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Powered by Lamborghini
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Feel the power of Fortador steamers. New opportunities arise along with one of the best Diesel Hybrid Burners made by Lamborghini. It is all to help you work faster, more efficiently, and more profitably. Our steam machines are the black horses of the global market, being the most frequent choice of the professionals. Innovative designs and parameters which do not compromise. Steam cleaning has never been made easier.

Advanced Technology

Years of experience and close cooperation with the best suppliers in the industry have given us the advantage over our competitors.
We are the ones who set the new standards, and we do not shy away from showing it in our products. Fortador’s brilliant design concepts as well as good solid manufacturing means virtually fool-proof, intuitive equipment which can serve as a sturdy fundament to your own business.

The Truth About Car Wash Steam Cleaners

Fortador steam cleaner working on a lamborghini.

A steam car wash is when the technician cleans your car's interior and exterior with steam vapor. The cleaning industry has depended upon steam for decades because it can clean and sanitize vehicles so effectively. These days, steam is still growing in importance in the industry. Fortador is at the forefront of the steam cleaner industry because it creates cleaners that were made just for the car wash industry.

Fortador Steamers creates cleaners that can generate steam so hot that it removes grease and other dirt. The steam car wash machines can produce pressure that is sufficient enough to break down any amount of dirt at the same time that it treats the car's paint tenderly and gingerly.

A Fortador steam cleaners washes and details your car in less time than a traditional car wash, but it also sanitizes the inside of the vehicle. It also overhauls all of the greasy parts of your engine. A pressure washer cannot reach every space, but the Fortador car wash steam cleaners can.

Our accessories compliment those in your Mobile Car Wash, and they include spray bottles that give your vehicle a wax and a shine, brushes that remove the toughest grime, and hoses and guns of various lengths.

Use Less Water and Be More Eco-Friendly

Each product was created with the environment in mind. Fortador steam car wash machines only needs one gallon of water to generate enough steam to thoroughly clean the surface of your car. This means that only the smallest amount of water will run into the street. In addition, dry vapor steam is capable of sanitizing your vehicle without chemicals, so no harmful residue slides off of your vehicle and into the storm drains.

You won't need to purchase a costly storage tank to collect the water because there will be a minimal amount of water that has been wasted. You will also avoid the expensive fines that come from breaking the regulations. Because you aren't buying cleaners that contain chemicals, you will save money. The Fortador car wash steam cleaners are the most cost-effective machine for a business that you can operate for the long term.

They Offer Unrestricted Mobility

With the Fortador steam car wash machine, you can take your business on the road. Customers love the now popular mobile car detailing experience. They can get their vehicle wash and detail their vehicles wherever they happen to be without generating a ton of waste water.

There may be fines for water runoff in each municipality, but you will not have to worry about a fine because so little water will run off into the streets. You won't have to worry about the water disposal laws at all even if you are conducting your business at a country club, in a gated community, in a parking structure or at an office park.

Our steamers are so efficient that it can wash your vehicle without spraying any of the other cars that may be around. This would be impossible with a pressure washer.

How to Use a Fortador Steamers to Clean Inside a Car

Extractive coffee spill with steam cleaner.

Cleaning Upholstery and Leather Seats

The Fortador steam car wash machine will rehydrate, condition and restore your leather. If the fabric is sensitive to water, the machine will do an excellent job on it. Suede and alcantara can be safely cleaned with the Fortador steam car wash machine because the steam that the machine produces has a very low water content level. Because of this, the surfaces will stay dry.

To steam clean the upholstery in your vehicle, the best thing to do is apply the cleaner with a microfiber cloth. On hard surfaces with a lot of dirt, you can apply the bristle attachment directly onto the surface and then vacuum. If you have stains or the dye transferred to your leather seats with previous washings, you can remove this by steam washing the seats.

Steam Washing the Windows

Chemical products are much harder to use on your windows than steam cleaning because steam cleaning doesn't leave any streaks behind. It is also safe for people to use and safe to apply to tinted windows. The proper way to apply the product is to use a steam gun. For excess humidity or spray, use a squeegee and then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Food and Dirt from the Cupholders

It can be hard to remove the residue from your cupholders, but you won't have to do this anymore. If you don't have steam, you must apply a chemical with a large degreaser and then let the chemical sit for a while. When you are ready to clean, it will completely destroy your microfiber cloth as you try to remove the residue. You might not be able to remove it all the first time. Steam makes this job easy when you use the steam gun to dislodge the residue. Then, it will be easy to wipe the area with a microfiber cloth.

Interior steam cleaning of car.

Cleaning Door Jambs and Trims

The Fortador steam car wash machine applies high steam pressure to the door jambs and the trims. The heat causes the sticky residue to become dislodged, and the pressure blows the dirt and grease away. Then, all you have to do is wipe the car with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the Consoles and Dashboards

You will easily remove dirt and residue from your door panels by steam cleaning. This only requires that you use the lowest pressure setting. You will wrap your steam gun with a microfiber cloth so that you can steam the surfaces of your door panels. The steam cleaner will remove stains, oil and dirt on your window switches, speaker grills and armrests.

Cleaning the Ventilation System

According to allergy associations, you must use steam to clean allergens and dust mites if you want to do it in the most efficient manner. The Fortador gives each vent a strong burst of steam that produces enough heat and pressure to remove pathogens, dust and dirt.

Car Mats and Carpets

The Fortador car wash steam machine will get rid of the odors and dirt in your carpet, but the bristles will also lift your carpet's fibers so that they can look younger. After you have done this, the carpet will only need a couple of minutes to dry. Create perfect lines by vacuuming afterward.

Removing Salt Stains by Steam Cleaning

Salt can get into your vehicle during the winter months, but the Fortador can ensure that it dissolves. The steam cleaner and a detailing brush will take care of the salt rocks, and the residue will dissolve after you use a microfiber cloth.

Use the Internal Vacuum to Steam & Vac Car Mats and Carpets

If you need wet and dry extraction capabilities, the best thing that you can use is the Fortador Pro+. You won't find a more powerful commercial-grade steam extractor. It does everything that the carpet extractor can do, but this steam machine also cleans your hard surfaces.

Our car wash steam cleaners come with several attachments that can be used to detail your car, and if you need it, you can also purchase the metal upholstery extraction tool. This steam cleaner can add detergent to the steam so that it can clean the carpet. It is an exceptionally strong machine with a 2200mm of water column lift that makes it possible to completely remove every odor, stain and piece of dirt, and the carpet will dry in a couple of minutes.

How Do You Steam Wash a Car?

Steam car wash on Lamborghini.

People are really beginning to practice the art of steam washing their cars. Not every steam cleaner is not capable of this type of work because it must be a very high-powered machine. It doesn't even take a full gallon of water, and you can steam wash your entire automobile. There will hardly be any water on the ground when you are finished, so this work can be done in any location.

The surface of your vehicle is full of pores and valleys, and these pores and valleys trap dirt and wax. After some time has passed, this trapped dirt and wax makes your car's paint look faded and dull. The Fortador can clean all of the dirt and wax out of the pores and valleys and make your car look like new again.

Removing Tree Sap

Tree sap often drips onto vehicles when they are parked on the street, and it is onerously difficult to remove. With a powerful car wash steam cleaner, you can easily pulverize tree sap when you use a steam gun and a microfiber cloth.

Removing Diesel Fuel and Exhaust

Diesel fuel is notorious for building up on a car's exterior, but steam can easily lift exhaust off of the car.

Cleaning the Wheels and the Rims

The rims, brakes and wheels are in a position to become covered with brake dust. You don't need chemicals or acid to clean them because you can remove brake dust by combining your wheel cleaning solution of choice inside one of Fortador's Car Wash Steam Cleaner "cleaning solution" compartment.

Steam Cleaning Engine Bay

Your car's engine will also be coated with several substances, including grease, oil, carbon and dust. The Fortador car wash steam cleaner can do what other steam cleaners cannot do, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Then, your car's engine looks like new again!

Steam cleaning engine bay.

Compare Fortador Pro Plus With Other "leading" Car Wash Steamer Cleaners

& Features
Steam Pressure
Steam Boiler temperature
Steam Outgoing temperature
Operating pressure
Steam production
Diesel consumption
Boiler water tank capacity
Diesel tank capacity
Detergent tank capacity
Steam Vacuum Extractor
Touch Screen display
Pro +
4 x gun max 16 Bar
120-140℃ reg. auto. stop
16 bar / 235 PSI
165 kg/h
0.6 lt/h
25 lt
15.5 lt / 25 working hours
10 lt (2 containers)5 lt
77 cm (W) x 140 cm (L)
x 100 cm (H)
Up to 3 Years
2 x gun max 10 Bar
8.5 bar / 125 PSI
86 kg/h
2 lt/h
20 lt
20 lt / 10 working hours
0 lt
70 cm (W) x 106 cm (L)
x 102 cm (H)
Sold as additional components
Regular controllers
1 year
2 x gun max 9 Bar
10 bar / 146 PSI
50 kg/h
3.4 lt/h
24 lt
24 lt / 7 working hours
5 lt
75 cm (W) x 120 cm (L)
x 104 cm (H)
Sold as additional components
Regular controllers
1 year
Steam Wash
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Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
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I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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