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101 How to choose right steamer for car detailing

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March 3, 2021

Car detailing is a growing business. Using a car detailing steamer allows you to tackle any job. The right steam cleaner for cars can be used for any vehicle type and any surface on the vehicle. On the exterior of the vehicle, you can clean all areas including the paint coat, glass, tires, bumper and grill. Inside, a car steam cleaner will efficiently and effectively clean the seats, floor mats, ventilation system, the dash and much more. You can shampoo outside and in. Some car steamer systems can be used as extractors for tougher carpet and upholstery cleaning.

A car detailing steam cleaner will also sanitize the surfaces as it cleans. The CDC recommends two temperatures for sterilizing; 250 and 270-degrees Fahrenheit. Selecting a steamer for car cleaning capable of achieving and consistently maintaining these temperatures is key. The Fortador Pro Plus and Pro S produce steam at 248 degrees to 284 degrees Fahrenheit. A remote steam cleaner for cars allows you to go where your customers are, and conveniently complete the work.

Fortador’s line of steamers gives you many choices with meaningful options to choose the right steamer for your needs. You can use the steam cleaner for cars and for residential cleaning. The opportunities and needs are endless. The following information will give you the capabilities and suggestions on which one may best fit your needs. Contact us for a demonstration and to answer any questions.

1. Fortador Pro Plus - all-in-one best selling Steamer and Shampooer for car detailing and car washing

best car detailing steamer

The Fortador Pro Plus is best for high-volume detailing shops and car washes. This diesel-powered car detailing steamer is an all-in-one solution with high capabilities.

Steam pressure is a differentiating factor when considering a car detailing steam cleaner. The right pressure allows you to effectively remove dirt, stains and debris. The Pro Plus steam pressure operates at 235 PSI. This pressure is well-suited for steam cleaning jobs of any variety.

This steam production makes this suited for a high-volume cleaning and sanitizing business. The Pro Plus produces 363 pounds of steam per hour. This steamer comes with three guns: 2xSteam guns and 1xDual Hose gun for shampooing and vacuum extraction.. The high level of steam production allows you to use all three guns simultaneously. This has obvious productivity and work efficiency benefits. The carbon steel boiler is built to last.

Some jobs require a detergent to effectively clean some stains. The Fortador Pro Plus has the ability to deliver two different detergents at the same time. The detergent tanks hold 1.6 gallons of each detergent. The versatility and flexibility of this system has many advantages that you will realize on jobs in the field.  

The Pro Plus car steam cleaner comes with an extractor. The extractor is very effective for cleaning seats and upholstery. The extractor provides a penetrating clean and breaks down the proteins in the stains for effective removal. You will also spend considerably less effort in the cleaning process using an extractor. Using an extractor also decreases the drying time so the customer can get back in his or her car and drive sooner.

Shampooing interior car or truck surfaces is often necessary. The Pro Plus has a shampooer that works hand in hand with the extractor. Using a commercial-grade and safe detergent can remove oil stains on floor mats and other tarnishes that have marked up the interior.

For surface preparation and dirt removal, the Pro Plus comes with a wet-dry vacuum. With any car interior steam cleaning job, vacuuming is recommended as the initial step. You will not have to worry about separate pieces of equipment as the Pro Plus has you prepared for a 100% complete job.

Cost of operation is a consideration in purchasing a car detailing steamer. Fuel consumption is the primary focus in this area. The Pro Plus stands out here verses the competition. In one working hour, the Pro Plus uses .15 gallons of fuel to produce the steam you need. The Optima DMF uses .6 gallons of fuel per working hour. These variable cost savings can add up. In an eight-hour shift, the Pro Plus will only use 1.26 gallons of fuel while the Optima DMF will use over 5 gallons, or over four times as much.

The Pro Plus comes standard with a 7-inch touch screen that provides all the operating information to keep productivity high. You can easily monitor water, detergent and diesel fuel levels. The steamer’s key operating measures, such as boiler pressure, burner adjustment, filter cleaning and hour meter are always in sight. Interact with the screen to control your steamer.

Transport the Pro Plus with the cargo slider. The commercial-grade slider easily mounts in your van and is specifically designed for Fortador steamers.

2. Fortador Pro S - Commercial steamer for car detailing and sanitizing

commercial steamer for car washing

The Fortador Pro S steamer for car detailing is another great choice. This steamer has the same boiler as the Pro Plus. This gives you the highest quality steam pressure and the temperature you need. You will get the three-gun capability (up to 3xSteam guns) and flexibility. You get the same advanced touch screen with the key operating displays that match the Pro Plus. You and your team stay working and in control.

With the Pro line, including the Pro S, your team’s productivity will stay high. The water tank holds approximately 6.5 gallons of water. The diesel tank holds about 4 gallons of fuel. With the high level of fuel efficiency compared to the Optima DMF, you get about 40 working hours without re-fueling. You get the same ability as the Pro Plus to add detergent or sanitizing agent with one 1.6 gallon tank.

If you already have a separate vacuum, extractor and shampooer, the Pro S will complete your car steam cleaner system. The steamer will be the primary cleaning tool in your business. You get the same steamer performance in volume, pressure and temperature as the Pro Plus.

Residential and commercial sanitation are a growing business. The Pro S can be advantageous for these types of jobs. The Pro S is half the size and about half the weight of the Pro Plus. The Pro S weighs 175 pounds. It can easily be brought on site for effective and efficient cleaning and sanitizing jobs. You will get the same professional design and extraordinary results with either choice.

Transport the Pro S with the cargo slider. The commercial-grade slider easily mounts in your van and is specifically designed for Fortador steamers.

3. Fortador Volt Electra - fully electric all-in-one cleaning steamer and shampooer

full electric steam cleaner high performance

The Fortador Volt Electra can be a great solution for smaller car shops, detailing studios or car enthusiasts who want to have their own steamer for car detailing. This is still an all-in-one car detailing steam cleaner that gives you the capability to completely steam clean a car inside and out. The Volt Electra comes with the same built-in commercial grade vacuum and extractor as the Pro Plus. This professional wet-dry equipment lets you combine extraction, steam and detergent technology in the same package.

The main difference with the Volt Electra is the source of power. As the name suggests, the Volt Electra is powered by electricity. This can be convenient for residential cleaning jobs by simply plugging in the steamer inside the home without fumes.

You get the same high-quality steam as the Pro line. It delivers the steam at a lower than PRO Line, but still very effective 175 PSI. Feel confident as the Volt Electra’s system, powered by electricity, delivers steam at a higher pressure than many diesel fuel-powered steamers on the market. The boiler is made of the same high-quality carbon steel as the Pro Plus and the Pro S.

The7-inch display screen shows you all the operating information you need. Monitor and react to water and detergent levels, boiler pressure, hour counter and more.

The heating method is slower than the diesel-engine steamers. If you plan to steam clean and sanitize on larger jobs that require continuous use, this can be limiting. The Volt Electra compensates for this using ECO system for maximizing efficiency of water heating to deliver a constant steam flow rate. If you are cleaning one to two cars per day, the Volt Electra is a perfect fit. Contact us to talk about your needs and to determine model is best.

The Volt Electra lets to use only one gun continuously. With a net weight of 99 pounds, you can easily transport this steamer. Effortlessly load in your van, maneuver and steer this steamer around a garage and residential homes.  

4. Accessories

Every Fortador steamer comes with the accessories you need to do complete steam and sanitization jobs. These accessories include washing guns, nozzles, pressure hoses, detergent containers, vacuum hoses and much more.

We are ready to help you determine the best steamer for your needs. We have financing options to get you going when you are ready.

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