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You can choose one of the best available vans to make Mobile Services easy than ever. Mercedes Benz Metris, Dodge RAM Promaster City, Ford Transit connect or other will fit our state-of-art setup for mobile operation, with Fortador PRO Max Steam & Vacuum Cleaner or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner, generator, sliding bed, set of detailing materials and other tools. You can provide any type of mobile steam wash and disinfection to your customers and do car, moto, truck, yacht or commercial wash and cleaning.

We can also provide you web-site, back office and custom built customer app for managing your business. Become one of our partners in your city.

Model Specifications & Features:

Mobile Operation Fortador PRO Max or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner Generator Sliding Bed


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Equipment setup:
Car Wash, Auto Detailing and Sanitizing
$0 down / $399 Docs fee for qualified enterprenuers

You can choose one of the best available vans to make Mobile Services easy than ever. Mercedes Benz Metris, Dodge RAM Promaster City, Ford Transit connect or other will fit our state-of-art setup for mobile operation, with Fortador PRO Max Steam & Vacuum Cleaner or Fortador PRO Steam Cleaner, generator, sliding bed, set of detailing materials and other tools. You can provide any type of mobile steam wash and disinfection to your customers and do car, moto, truck, yacht or commercial wash and cleaning. We can also provide you web-site, back office and custom built customer app for managing your bussiness. Become one of our partners in your city. You can get ready to install mobile car wash equipment kit for any van with even $399 down payment Best Financing options are available

We customize in-house with Fortador sliding bed, silence Honda EU2200i generator, water tank with pump, to make it fully mobile and be ready for 8 hours shift operations. we will include set of chemicals, microfibers, extra vacuum cleaner unit to make you ready to start you own mobile business. Our training center in Miami will help you started. Customs wraps or special addition on request

How to Build your Perfect Mobile Car Wash Van

Customers want services performed efficiently at the time and place that fits them the best. A mobile car wash and detailing is a convenient and growing service area that fits the demands and market of today. Customers want dependable service, good communication and a quality cleaning job that meets or exceeds their expectations.

If you want to offer such a great service, you need mobile car wash equipment that is reliable, and able to consistently deliver the high-quality cleaning jobs that customers expect. We offer a complete and easy-to-use professional system with the latest technology to help make each cleaning job a success. To compliment the system, we also offer a customer relationship manager and business operation mobile solution.

minivan for mobile car wash and steam auto detailing

Equipment Planning

There are many key pieces of equipment that you will bring together for the best mobile car cleaning service possible. From transportation, storage and each component of professional cleaning equipment, you want efficiency and effectiveness. At Fortador, we offer a set of equipment that includes the detailing steamer, van slider, chemicals, paint correction kit and paint protection kit. The information below will help you get started with equipment from Fortador, and gather the other items of mobile car wash equipment you need for your succesful business.

fortador service van for auto detailing

The Van

A van is the best choice for a mobile car wash business. The list below shows the advantages of a van and how it can contribute to a successful and growing business.

• Functionally, a van will offer you the ability to bring the best equipment and cleaning tools possible to each job.
• The power-equipment, the cleaning chemicals and the tools to do a thorough job can be easily housed and accessed by you and your crew. Having everything organized and ready to go can help achieve the dependable service customers expect. You will easily see when product is getting low so everyone can go to the job prepared.
• From a company representation and image standpoint, your van will show your customers that you are committed, authentic and ready to clean any vehicle they give you to clean. They will be impressed as you pull up to do the job and will tell their friends when you do a thorough cleaning.
• We can help you arrange having your van wrapped and branded to advertise your service. All Fortador digital materials are FREE and available to all our users

At Fortador, we offer a complete mobile car wash equipment package that is ready to go. You choose the van that best fits your budget and needs, you can check new van offers or try to get deal on used one. Our high-quality package can easily fit into many commercial vans, such as the Mercedes Benz Metris, Dodge RAM ProMaster City, Ford Transit Connect and others. Contact us to talk about configurations. Also finding used van can safe you 20-30% to start marketing your business.

Shelves and Bins

Manufacturers offer many suspended and wall-mounted bins and shelves. Consider a towel-drying area and a refuse area for work from job to job. If you buy a used van, you can retrofit it with shelves and other fixtures in the aftermarket.

50 Steps to Detail Car Interior like a PRO Detailer

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Steam Cleaner and Vacuum

A car steamer will be the key piece of equipment in your vehicle cleaning business. Our 2022 Fortador PRO Max Steamer with Vacuum, powered by Lamborghini Diesel burner, will not let you down. You will have a few options, including number of guns and other features. We can help you select the best model for starting a car cleaning business.

You will have customers who ask for different levels of service. Repeat customers will ask for additional services down the road. A versatile car steamer from Fortador will give you what you need now and for future jobs. The right steamer can be used on any part of the car.

The Fortador PRO Max Steamer will clean the exterior, interior and engine bay.All jobs are within reach, and you can maximize your revenue and service with one piece of equipment. You can use the steam cleaning and washing function simultaneously. You have the ability to use two different detergents at the same time, with three guns always ready to go. The Fortador PRO Max Steamer powers your car shampooer and other specialty cleaners you carry. You will complete jobs efficiently so you are ready to go to the next customer. Experienced and newer employees will find it easy to understand and use.

Our all-in-one machine will sanitize the surfaces you clean. Many customers will appreciate this service. Sanitation of commercial vehicles is becoming a more important service. You can confidently offer this complete service with our steamer line. The steam boiler temperature is 374-degrees Fahrenheit, and the steam out going temperature is 248 degrees to 284 degrees Fahrenheit.

vacuum diesel steam cleaner

Fortador has the technology to make your jobs easier. The 7-inch touchscreen with an advanced diagnostics system allows you to be proactive and stay on top of your cleaning chemicals and steamer performance. The system monitors all the areas below:

• Pressure
• Fluid levels
• Moto hours
• Water level in the boiler
• Signals of the water
• Signals of the fuel pump operation

The system works with a Ghibli 1150V commercial vacuum cleaner. Powered by Fortador, this high-quality system is prepared for any private or commercial job. An integrated system reduces equipment complications, and increases efficiency at job sites.  The vacuum will also act as an extractor and drying vacuum for the interior carpet and seats you clean. If you are interested in a demonstration of our complete system, call or email us anytime.

With this package, you get the accessories you need to start your first job.

They include:

• Two steam guns with jet nozzles and 30-foot hose, extension hoses to add mobility if needed
• One vacuum and steam combo gun with a 15-foot cord for shampooing and extraction
• Different attachments to effectively clean the upholstery and other surfaces of the vehicle

If you need specialty attachments, we have a large assortment to fit your needs.

Bring this eco-friendly and growing service to your city.

Sliding Bed

Easy unloading and loading are important for you and your employees. Our system comes with a sliding bed that holds up to 800 pounds, and easily transports your mobile car wash equipment.

Below are a few benefits of the sliding bed as part of a complete system.

• Safer unloading and loading for you and your employees
• It lessens the potential of damaging the equipment; this results in less downtime
• Speedier unloading and loading let you move on to the next job quicker. Time is money.

The sliding bed fits perfectly inside your van. The bed easily installs in the van of your choice. Once in place, load it up, and you are ready to go.

We fount and tested electric winch for easy loading and unloading that you can install inside your mobile detailing van

mobile detailing sliding platform for van

Power Sources: Powerbank or Silent Generator

Check Fortador Powerbank if you want to get noiseless source of power for your equipment, it has AGM batteries that don't need any maintenance, and can be recharged from 240V or 120V outlet during nigh-time.

Most high-quality generators will work, or maybe you already have one. We carefully reviewed many models of generators on the market, and have this recommendation.

This super-quiet and lightweight generator is perfect for your mobile car washing business. The Honda EU2200i is a great choice, and fits the needs for your mobile car and truck wash business. See why it fits so well:

• You get over 7 hours of run time on .95 gallons of gas
• There is a two-tiered noise dampening system so customers and neighbours are not disturbed
• It is portable, so you can be flexible on job sites if you need
• You can feel confident with its safety back up that automatically shuts off if the oil levels reach an unsafe operating level
• You get two receptacles to keep your jobs going

Water Tank

Water is money in this business. It is the primary ingredient for cleaning cars, trucks, RVs, boats and even airplanes. We recommend a 26-gallon water tank. This is enough for eight hours of work. You will find easy hook ups to the steamer. The Fortador steamer will efficiently use the water for the car shampooer, steamer and other cleaning functions that require a water mix. Our statistic shows that full detail of car needs 2-3 gallons of water with steam compare to 60-200 gallons by pressure washing. Avoid penalties using less water and leaving customer sidewalks without residues.hat’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Car wash auto detailing chemicals set

Set of Chemicals

The finished product, and a complete car cleaning service job will be a combination of a quality commercial steamer, the right technique, attention to detail and using the right chemicals on the car or truck surface. You may choose any brand after you get started.

We have done a thorough review and selected a set of vendors to get the best quality and service. The set of chemicals includes the items listed below:

• Degreaser for engine and wheels cleaning
• Tire shine for wheels and plastic
• Glass cleaner
• Carpet cleaner
• Plastic cleaner
• Deep paint IPA cleaner
• Polymer additive for steam with shine effect
Clay bar treatment lubricant
• Wax for car paint
• Window coating
• Active OXI foam for carpets
Microfiber towel

Let us set you up for success as you complete your first job and grow your customer base.

Fortador Ceramic Protection System

Fortador prepares you for the basic and advanced jobs. Ceramic coating is a growing and lucrative part of the mobile car care market. Many factors contribute to the deterioration of the exterior of cars.UV rays, dirt, dust, acidic bird droppings, road chemicals all cause harm to cars. Some of these damage the exterior, and some also dirty the interior as they are drug into the vehicle.

You can protect customer’s cars and trucks with the Fortador Ceramic Coating for cars Protection Kit. It is a comprehensive three-stage system. This system fully integrates with the Fortador steamer as you will use it for cleaning and preparing the exterior and interior. See brief recap below.

• Stage 1: Apply the activator primer with the application pad. It is an easy process where you massage the product into the body of the car. This product prepares the surface for the Fortador ceramic coating.
• Stage 2: Apply the Fortador coating. The kit comes with an applicator where you will apply a thin layer of coating in a circular motion.
• Stage 3: Protect the interior. After steam-cleaning the interior with the steamer, simply spray the Fortaador interior protection to all the dry upholstery and all other surfaces you want to protect.

Customers will be impressed with the quality and long-term protection.

fortador kevlar ceramic coating for paint protection

Miscellaneous Items

There are a few more things to pick up as you prepare to open.

• Set of extension power cords up to 50 feet
• Brushes for engine cleaning
• Brushes for wheel cleaning
Fortador Magic Brush for carpet and upholstery cleaning
• Electric rotary motor for use with some brushes
• Buckets for washing and cleaning
• Additional microfibers cloths
• Disposable hand towels

Steam Wash App

A mobile business needs a mobile app. Fortador provides an industry-leading technology tool for you to manage your mobile car washing business. We give you an edge that can keep customer information organized, build meaningful relationships and grow your business.

The app helps you run your business, and provides many helpful functions including the following:

• The app can be integrated into a call center
• Accepting orders from the Steam Wash network
• Customer history is maintained in the app
• Schedule your employees
• Organize your operations and manpower
• Accept credit cards and payment
• Send promo offers to customers
• Receive customer ratings to build your social media marketing
• Gain customer analytics

back office for auto detailing business


Come to our on-site training center in Miami or check our Sales partner Locations map. We have a full mobile set up for you to see. There, you can see each piece of equipment in the system demonstrated. We will walk you through each step in the process. You will see the thorough cleaning capabilities and the impressive end results.

The hands-on experience you will get will fully prepare you for mobile car washing and mobile car detailing. Our techs and trainers can speak from experience, and help guide you with equipment, chemical and process recommendations.

Maintenance and Support

With your new commercial steamer, we will provide you with a maintenance schedule. This proactive and easy-to-follow schedule will keep your steamer running in prime condition. You can minimize the chance of missing jobs due to equipment being down by following the maintenance schedule.

We provide tech support for small or big questions. Just give our knowledgeable team a call for all the operating, service and maintenance support you need.

We are ready to speak with you and discuss options, including financing, to start your mobile business. Call or email us today for an introductory call and product overview.

Check this BLOG to know how Maximze your profits and Build you Detailing Services Menu


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Great Company I WAS IMPRESSED ! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU COULD ASK FOR!! Great products very high


April 30, 2021

Amazing customer service to Canada.We are very happy to work with your team.

Nathalie Paquette

April 22, 2021


As a sole distributor, we offer you a unique opportunity to work under our logo Steam Wash as a mobile car wash, cleaning company, stationary car wash or Total Steam Cleaning USA service company with 24/7 call center that will give you leads to perform service from the first month of use our equipment.

Join Fortador users family, and run your business with a synergy of Fortador products: best equipment and polymer detailing materials, Steam Wash workflows, and back-office, field management, CRM software solution. All our customers are the agents, if you referral us to our friends or partners we will pay you commission from any sales you help us to do. Select the best in the world and join us. We encourage you to contact now!

1-Year or 3-Year Warranty

We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador machines can be extended up to 12 months (can be extended up to 36 months or 3000 moto hours.). In a case of a longer repair, you will be provided with a spare machine. No need to worry about any unexpected situation and your dealer will be able to deliver your service 24/7.

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using Drill Car Carpet Brushes


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Why Steam Cleaner is the Best Tool for Car Wash Detailing

A steam cleaner for cars is the go-to piece of equipment in car detailing and amatuer home detailing. When you start telling customers how much you can do for them, they will be amazed. When you thoroughly clean all of the areas possible with steam, they will be impressed by the results and want you back.Steam is safe and effective across almost every surface in a vehicle. The right commercial steamer will have flexibility and capabilities to do steam, car shampooing, detergent cleaning and other features.

Car Steamer Methods

There are really two categories of procedures or methods when using a car steam cleaner. Cleaning with steam as the primary agent is the one that often comes to mind first. Here the steamer is used with different gun ends and application techniques. You will use the steamer at different angles and distances from the surface. You will also use micro-fiber cloths and other cloths to follow up and cleanse the surface of the dislodged particles, stains and debris.

Extraction is another cleaning technique. A high-quality professional car steam cleaner should have extraction capabilities. Extraction is seen by many as the best technique for carpet and car upholstery. Here you will use extraction ends to inject and extract water with or without cleaning agents from the seats and upholstery. You will see the soil and particles as they are extracted.


A car shampooer is another feature some professional steam cleaner for cars have. This additional level of cleaning is often necessary for soiled carpets and interiors. The Fortador Pro Max steamer has all the capabilities you need for steaming, extracting and shampooing. That is important because you never really know what level of soil and dirt you encounter on a job until you get going. Get ready to clean it all without haste with Fortador.


Snow foaming is a technique in which a cleaning foam is sprayed on the exterior of the car. This thick cleaning agent soaks deep in the paint, glass and other surfaces of the vehicle. The Fortador Pro Max steamer is capable of rinsing snow foam the wet steam mode. With two three steam guns, no need to change hoses or tank hook ups, just press Wet mode on touchscreen.. Check out all of the potential cleaning areas a steam cleaner can take care of!

Glove Boxes

It is not always about just cleaning. It is also about a total clean and sanitized car. Take the items out of the glove box and put them in a zip lock bag. Flood the glove box with powerful and hot steam.

Wheel Wells

There may be road chemicals, tar and other materials that build up in the wheel wells. Safely get up and underneath the wheel wheels with a steamer.

Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Ceramic Coating Protection System for all materials

Kyle Bryant
Hi-Definition Auto Detailing, Austin, TX
Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
Gerard Suico
Miami, FL
I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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