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September 26, 2023

101 of Microfiber Detailing Towels | All you need to know about car detail cloths

Whether you are just starting your detailing car care business or looking to expand your knowledge in car washing, having the best microfiber towel selection will help you achieve the best results for your vehicle's exterior and interior.

In our in-depth article, we delve into the world of microfiber detailing towels, offering you a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know. We leave no stone unturned as we explore the various types of microfiber fabrics, their unique characteristics, and how they can enhance your car care routine. From plush and absorbent towels for drying and buffing to specialized options for glass, wheels, and interiors, we break down the different towel options available, helping you make informed choices for your specific needs, like waxing, drying or general cleaning.

But it doesn't stop there. We go beyond towel selection to provide you with essential tips and techniques on how to maximize their effectiveness. Discover the proper care and maintenance practices to ensure the longevity and performance of your microfiber towels. Learn about the best washing methods, drying techniques, and storage practices that will keep your towels in pristine condition, ready to deliver outstanding results every time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose the right microfiber towel for specific car detailing tasks, such as drying, waxing, and glass cleaning.
  • Proper care and maintenance of microfiber towels ensure longevity and optimal performance.
  • Consider important features like size, GSM, absorbency, material content, and fiber length when selecting microfiber towels for car care.

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Best microfiber towels for each detailing job

Best general purpose detailing towels

fortador multi purpose microfiber towel

Fortador microfiber towel

These are the best microfiber towels that are durable but do not break the bank.


This microfiber towel contains 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, making it a perfect ratio for your everyday car wash needs.

Size and price

This microfiber towel comes in one size, 14x14 in.

The MSRP is at $1.99/pc, but if you want to bulk up, discounts go up to 15% off for the purchase.

amazon basics microfiber towel for cars

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

These Microfiber Cloths from Amazon come packaged in packs of 24 at the same price as some other companies. This microfiber towel contains 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The towels have a soft and breathable texture and the company claims the towels will wash many times. There was a similar claim that this dry cloth was able to absorb eight times its weight. The product has lint-free features as well as a streak-proof 186 GSM.

Size and list price

This microfiber towel measures 12x16 in.

You can get these microfiber towels in a pack of 24 for $1o.5, 36 for $14, 48 for $19.72 or 144 for $152.87. These cloths are very cost effective if you are looking for a cheaper option, but keep in mind that

Best car glass cleaning cloths


The Rag company premium glass microfiber towels

The unique dual-texture design of the Premium Glass & Window towel has a silky smooth finish on soft towels on one side to remove any streaks and filth and grime-grabbing corduroy surface on the other. Best professional/commercial-grade quality, outstanding value, and consistently excellent lint-free, streak-free outcomes.


These microfiber towels are made of 70/30 blend (350 GSM), making sure to not leave marks on your glass.

The highest quality available has long been regarded as being found in 100% South Korean AA-Grade Split Microfiber, which is preferred by professional detailers worldwide.

Size and list price

There are two sizes available for these microfiber window cleaning cloths: 16x16 size comes in a 5 pack for $22 and 16x24 size comes in a 3 pack for $18.


Chemical guys waffle weave glass and window microfiber towel for cars

Chemical guys is a very well known brand of cleaning supplies for car detailing with great prices. They have a wide selection of anything your car detailing or wash business would need.


This ultra-soft, silk-edged towel made of 70/30 microfiber has distinctive waffle patterns that trap liquids and dirt in the same way that butter and syrup do, quickly drying the surface for crystal-clear clarity. In contrast to standard microfibre towels, which are 16 x16, the Glass & Window Waffle Weave Towels measures 24 x 16 for quick wiping on all surfaces.

Cheap microfiber towels' sharp nylon edges and scratches harm the surface when polishing and drying paint. The Red Glass & Window Waffle Weave Towel has the softest, most scratch-free feel of the complete towel thanks to the silk piping that surrounds each of its four edges. Contrary to traditional microfiber's short strands for drying, waffle weave towels have square grooves to gather and quickly absorb liquids.

Size and price

This microfiber towel comes in a pack of one, measuring 24x16 in.

The list price of the towel is $9.99

Best car waxing and drying towels

Fortador PRO drying and waxing towel

Fortador PRO towel for drying, waxing and ceramic coating

These are the best microfiber towels for cars to apply wax on since the towel itself is so big. One side is plush and super soft, perfect for drying the surfaces prior to applying any type of product on the car's paint. The flat side is made for a smooth application of wax that will not leave streaks on the surface of the car.


This towel is made out of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Size and price

The microfiber towel comes in one pack, 22 x 29.5 in at $25 a piece

Why Detailing Your Car Matters?

What the owner learns through doing and/or rather through ownership is the importance of maintaining cars for their longevity. It only requires that you take care of it using the proper equipment. If you have the wrong materials you'll probably end up with nothing if you've forgotten your car. It is a good microfiber cleaning cloth and it is widely accepted.

microfiber towel macro photo

What is microfiber?

Microfiber has a diameter that is roughly 1/100 that of human hair and 1/20 that of a thread of silk. It is a blend of polyester and polyamide; polyester is a type of plastic, and polyamide is basically nylon. Because of this, you should never launder microfiber towels in hot water. One square inch of a standard microfiber towel contains about 200,000 fibers.

When used for cleaning, high-quality microfiber towels are frequently five times smaller, producing a large surface area where liquid can be absorbed and contain dust and dirt.

Why Do You Need Microfiber Towels In Your Car Care Routine?

Cars are like all the things we see in the world: fallible even in the first place. It can become more complicated a lot faster when the car's paint has gotten dirty and the maintenance routine should be effective on your car. In conclusion, selecting a good microfiber car cleaning cloth and using it regularly can be very beneficial to a car owner. Tell me a good reason you need your automobile?

How Do I Choose The Best Microfiber Towel For My Car?

Most microfiber towels look the same. They only differ from each other in more detail and this is why it is important to understand what makes the microfiber cloth so as to discover the different kinds.

Pricing of Microfiber Towels for Cars

The average cost of a microfiber towel varies according to the amount of towels on the package. You can buy towels for as cheap as $10 or less. There are some higher price versions that you can buy without spending much.

content of material blend of microfiber

Key Features of Auto Detailing Microfiber Cloths

They are standard features that are guaranteed to benefit no matter what microfiber towel you wear. And when you need a premium microfiber towel cloth in your car, then we have you covered. Choosing the right microfiber automobile cloth should be taken into consideration.


Different types of microfiber towels for cars have different sizes. The standard size is usually 16 x 16 in, used for various tasks like glass cleaning, wax application, larger towel are better for drying


Grams per square meter is referred to as GSM. GSM expresses the weight of the cloth in plain terms. The thickness and fluff of most microfiber towels and fabrics increase with the GSM value. Towels with a low GSM should be used to clean windows for the best outcomes.


Microfiber cloth is highly absorbent. They are super absorbent to approximately eight times the water weight and can make your vehicle more efficient for drying. As an added benefit, use of the microfiber cloths will reduce water spots and odor. Microfiber cloth also dry very quickly, thereby eliminating the possibility that it may produce germs. A microfiber cloth provides the best protection possible.

Content of material

Microfiber towels made from blend of Polyester and Polyamide, standard blends 80/20 and 70/30, Each fiber of the microfiber towels is 1/100th the diameter of human hair.

Fiber length

The diameter of each strand in microfibers is expressed in denier. Microfiber must fall below 1 denier, or 10 micrometers, in order to be considered such. Towels made of high-quality microfiber for washing typically have less than 0.5 denier. It is now small enough to take up a wide range of bacteria, microbes, and germs!

For instance, both from our list of best products have exceptionally low deniers of 0.1 to 0.2. Check the denier if you're searching for the highest-quality cleaning cloths.

lifecycle of microfiber towel for cars

Lifecycle of microfiber towels for cars

Depending on how often you use them, what you use them for, and how well you care for them, your microfiber towels could last up to two years or 500 washes. Always make sure the fibers have not been damaged during use to avoid marks on your car and other surfaces you clean.

different types of

Types Of Microfiber car towels

Making sure you are cleaning the surfaces with the right tools will help you get the best results possible. Having these microfiber car towels will make all your car wash always rated number one:

Multi-purpose microfiber towels

These are the best microfiber towels that can be used for some quick detailing. Remember, to not mix towels between jobs to avoid swirl marks from previous chemicals.

These microfiber towels are commonly employed for dry dusting, general cleaning, and accident cleanup. The linens should be divided into groups based on how you plan to use them. If you clean your windows, glass, and sofas with microfiber towels at home, you should have a variety of towels on hand. (if you like hand washing with a microfiber towel).

You should have various towel types for the inside, glass, drying, and waxing while washing a vehicle with microfiber towels, as well as cheap or used towels for the wheels, engine compartment floor, filthy interiors, or exhaust tips.

Glass cleaning towels

Glass towels made of knit microfiber are available. Stainless steel, mirrors, windows, and other smooth, shiny surfaces can all have streaks and smudges removed using these towels. After the glass surface has been washed, these towels are used to dry it and restore its shine.

Learn more about best glass microfiber towel in our guide.

Waxing microfiber towels

When it comes to car washing, these microfibers are frequently categorized as all-purpose tools; however, 400 GSM microfibers are the most optimal for polishing or waxing your vehicle.

You cannot simply remove vehicle wax with any cloth in the hopes of achieving the desired shine. The ideal microfiber will help to evenly distribute the liquid on the surfaces while absorbing just the right amount of the extra wax.

Learn more about waxing microfiber towel in our guide.

Textured microfiber towels

Most of these towels have waffle-shaped fabrics and small depressions in their fabric. This car wash is highly absorbent because it has a larger surface area and is good for use after the car has been cleaned. You can wash tire rims with super soft microfiber waffle cloth, or wash your car chrome.

For jobs like scrubbing or drying, soft microfiber towels with a textured pattern, like a waffle towel, offer more strength. The uneven weave of the cotton cloths increases friction when scrubbing without harming the paint. The structure of the microfiber cloth makes it possible for liquid to be absorbed in upper sections for drying, and then it wicks away to the lower sections, leaving a dryer surface.

Learn more about best drying towels for cars

How to use a microfiber cloth for car

A. Preparing the Surface

B. Using the Correct Technique

C. Washing and Maintaining Microfiber Car Cloths

cleaning glass with microfiber

Cleaning glass

When cleaning glass, make sure to not leave lint prior to applying the spray product. It will avoid the lint and swirl marks on the glass after you have finished the auto detailing.

Using a glass microfiber towel will help to bring the shine to and lint free to your glass.

Learn more about cleaning car glasses out of streaks.
cleaning car paint with microfiber

Cleaning car exterior

If you are car detailing the entire car, be sure to have a drying towel to get rid of any watermarks before you apply wax.

Learn more about exterior car washing with steam.
clean engine

Cleaning engine bay

When detailing the engine bay of the car, use the microfiber towel to wipe any excess dirt from the bay. Use the oldest microfiber towel for wheels and engine bay cleaning.

How to wash and dry microfiber

There are several things you need to do to make sure your microfiber towels can be washed over and over again without getting damaged.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before washing microfiber towels for cars:

Separate cloths by material

Hopefully, you have more than one type of microfiber towels at your car wash, so make sure to always wash them separate from each other. All microfiber towels have a charge, so you do not want the dirt to be scattered around while in the wash.

If you are very lazy, at least separate microfiber towels that have been used for engine bays and wheels from the ones used for the interior, to abstain from unnecessary staining.

Only use clear liquid detergents

Less is more when it comes to washing and a cleaning solution that does not have any scents, colors or additives is the best thing to use.

Do not wash microfiber towels with powder detergent because it will remain in the tiny fibers after your wash cycle, making them ineffective in your cleaning procedures. The fibers of the towels quickly cling to dirt and absorb moisture.

Soap pods should also not be used!

Clean out the washing machine after washing towels

You'll likely need to clean the washing machine after you've finished washing the extremely dirty towels. Use one of the microfiber towels to clean the tub, getting rid of any remaining grime or dust that may be stuck to the machine's walls. Run the machine through an empty cycle after you've finished wiping it to give it a rinse. Additionally, this step will assist in removing any soap and fabric softener residue.

Best microfiber towels detergent

power clean is a great degreser for washing towel

Power clean by Optimum Polymers

This detergent might be the best one for cleaning cloths if you do not want to use clear detergent. It is a concentrated, low foaming cleaning solution that is made specifically for washing machines.

Learn more about washing microfiber towels in our detailed guide.

How to hand wash microfiber towels for cars

Things you will need:

  • two buckets, a wash bin or washboard
  • brush
  • cleaning solution

Six steps of handwashing microfiber towels

  1. Shake off the dirt from the microfiber towels over a trash bin prior to washing them
  2. Fill one bucket with lukewarm water and the other with cold water
  3. In the bucket with warm water, drop the microfiber towels in and add a few drops of clear laundry detergent to the mix
  4. To clean the grime off the towels, get a brush or a washboard. Repeat soaking and washing the microfiber towels if they are still filthy.
  5. After washing the towels, place them in the second bucket of cold water to rinse out any lingering filth.
  6. Take the microfiber cloths out of the bucket and give them cold water and rinse them in the sink.


If your microfiber towels have a lot of stains, spot treat the stains with a stain remover before beginning to wash them.

cleaning microfiber in washing machine

How to wash microfiber towels in the washing machine

Things you'll need:

  • microfiber cleaning solution or clear detergent

Five steps of machine washing

  1. Before washing your microfiber towels, shake off any dirt over a trash can or outside.
  2. Fill your washing machine's detergent section with detergent, and the softener container with white vinegar.
  3. If possible, set the washing machine to cold/delicates with an extra rinse.
  4. Start the washing cycle.
  5. Start the towel drying


If your microfiber towels have a lot of stains, spot treat the stains with a stain remover before beginning to wash them.

drying of microfiber towel

How to dry microfiber towels

The microfiber towels are best dried by air because the heat never harms the delicate fibers. However, when you have a business to operate, air drying may not always be an option. Here are some things you should and shouldn't do if you plan to machine dry your microfiber cloths:

- Only use the towels themselves to dry the microfiber towels.

- Before drying microfiber towels, always remove lint from the lint trap.

- Use the lowest setting available on your machine dryer. (air fluff or no heat)

Commonly asked question about microfiber cloths

Can microfiber cloth scratch my car?

A good quality Microfiber towel doesn't damage a clear coat. The towel is extremely soft and much softer than paint finishes but if you use a microfiber towel correctly it might scratch the paint.

How many towels do I need for detailing?

6 to 12 towels per automobile. Using a "one wet and one dry" technique in finishing wipes, the result is a smooth finish. Removed wax and four towels for the car.

Does microfiber damage car paint?

Towels made of premium microfiber will never scratch clear coat. Even though the cloths are extremely mild and much softer than the paint finish, if they are used improperly, you could scratch the paint.

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