Depending on the size, this can protect your staff and the car or truck from the sun.

Both options have pros and cons. We recommend you choose one as the sun can be an enemy of auto washing.

shade for sun protection during car wash with auto detailing trailer
Sun shade for protection during car wash

Reels of Hose for Vacuuming and Steam Auto Detailing

Auto detailing and washing also involves vacuuming. To keep the interior cleaning going efficiently, you can get extra reels of hose to extend your vacuuming capabilities. Being able to reach every part of the car you need to without physically moving the car or your trailer can make for a better cleaning experience for you and your team.

Hanging this additional hose on racks will add to the organization and ease of access in your trailer.

Lighting System for Auto Detailing and Paint Correction Inspection

Interior lighting can make things easier to find and add to the safety in your trailer. You can get energy efficient LED lighting strips that plug into your power outlets. There are basic hanging light options also. We recommend some sort of lighting.

Having the option to power on exterior lights on your car washing trailer can be a great choice. Sunsets can be early or late, depending on the time of year. You can extend your work day with lights. There are permanently-mounted options or on-demand temporary lights for your trailer.

Water Containment and Reclamation System

Some cities and counties have EPA regulations that do not allow water from a car wash to make it to the curb or drain. There are good and reasonably-priced systems available. This could also be a marketing opportunity to include being eco-friendly on your trailer wrap and your brand image.

car wash steam and water tank for auto detailing

Miscellaneous Items, supplies and tools for auto detailing and car wash

There are a few more things to pick up as you prepare your trailer.

• Extension power cords up to 150 feet

• Latex gloves if you choose

• Brushes for engine bay cleaning

• Brushes for car wheel cleaning

• Brushes for carpet and seats cleaning

• Electric motor for use with some brushes

• Buckets for rinse, wash and wheels

• Additional cloths

• Disposable hand towels

Power Options for detailing work to keep in trailer

Choose the option that works best for you

Generator for mobile car wash

Most people choose a high-quality generator. We carefully reviewed many models of generators on the market and recommend the Honda Silent generator.
This super-quiet and lightweight generator is perfect for your mobile car washing business. The Honda EU2200 fits the needs for your mobile trailer car washing business. See why it fits so well:

• You get over 7 hours of run time on .95 gallons of gas
• There is a two-tiered noise dampening system so customers and neighbors are not disturbed
• It is portable, so you can be flexible on job sites if you need
• You can feel confident with its safety back up that automatically shuts off if the oil levels reach an unsafe operating level
• You get two receptacles to keep your jobs going.

Solar Panel on the Roof

A modern power option could be a roof-mounted solar panel. This eco-friendly choice provides efficient and effective power for your equipment. Your solar-generated power is easily connected to outlets for you to plug into. Run with the sun!
If you choose this power option, be sure to include that in your trailer wrap. Differentiating your business by using solar power can bring a new set of customers.

Fortador Powerbank

The Fortador Powerbank is an innovative solution for power in your trailer. It allows you to work with a load of up to 3000 Watt. You have options to charge it by connecting to a standard 220V socket or solar panels installed on the roof of your trailer. The Fortador Powerbank comes in three size options. The small and medium sizes should fit your needs in mobile car washing and detailing.
With the Small 3.2 kw model, you can work up to 10 hours. Power up your steamer and finish your job with ease. You can connect multiple devices at the same time if necessary.
If you need a little more power or you do extended jobs, the Medium 6.0 kw model may be for you. This model provides up to 20 hours of continuous use. You can connect multiple devices to complete jobs efficiently.

powerbank for power supply for auto detailing tools

Other Tools for Auto detailing Success

Fortador Ceramic Coating

Fortador prepares you for the basic and advanced jobs. Ceramic coating is a growing and lucrative part of the mobile car care market. Many factors contribute to the deterioration of the exterior of cars. UV rays, dirt, dust, acidic bird droppings, road chemicals all cause harm to cars. Some of these can damage the exterior, and some also dirty the interior as they are harmful to the vehicle.

You can protect customers’ cars and trucks with the Fortador Ceramic Protection Kit. It is a comprehensive three-stage system. This system fully integrates with the Fortador steamer as you will use it for cleaning and preparing the exterior and interior. See brief recap below.

• Stage 1: Apply the activator primer with the application pad. It is an easy process where you massage the product into the body of the car. This product prepares the surface for the Fortador ceramic coating.
• Stage 2: Apply the Fortador coating. The kit comes with an applicator where you will apply a thin layer of coating in a circular motion.
• Stage 3: Protect the interior. After steam-cleaning the interior with the steamer, simply spray the Fortador interior protection to all the dry upholstery and all other surfaces you want to protect.
Your mobile car wash customers will be impressed with the quality and long-term protection.

You can check this guide for gathering universal kit of auto detailing tools and supplies

fortador kevlar ceramic coating for paint protection

Steam Wash App

A mobile business needs a mobile app. Fortador provides an industry-leading technology tool for you to manage your mobile car washing business. We give you an edge that can keep customer information organized, build meaningful relationships and grow your business.

The app helps you run your business, and provides many helpful functions including the following:

• The app can be integrated into a call center
• Accepting orders from the Steam Wash network
• Customer history is maintained in the app
• Schedule your employees
• Organize your operations and manpower
• Accept credit cards and payment
• Send promo offers to customers
• Receive customer ratings to build your social media marketing
• Gain customer analytics

back office for auto detailing business

Fortador Detailing Cleaning Materials

We carry a full line of detailing products and materials. Some surfaces and stains will require products to do the job right. We have products in inventory so you can stock your trailer with the best assortment of detailing products. See our extensive line.
• Degreaser for engine and wheel cleaning
• Tire shine for wheels and plastic
• Glass cleaner
• Carpet cleaner
• Plastic cleaner
• Deep paint IPA cleaner
• Polymer additive for steam with shine effect
• Wax for car paint
• Window coating
• Active OXI foam for carpets
Give your customers a showroom look of vehicles with these highly effective products.

Maintenance and Support

With your new commercial steamer, we will provide you with a maintenance schedule. This proactive and easy-to-follow schedule will keep your steamer running in prime condition. You can minimize the chance of missing jobs due to equipment being down by following the maintenance schedule.

We provide tech support for small or big questions. Just give our knowledgeable team a call for all the operating, service and maintenance support you need.

We are ready to speak with you and discuss options, including financing, to start your mobile business. Call or email us today for an introductory call and product overview.

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Get Your Trailer Hooked Up

We are ready when you are. We invite you to contact us for a discussion about your ideas, the process and the steamers that can contribute to a successful business.

Fortador Steam Cleaners for Mobile Car Wash and Auto detailing

Fortador PRO Max - all in one steamer with vacuum

The Fortador PRO Max is best for high-volume mobile car washes. This diesel-powered car detailing steamer is an all-in-one solution with high capabilities.

Steam pressure is a differentiating factor when considering a car detailing steam cleaner. The right pressure allows you to effectively remove dirt, stains and debris. The PRO Max steam pressure operates at 295 PSI.

Some car cleaning jobs require a detergent to effectively eliminate stains. The Fortador PRO Max has the ability to deliver two different detergents at the same time. The detergent tanks hold one gallon of each detergent. The versatility and flexibility of this system has many advantages that you will acknowledge on the jobs in the field.

The PRO Max car steam cleaner comes with an extractor. The extractor is very effective for cleaning car seats and upholstery. Using an extractor also decreases the drying time so the customer can get back in his or her car and drive sooner.

Shampooing the interior of the car or truck surfaces is often necessary. The PRO Max has a shampooer that works hand-in-hand with the extractor.

For surface preparation and dirt removal, the PRO Max comes with a wet-dry vacuum. With any car interior steam cleaning job, vacuuming is recommended as the initial step.

The PRO Max comes standard with a 7-inch touch screen that provides all the operating information to keep productivity high. You can easily monitor water, detergent and diesel fuel levels. The steamer’s key operating measures, such as boiler pressure, burner adjustment, filter cleaning and hour meter are always in sight. Interact with the screen to control your steamer.

car steam cleaner with vacuum for shampooing
Fortador PRO Max Steamer with Vacuum extractor, some accessories are additional

Commercial Steam Cleaner Fortador PRO

The Fortador PRO gives you up to 232 PSI. This is more than enough for washing and detailing cars and trucks. If you need a little more pressure for truck beds or other unique areas, you have it ready. Preheating time is only 2-7 minutes.

This allows you to start your jobs as quickly as possible. It also provides high quality steam pressure at the right temperature. You get the three-gun capability and the same advanced touch screen with key operating displays as the PRO Max. Stay in control!

The boiler tank holds approximately 6.5 gallons of water. The diesel engine tank holds about 4 gallons of fuel. This steamer has the ability to hold two detergents with two one-gallon tanks. This can add efficiencies in the field.

If you already have a separate vacuum, extractor and shampooer, the PRO will complete your car steam cleaner system. The steamer will be the primary cleaning tool in your business. Both models have a large number of accessories available.

Owners are continually impressed with the low cost of operation of the PRO. With o.15 gallons of water per working hour, you get 25 working hours per tank.

touchscreen of commercial heavy duty steam cleaner
Fortador PRO Commercial Steamer

Photo gallery

Reviews from customers

Canada support - Trailer

Amazing customer service to Canada.We are very happy to work with your team.

Nathalie Paquette

April 22, 2021

Great Company I WAS IMPRESSED ! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU COULD ASK FOR!! Great products very high


April 30, 2021


As a sole distributor, we offer you a unique opportunity to work under our logo Steam Wash as a mobile car wash, cleaning company, stationary car wash or Total Steam Cleaning USA service company with 24/7 call center that will give you leads to perform service from the first month of use our equipment.

Join Fortador users family, and run your business with a synergy of Fortador products: best equipment and polymer detailing materials, Steam Wash workflows, and back-office, field management, CRM software solution. All our customers are the agents, if you referral us to our friends or partners we will pay you commission from any sales you help us to do. Select the best in the world and join us. We encourage you to contact now!

1-Year or 3-Year Warranty

We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador machines 12 months (can be extended up to 36 months or 3000 moto hours.). No need to worry about any unexpected situation and your dealer will be able to deliver your service 24/7.

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Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Ceramic Coating Protection System for all materials

Kyle Bryant
Hi-Definition Auto Detailing, Austin, TX
Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
Gerard Suico
Miami, FL
I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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