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Steam Car Wash Machines,
Power Steamers for Cars,
Shampooers, Cleaning Materials

Hand crafted in Europe.

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Fortador Steam Cleaners for Cars are Powered by a Lamborghini Diesel Burner

70% More Power. 3x Less Consumption compare to asian analogs

Feel the power of Fortador car steam cleaners. New opportunities arise along with one of the best Diesel Hybrid Burners made by Lamborghini. It is all to help you work faster, more efficiently, and more profitably. Our steamers for car detailing are the most powerful on the global market, being the most frequent choice of the professionals. Innovative design and tech which do not compromise. Steam cleaning of cars has never been made easier with our heavy duty steam cleaners.

Advanced Technology

Years of experience and close cooperation with the best suppliers in the industry have given us the advantage over our competitors to be the best overall on the market. We are the ones who set the new standards, and we do not shy away from showing it in our products. Fortador’s brilliant design concepts as well as good solid manufacturing means virtually fool-proof, intuitive best overall steam cleaners which can serve as a sturdy fundament to your own auto detailing or cleaning business.

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The Ultimate Guide To Steam Cleaners

Discover Fortador Mobile Cleaning Solution

mobile cleaning solution for car detailingmobile auto detailing van for steam car washsliding platform for mobile car wash and auto detailing saves timesteam sanitizing of steering wheel

You can choose one of the best available vans to make Mobile Services easier than ever. Mercedes Benz Metris, Dodge RAM Promaster City, Ford Transit connect or others will fit our state-of-art setup for mobile operation, with Fortador Pro Max Steam & Vacuum Cleaner or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner, generator, sliding bed, set of detailing materials and other tools.You can provide any type of mobile steam wash and disinfection to your customers and perform a car, moto, truck, yacht or commercial wash and cleaning. We can also provide you with a web-site, back office and personalized built customer app for managing your business. Become one of our partners in your city. You can get ready to install mobile car wash equipment kit for any van with even $399 down payment Best Financing options are available

mobile car wash trailermobile car wash trailer with car cleaning steamer

You can choose one of the best available trailers to make your Mobile Services easier than ever. One axel or two axel trailers will be your money making machine that will fit our state-of-art setup for mobile operation, with Fortador PRO Max Steam & Vacuum Cleaner or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner, generator, set of detailing materials and other tools.


How to Start a Steam Car Wash Auto
Detailing Business with a Professional Car Steam Cleaner

Creating Your Business Plan

Planning is the key to success; use it!

An essential step for the success of your new venture is to plan it. There are many mobile car detailing business plan templates out there, but you can create your own. You will want to think about the following:

-  What kind of steam car wash business do you want to operate?
- What services do you want to offer?
- What legal structure do you want to implement?
- What tools will you need?
- How you will promote yourself?

The main question you have to ask yourself is, "Do I want to operate a mobile business or shop-based business"?

Stationary Shop VS. Mobile Business - Which is Better?

When it comes to steam car wash businesses, you have two main options. You can either operate from a fixed location or through a mobile car wash van or auto detailing trailer. Both have their respective advantages and differences. So which is better? It depends on your goals, market, and preferences.

mobile car wash van with steam cleanermobile car wash van with steamermobile auto detailing van for steam car wash

The Respective Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the main advantages of having a shop is that you will not have to travel to your clients' locations and lose time in traffic during rush hour. You also won't have to deal with the hassle that specific on-site areas can present.

Secondly, having your location will allow you to increase the range of services that you offer and open the door to high-margin services that may not always be available when performing mobile steam details. These can include paint corrections, ceramic car coatings, paint protection films, and window tinting. Unless your client has a dust-free and climate control garage - which is rare - you will not be able to offer these services at your client's house or office.

Now, having a shop has its drawdown too, the main one being the increased over-head due to having to pay for rent and utilities. Setting up and taking care of a shop is also more resource-intensive than taking care of a van as you may have to install epoxy floors, lighting, air conditioning, and maintain all equipment mentioned above in tip-top-shape removing dirt and grime after serviced are performed.

On the other side, starting and operating a mobile steam car wash business is a low-cost venture. It's for that specific reason that most entrepreneurs getting into the steam washing business begin with a mobile van that will store your heavy duty steam cleaner.

But the advantages don't stop at the low upfront cost and operating costs. In the age of Uber, InstaCart, and Postmates, an increasing number of consumers are requesting at home services which makes mobile car detailing service increasingly popular amongst consumers. Offering such a service is convenient for your customers and is sure to tap into increasing demand.

One must remember that not everyone has an indoor garage or even a driveway for you to operate in. Also, some consumers will want services that you may not be able to offer at their location, such as window tinting or paint protection film. However, most mobile steam cleaning detailers often find a suitable site to deliver higher-end services such as nano coatings or paint corrections.

Another take is why limit yourself to one option? If your budget allows it, offering both on-site and off-site steam car detailing services is guaranteed to cater to the full spectrum of consumers looking to clean and sanitize, restore and protect their vehicle.

Once that is decided, you have to move on to choosing the services your steam car washing company will offer.

Create Your Steam Detailing Service Menu

Legal Structure & Requirements for a Steam Car Wash Auto Detailing Business

The most popular business structure amongst professional steam auto detailing business owners is "sole-proprietorship". It's popular because it's the simplest legal business entity you can form. In most states, there is no filling required other than your yearly taxes when setting up a sole-proprietorship company.

However, you may want to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or an S-Corporation to both save on taxes and limit your liabilities. The LLC will be less complicated to develop than an S-Corp, but it will require more paperwork than a sole proprietorship.

Click here for more information on what legal structure you should employ for your steam car wash business.

Fortador Kevlar
Ceramic Coating for Cars

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Ceramic Coating Protection System for all materials

Kevlar protection paint coating

50 Steps to Detail Car Interior like a PRO Detailer

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& Features
Steam Pressure
Steam Boiler temperature
Steam Outgoing temperature
Operating pressure
Steam production
Diesel consumption
Boiler water tank capacity
Diesel tank capacity
Detergent tank capacity
Steam Vacuum Extractor
Touch Screen display
Optima DMF
Fortador USA 2020 December Image 173
2 x gun max 10 Bar
8.5 bar / 125 PSI
86 kg/h
2 lt/h
20 lt
20 lt / 10 working hours
0 lt
70 cm (W) x 106 cm (L)
x 102 cm (H)
Sold as additional components
Regular controllers
1 year
Fortador Pro Max
Fortador USA 2020 December Image 175
3 x gun max 16 Bar
120-140℃ reg. auto. stop
16 bar / 235 PSI
165 kg/h
0.6 lt/h
25 lt
15.5 lt / 25 working hours
10 lt (2 containers)5 lt
77 cm (W) x 140 cm (L)
x 100 cm (H)
Up to 3 Years
Idromatic Astra Chemic
Fortador USA 2020 December Image 174
2 x gun max 9 Bar
10 bar / 146 PSI
50 kg/h
3.4 lt/h
24 lt
24 lt / 7 working hours
5 lt
75 cm (W) x 120 cm (L)
x 104 cm (H)
Sold as additional components
Regular controllers
1 year
& Features
1 working hour/ Fuel consumption
1 working hour/8 h shift
Daily Cost at $3.3/Gallon
Monthly Cost at $3.3/Gallon
Yearly Cost at $3.3/Gallon
Fortador USA 2020 December Image 175
Fortador PRO
& PRO Max
0.6 l / 0.15 G
4,8 l / 1.26 G
Fortador USA 2020 December Image 173
Optima DMF
2,4 l / 0.6 G
19.2 l / 5.07 G

Save Up To $4,024 Per Year With Fortador PRO Line - it is 50% of your investment

When deciding to buy our machine, you can SAVE UP TO 4000 USD a year on fuel alone. So if you decide to finance your unit – 6 months are already covered by efficiency of Lamborghini burner. The return on investment from the beginning will take place in less than a year, and you can think about buying another machine to grow your business without worrying about finances! Choose wisely and protect our planet with low CO2 emission.

financing available with fortador steamers

Financing Available.

Financing affords you the option of getting new equipment now and paying for it in small, manageable payments.

Fortador PRO Plus car wash steamer and shampooer with vacuum extraction
Fortador PRO Max
20 bar / 295 PSI
most powerful diesel steam cleaner
Fortador PRO
16 bar / 235 PSI
most powerful electric steam cleaner
Fortador Volt Electra
12 bar / 175 PSI
high roi with fortador self wash
Fortador Self Wash
fortador mobile car wash auto detailing van
Fortador Mobile Van
fortador auto detailing chemicals
Fortador Detail Chemicals
Fortador Car Wash Van for auto detailing
Fortador Cargo Slider
Portable Steam Cleaner
Fortador Volt Mini
7 bar /100 PSI
Powerbank for car steam cleaner
Fortador Powerbank

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