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Sabrina Tretyakova

Sabrina Tretyakova

Certified Cleaning Technician
Your go-to expert for eco-friendly and impeccable cleaning services. Discover how her expertise and dedication can transform your space.


Sabrina Tretyakova is an ISSA-certified cleaning technician boasting 3 years of dedicated service to over 1,200 clients, including private homeowners and large corporate offices. A graduate of the Maintex Cleaning Academy, Sabrina has completed rigorous courses like the Basics of Carpet Cleaning and Fundamentals of Professional Cleaning. Harnessing the power of Fortador, a cutting-edge, industry-leading cleaning apparatus, she remains committed to eco-friendly methods, ensuring both impeccable results and sustainability in every project.

Education, Certifications, Training Programs, Safety Records

ІSSА - Cleaning Technician Basic

The Cleaning Technician Certification program, International Edition by ІSSА, is designed for EMEA and APAC cleaning professionals, offering basic to advanced training across nine modules in commercial building cleaning. 

Training Programs:

  • House Cleaning Fundamentals by John Academy
  • Basics of Carpet Cleaning by Course Gate
  • Fundamentals of Professional Cleaning by John Academy
  • Upholstery Cleaning Training by Magic Wand
  • Maintext Cleaning Academy

Safety Records:

  • Total Worked Hours: 3,600 hours
  • Accidents/Injuries: 0
  • Safety Training Completed: Basic Safety Training, Chemical Handling Course, Ergonomic Cleaning Methods.

Hobbies & Interests

Sports, Fitness, Computers and Shopping

Previous experience

Miami Total Steam Auto Detailing Center

Fortador Steamers USA


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