Powerbank for Mobile Car Wash     Detailing and Commercial Cleaning

Fortador Power Bank V Series is an alternative to petrol or gas powered power generators. It does not generate annoying sound and exhaust gas, so it can be used in HACCAP protection conditions, health care or rooms with limited ventilation.

It allows you to work with a load of up to 3000 Watt. It is charged by connecting to a standard 220V socket or solar panels installed on the roof of the car or solar installation of the house, workshop or car wash.

Model Specifications & Features:

Alternative to Petrol or Gas 3000 Watt Load Charged by 220V socket or solar panels


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Fortador Power Bank V Series is an alternative to petrol or gas powered power generators. It does not generate annoying sound and exhaust gas, so it can be used in HACCAP protection conditions, health care or rooms with limited ventilation. It allows you to work with a load of up to 3000 Watt. It is charged by connecting to a standard 220V socket or solar panels installed on the roof of the car or solar installation of the house, workshop or car wash.

Powerbank is the bestpower solution for mobile car wash and detailing

If you own or are looking to start or upgrade mobile detailing or car wash and cleaning business, one of the core pieces of equipment is your steamer. Topower your commercial steamer, you will have several options. Industrial steamers have been powered by a diesel or gas-powered generator. You can also run your steamer off onboard inverter or of a Fortador Powerbank. Modern powerbanks include electrical batteries. These electrical batteries can be charged by traditional electrical power outlets and new capabilities, such assolar-powered options. There are also needs for power back-up beyond mobile car washes. Businesses of all types will appreciate having a dependable and affordable power back-up solution in times when the power is down.

A Long-Lasting New Power Option
Repairs and maintenance are a necessary part of equipment ownership. To power mobile car wash equipment, a new power option with low maintenance is a powerbank solution. The Fortador Powerbank is designed with components that are engineered to practically last a lifetime. Your cost of ownership will be lowin this integrated system designed for a maintenance-free operation.

Solar Power Source
The Fortador Powerbank uses a clean source of energy. Harnessing the sun to charge your mobile car wash equipment is not only environmentally responsible, but also cost effective. Our power generator is virtually silent, and provides reliable power for up to ten hours. You can simultaneously charge and distribute power to your steamer and other accessories as necessary.

The Fortador Powerbank is compatible with a variety of solar panels. You can easily connect them for an effective and efficient charge.

Another Option
Providing energy through alternative energy sources is a macro trend around the world. The Fortador Powerbank is also compatible with wind power. Although sun-powered energy can be easier to acquire, you are not limited with this equipment.

powerbank for mobile cleaning

Noise Levels
Mobile car wash services are performed in many settings. Many mobile car wash companies also use their same cleaning equipment to perform commercial and residential cleaning jobs. As a point of reference, a diesel engine of a truck operates at about 100 decibels. Many buildings have limitations and rules on noise levels during certain operating hours. This line of equipment allows you to operate without limits. With the Fortador Powerbank, you will have a quiet operation with no bothersome sound that can disturb people around the job.

IDEA: Business is competitive. You can use this quiet and non-disruptive operation as a competitive advantage. Record a video of your steamer in operation with the powerbank. Take the phone or recording device close to thee quipment so the potential customer can hear the difference.

No Exhaust
Professional cleaners clean and sanitize in smaller spaces and rooms with limited ventilation. You will also clean and sanitize in different types of businesses, such as a day care facility. In these types of situations, some people may be concerned about exhaust. The Fortador Powerbank produces zero exhaust fumes for a clean-air solution on all job sites. You are free to clean.AGM Batteries
While in the field on job sites, you need a reliable battery. Fortador uses a high-capacity AGM battery in the Powerbank. AGM batteries are known for being high-quality and delivering optimal capacity in a large range of temperatures.The AGM battery is durable and resistant to shocks. This adds to their dependability that is needed in the field. They charge well and hold the charge you expect in the field. They are engineered for a slow discharge rate so you will not waste a lot of energy if you leave one plugged in.

The 100Ah battery charges the Powerbank at the required voltage. Our 2,000W converter provides the power you need. Charge time is about eight hours. Ourbattery has a long lifetime which reduces the cost of ownership. The minimum number of charge cycles is 650. With normal everyday use, this will last for about seven years. This exceeds many batteries on the market.

Digital Display
The power-generating equipment comes with a digital display that constantly monitors and reports operating information. Displayed numerically and with read out graphs, you and your technicians will always see the input, output, the load and battery capacity. This intuitive display will be easy for all of your technicians to understand and react accordingly. You can easily train new technicians with minimal training required.

You will appreciate the flexibility and versatility of this machine. If you run into situations where you need to run another piece of equipment, such as a vacuum or a commercial buffer, you can power these from this power cell. Your team will be 100% equipped to handle any cleaning and steaming need in the field. This can reduce the long extension cords running from multiple sources.This allows your team to efficiently complete a job and move on to the next assignment.

No Fossil Fuel Use
Many organizations and individuals have sustainability goals and want to do the best for the environment. Diesel or standard gas engines from many steamers use fossil fuels. Rest assured, when you choose a solar-powered power bank fromFortador you are using a natural power source with no fossil fuels.

Marketing Benefits and Advantages
Because of its clean energy source, virtually quiet operation and no exhaust fumes, the Fortador Powerbank can give you an advantage. When marketing your business, you can explain and sell the benefits to set yourself apart from the competition. This will be meaningful to many potential customers.

Powerbank Size Options
The Fortador Powerbank comes in three size options. Each model offers different levels of power, capabilities and continuous work time. We can easily help you decide which one best fits your needs. Below are some details on the three sizes.

Small 3.0Kw
This one will fit many mobile car wash businesses. When you want to go out to a customer, you can work up to 10 hours. Power up your steamer and finish your job with ease. You can connect multiple devices at the same time if necessary.You will find this model offers you flexibility and ease of use in the field.

Medium 6.0Kw

If you need a little more power or you do extended jobs, the Medium model maybe for you. If you are using higher power professional devices, you should consider this model. This model provides up to 20 hours of continuous use. You can connect multiple devices to complete jobs efficiently.

Large 9.0 to 12.0Kw
This model is designed for larger non-portable projects, such as workshops,buildings and car washes. It also can serve the need as a power back-up for larger commercial needs. You will not need this model for remote car wash and steamer work. It is a very reliable solution for larger building projects.

powerbank for mobile car wash or detailing

Compatible with Fortador and other Steamers
The Fortador line of steamers, including Pro Plus steamer and shampooer and ProS commercial steam cleaner, are fully compatible with the new Fortador Powerbank.Fortador gives you many options based on your customer and business needs.
Contact us today for an initial conversation, energy demand estimation and product demonstration.

Minivan and Auto Detailing
The Fortador Power Bank prepares you for any job. If you are detailing minivan sand other mobile detailing vehicle jobs, our system will work great. Effectively power your steamer, vacuum and other equipment necessary for the job. You are built for success with this flexible power source.

Other Uses for Power Bank
Businesses of all kinds must stay up and running. There are unique commercial and potential residential needs that require a reliable Universal Power Supply(UPS) back up. The Fortador Powerbank line is available in three different sizes to meet your power back up demand.

Storms and other external factors can cause an organization to be without power for short or extended periods of time. We are prepared to help you estimate your power demand. Below is a small list of the types of businesses and potential UPS back up solutions for the Fortador Power Bank.

As you look to gain new customers, you can use this as a marketing and capability opportunity. Explaining that you have a plan and a system in place in case of a power outage can give your customers confidence that your products and services will be minimally impacted in case of a power failure. The following is a short list of potential types of businesses that could benefit from a power back up.

• Perishable goods with small to medium refrigeration needs
• Customer service and order-entry centers
• Many organizations keep one to two key desks up in a “no power” situation
• Service industries, such as home care and commercial cleaning businesses
• Any business that requires dispatching and scheduling
• Large lawn care businesses
• Home offices of executives and other key employees
• Businesses where safety will be at risk if they go without power
• Businesses that have product shipping deadlines. Many suppliers have electronic order notifications and timely shipping standards. With a power backup, you can receive and ship the orders on time and comply with customer standards.

As you contemplate a UPS, there are a few areas you can consider and questions you can answer when estimating your power demand needs. You should think of needs from an internal and external perspective.

• How many computer terminals do you want to keep up and running during a situation with no power?
• How many locations do you have that may need power back up?
• If you have multiple locations, what functions are important and business-critical?
• How are prospective new and existing customers impacted by a power outage?
• Do you have communication needs that are power-dependent?
• Do you have a government requirement for a redundant power plan?
• Is there a security system that needs to be operational at all times?
• Does your landlord allow you to mount solar panels in the area?

The Fortador Powerbank is a modern and clean power solution that gives you options and prepares you for any job. You and your technicians will appreciate the technology, the reliability and the ease of use the Fortador Power Bank provides.

We are prepared to have a productive conversation and help you determine your needs. Our systems are flexible and can be tailored to each need and situation.


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April 30, 2021

Amazing customer service to Canada.We are very happy to work with your team.

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April 22, 2021

Great Company I WAS IMPRESSED ! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU COULD ASK FOR!! Great products very high


April 30, 2021


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1-Year or 3-Year Warranty

We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador machines can be extended up to 12 months (can be extended up to 36 months or 3000 moto hours.). In a case of a longer repair, you will be provided with a spare machine. No need to worry about any unexpected situation and your dealer will be able to deliver your service 24/7.

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Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
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I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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