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Bed Bugs Steam Cleaners

The Ultimate Guide To Killing Bed Bugs with Steam Cleaners

How get rid of Bed Bugs with Steam cleaning and chemical free.

Get the expert take on the steps and equipment you need to eliminate bed bugs with steam cleaners.

Few creatures can create the disgust, discomfort and public health concern that bedbugs do. At a length of about ¼", the bloodsucking insect attacks people when they sleep. Almost impossible to eradicate, bedbugs can infest your bedroom as well as sleeping areas in hotels, cruise ships, nursing homes and any place where people rest. While most extermination attempts fail, Fortador Steamers can kill them and make bedrooms livable again.

Why does steam kill bedbugs?

Microscopic image of a bed-bug

Bedbugs thrive in 70° to 80°F temperatures, but they cannot tolerate the 110° to 120°F heat in an industrial bed bug steamer. When they get to enjoy their comfort zone, they mature rapidly and become reproducing adults in a short time. The insects' ability to survive decreases dramatically when they experience an intolerable increase in temperature. An industrial steamer puts that inability to advantage by increasing the level of heat that they cannot stand.

By raising the temperature to almost three times as much, steam cleaners can produce up to 300°F. At temperatures of 110° to 120°F, bedbugs die within 15 or 20 minutes. The extremely high steam heat that Fortador Steamers produce can kill bed bug eggs, immature nymphs and mature adults almost in an instant. Your success in killing bedbugs depends on the type of steamer that you use, and a simple clothes steamer cannot deliver the right amount of heat. A carpet cleaner does not work either. To get results, you need a commercial bed bugs steam cleaner with at least a 0.5 gallon capacity and volume control for steam.

Ownership of a professional steam cleaner may cost between $1,500 and $12,000, a pretty significant investment for one person. However, you may justify the price if you own a commercial cleaning company or belong to a housing cooperative. Perhaps you hold membership in an organization that may want to buy a steamer and let members use it for free or for a fee. Equipment rental stores may have a bed bugs steam cleaner that you may use as well.

How can I use steam to kill bloodsucking parasites?

A bed bugs steamer works the best when you can see the pests on bed sheets, pillows, cushions or other fabric surfaces, but the steam can kill the ones that hide as deep as three-quarters inch in the material. Bed bugs bury into seams on mattresses and the crevices on furniture, making them hard to find and harder to treat. However, Fortador Steamers can send steam up to almost two and a half inches into a crack or gap. You can use an infrared thermometer to determine the actual surface temperature of any material or object that you treat with a bed bugs steam cleaner to make sure it has the effect that you want.

When your bed bugs steamer raises the surface temperature to at least 160° to 180°F after you pass the steam brush over it, you can use it effectively on mattresses, box springs, headboards, footboards, carpets, furniture, sofas, upholstered chairs and rugs. You can even use it on crown molding or decorative trim. Remember that a bed bug takes up about the same amount of space as a letter on your laptop keyboard.

What steps do I follow to use a bed bugs steamer?

The technique you use to employ a steamer will affect your ability to kill bedbugs, and the quality of Fortador Steamers gives you an edge in that process. Both the bed bugs steam cleaner and your technique help determine the effectiveness of your efforts, and we provide the steps that let you produce successful results chemical free cleaning. When you need to eliminate bed bugs, you have no room for error. The bloodsucking insects can leave bite marks on your body and spots on your sheets as they make it almost impossible to sleep. The Centers for Disease Control does not consider them a health risk, but their bites can create allergic reactions that may require a trip to a doctor.


You can get a head start by taking the time to identify the areas that you need to treat. Create zones that may focus on your bedroom, the living room or a storage area where you keep your luggage. Bed bugs can infest your suitcases when you visit a hotel, and they can get a free ride into your home.

Reading the Instructions

Manufacturers provide specific details on their product's capabilities, and you can learn the best way to use it when you follow their directions precisely. As you learn to work with one of the Fortador Steamers, you can devise the way that you want to use it. A bed bugs steamer may have several nozzles that come with the steam wand. You may find that you can use the floor nozzle for furniture by moving it slowly. A triangular-shaped nozzle works the best for furniture.

Developing a Technique

Experts recommend starting at the top of your target and moving downwards. Start with the largest nozzle and save the smaller ones for later. You can use the triangle-shaped nozzle to steam in a strip pattern. The best approach to use with equipment such as Fortador Steamers requires taking one second to move the nozzle one inch. Remember to keep the nozzle above the surface by one or two inches.

Applying High-Temperature Steam

High heat creates the effect that you want, and anything less than 160°F on the surface area falls short. Bed bugs can survive in less than that, but make sure that the steam does not damage the surfaces that you want to treat. A temperature higher than 180°F can damage finishes on your furniture and expensive objects. So you need to be careful getting rid of bed bugs.

Preventing an Excess of Dampness

Too much steam can saturate a mattress, and you can decrease it with the volume control. If you want to put a protective cover around your mattress after you get rid of bed bugs, make sure to let it dry first. Fans can help dry any furniture that you spray.

Repeated Sprayings

Not even Fortador Steamers can kill all the eggs and bugs in one try. Bedbugs can resist levels of heat that your home steamer may provide, and you may miss some of the tiny insects the first time or even the second.


How can I choose the best bed bugs steamer?

bed bug steamer with vacuum

A six-inch wide nozzle helps you save time on flat areas, and you can use smaller ones to force steam into crevices. Fortador Steamers can provide the high steam temperature that you need (338 F) , but an ordinary steamer that you may have around the house cannot do it. Their large boiler lets you search for bed bugs to kill instead of refilling the container time after time. Volt Mini has big water tank with 2 L/0.53 G volume.

Considering Your Options

When bedbugs get into your home, they destroy your right to enjoy peaceful comfort and restful sleep. Their small size makes them extremely hard to see, but their bites wake you up. Most people have questions about how to use a bed bugs steam cleaner when that situation occurs.

How can I find out how many of the bed bugs live in my home?

When bedbugs invade your living space, you know it as soon as you get the first bite. As parasites, they depend on eating blood as their sole source of nutrition. They can get it from pets too, but you notice it more when their bite wakes you up at night. Once they find you as a food source, they do not leave if they can help it. Itchy, red marks on your body provide the proof that you have bedbugs and need an industrial steamer.

You may find smears of blood on your sheets as well. While disgusting to see and embarrassing to you if you have guests, the telltale signs let you know that you need to get a commercial bed bugs steam cleaner. Fortador Steamers assure you of a quality performance the first time. You can try to use a home steamer if you want, but you can save time and effort by getting a bed bugs steamer that can do a professional job. The longer you wait to eradicate them gives them more time to reproduce and for eggs to hatch.

How much time do I need for a bed bugs steamer to work?

The survivability of bedbugs for thousands of years makes them difficult to exterminate, but steam cleaning with Fortador Volt Mini can succeed where home steamers usually fail. Their evolution may have started in ancient times when people lived in caves. Greek historians cited them for medicinal treatment of ear infections and snakebites. Even so, you can put a stop to them with an industrial bed bug steamer. You may need to treat the areas where bedbugs live two or three times with a bed bugs steam cleaner to kill all of them.

Adults cannot tolerate the heat from steam pressure for more than 15 to 20 minutes, and you can feel sure that your steamer can kill them with repeated exposures. Their eggs can last much longer, however. They may take as long as 90 minutes to die from the heat, but you can kill them sooner with higher temperatures that Fortador Steamers provide. The eggs look like tiny black dots in a group, and you can easily overlook them. However, they deserve your attention so that you can terminate their lives before they start a reproductive cycle.



For decades bed bugs have made headlining news all over for contaminating homes, hotels and being notoriously difficult to kill and remove. Professional exterminators often use toxic, foul-smelling pesticides to battle bed bugs. Most chemicals and pesticides are unable to contain or terminate bed bugs. Since bed bugs feed on blood, they are unlikely to ingest chemical detergents. Similarly, spraying pesticides only works if the bugs are directly touched by the poison and bed bugs are so small they are likely to be missed. Surprisingly, bed bugs can be eliminated quite effectively with the help of all natural, non-toxic vapor steam and chemicals free.

Efficient and chemical free

A bed bug’s best known weakness is that they’re extraordinarily vulnerable to high temperature. Studies have proved that exposure to temperatures of over 60ºC / 140ºF are effective in killing bed bugs and eradicating bed bug infestations. At 338ºF, the Fortador Volt Mini Steamer is intense and immediate, killing both bugs and eggs on contact. The Fortador Steamers produces constant high temperature heat for the most efficient bed bug removal. With less that 5% moisture, this allows for deep penetration and quick drying of upholstered surfaces.

car steam cleaner with touchscreen
Using natural dry vapor steam can be used safely in children’s rooms, on bunk beds, cribs, strollers, changing tables etc. without risking the health of your loved ones. Many professional exterminators have converted to using steam in their cleaning application of mattresses, bed frames, headboards, bedding, carpeting, upholstered furniture, draperies and more. Since steam is produced by heating water, it’s the safest way to clean anywhere.Be vigilant! Bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding, so resurgences may occur. Retreat with the Fortador Steamers often. Unlike pesticides and chemicals, steam is a 100% natural solution that you can use as often as you like to create and maintain a bed-bug-free environment.

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