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Food Conveyor Belt Cleaning with Steam

Working in the food industry, it is important to go through a disinfection process as much as possible for food safety. Many conveyor cleaning systems can be costly and time consuming to use, but steam cleaning process is easy and efficient.

Table of Content
- Why is it important to clean the conveyor belt system?
- Why steam cleaning is the best solution for food sector cleaning
- Does steam kill bacteria?
- Does steam get rid of debris on the conveyor belt?
- Does steam cleaning require a lot of water?
- Are steamers safe to use on conveyor belt cleaning components?
- Are steam cleaners environmentally friendly?
- Recommended steam cleaning machines for food industry

Why is it important to clean the conveyor belt system?

Conveyor belts collect a lot of dirt on the return strand, as the conveyed materials are constantly being touched by other parts of the system. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and the growth of bacteria, each belt must be cleaned after the discharge point.

food processing conveyor belt cleaning

Why Steam Cleaning is the Best Solution for Food Sector Cleaning

Steam cleaning machines are very versatile and can be used for many tasks. One of the greatest thing about steam cleaning is that it is an efficient sanitizer without requiring any harsh chemicals. This makes dry steam extremely safe to use around any food processing sectors.

cleaning conveyor belt with steam

Does steam kill bacteria?

Food conveyor belts tend to collect a lot of germs and bacteria from the food residue. This makes steam cleaner an ideal tool to help prevent any contamination.

Several tests executed by specialized laboratories confirm that steam kills up to 99.99% of germs without the use of any additional cleaning agent. This will help any company reach HACCP standards without the use of detergents.

Does Steam get Rid of Debris on the Conveyor Belt?

A lot of food and other dirt and grease gets left on the equipment, like mesh belts, and the conveyor belt. This is where steam cleaning will come in help. Steam cleaners remove visible dirt as well as grease that can be hard to detect with a naked eye.

food conveyor belt cleaning with steam cleaner

Does steam cleaning require a lot of water?

Steam cleaners are such improved and developed technology that every aspect of this industry has been taken an account for. Steamers need very little water to clean the biggest spaces. For example, the Fortador PRO industrial steam machine requires only 1.3 gallons for a one hour of work.

In addition, steam cleaners are completely safe to use for the operators since there are no steam or water leaks. This advanced technology will save you money on buying expensive cleaners and paying for any maintenance.

Are steamers safe to use on conveyor belt cleaning components?

Steamers clean with dry steam, which means barely any moisture is being produced. The high heated water is combined with high pressure with releases the steam and makes it so efficient for cleaning systems. It performs a complete extraction of contaminated water and steam while all parts on the conveyor belt system stay dry.

This make steam cleaning safe to use on modular belts, conveyor belts, smooth belts, flexlink type chain belts and other equipment that needs thorough cleaning.

Are steam cleaners environmentally friendly?

Steam cleaners are absolutely environmentally friendly. They don't require the use of any harsh chemicals that have toxic wastes, which prevents any contamination of toxins with your food production.

The minimal amount of water that a steamer requires to work makes steamers also very environmentally friendly. Just a couple of gallons is sufficient enough to perform the best conveyor belt cleaning.

Many steam cleaners work from just electricity which eliminates the use of any harmful fuel. You can also get a steam generator which is easy to hook up and get to cleaning.

Conveyor belt maintenance

Conveyor belt cleaning and maintenance frequently gets abandoned due to time constraints, low budget and lack of experience in conveyor belt cleaning. Cleaning and servicing is critical to sustain your conveyor belts, control contamination, and keep a safe environment for food production.

A steam machine will provide the best cleaning results and become your favorite belt cleaner.

belt cleaning with steam

Fortador Conveyor belt cleaning attachment

This tool mounts above conveyor belts and uses dry steam from Fortador Steamer to quickly clean and sanitize as the belts run. Steam is delivered in an enclosed rotating compartment to aid in sanitation and eliminate overspray contamination, . Cleaning compartment measures 1000mm (40in) wide.

Key Benefits

1. Temperature

Vapor steam reaches temperatures well above 212°F, water’s boiling point and what makes it a gas. Hot water from your pressure washer or plant steam from your in house boiler only creates diffused water particles or mist (wet steam), and the output is typically below 180°F

2. No Waste Water / Run-Off Vapor

Steam is a gas and has far fewer water molecules, producing little to NO wastewater. Hot water and in-house boiler steam leads to runoff and requires drainage which is bad for cleaning and sanitation. Steam is ideal for dry facilities, plants without drains and facilities that are looking to evolve their sanitation methods to CIP and SIP.

3. Clean and Sanitize

Combination of vapor steam and vacuum achieves two tasks - cleans and sanitizes belt surface at the same time. High temperature and pressure from vapor steam not only break down grease or pol

Recommended steam cleaning machines for food industry

1.1 Fortador Volt Electra full electric steam cleaner with vacuum

full electric steam cleaner with vacuum

The market has a lot of steamers that are great to use for conveyor belt cleaning system. One of the best steam cleaning systems is the Fortador Volt Electra.

This dry steam cleaning system's washing cycle involves two phases that ensures to give you the best results. The first pass is where the belt gets washed with steam and water to prepare for sanitization you can add special cleaning agent into the steam. The second passage removes all the microorganisms and residues of any cleaning agents.

1.2 Fortador PRO industrial diesel steam cleaner

heavy duty diesl steam cleaner

Another amazing option are the Fortador PRO steamers, and specifically the PRO or PRO Electra (for EU market) model. This powerful industrial steam cleaner is perfect to use as a conveyor belt cleaner. The different additional attachments and extension hoses will make it easy to clean the conveyor belts and any other equipment.

It is crucial to keep up with the maintenance of all the machinery used in the food processing and production. To stand out from other business, you need to not only produce quality product, but also make sure that what you are selling is safely manufactured in a clean environment.

Steam cleaning is the best cleaning solution in a food industry. This technology is safe to use on many different materials making it a great cleaning agent for all machinery that is included in food production.


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