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High pressure steam cleaner | Industrial Steamer

Diesel Hybrid Industrial High pressure steam cleaner

FORTADOR PRO is powered by an efficient Lamborghini diesel burner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, with the ability to provide detergent for commercial cleaning cleaning or vehicle wheels and engine. The steam is at a high pressure of 16 Bar or 235 PSI, for use for Car Wash, Industrial steam cleaning, disinfection and much more.

All enclosed in a single aluminum power coated casing, of modern design and made of ecological and corrosion free resistant alloy.

Main Specifications & Features

Control TouchScreen 7’’ 235 PSI | 16 Bar Steam Pressure 120V Lamborghini Diesel Burner


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Introduction Fortador PRO & PRO Deluxe

from $7,799.00

Diesel Hybrid Industrial Steam Cleaner Fortador PRO is powered by a powerful and efficient Lamborghini diesel burner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, with the ability to provide detergent for cleaning wheels and engine or commercial cleaning. The steam is at a high pressure of 16 Bar or 235 PSI, for use for Car Wash, Industrial steam cleaning, disinfection and much more.

All enclosed in a single aluminum power coated casing, of modern design and made of ecological and corrosion free resistant alloy. 7" Touch screen with Auto-Diagnostics system: Alerts informing about maintenance and service like cleaning of filters, descale, burner adjustment and vacuum cleaner.

Fortador PRO / PRO Deluxe high pressure steam cleaner is the 6th generation of the steam cleaners manufactured in the Fortador production plant near Warsaw, Poland

Fortador PRO Deluxe has the ability to apply cleaning or sanitizing detergent or hot water with steam at the same time. The 7-inch touchscreen display shows current fluids level (water, diesel, detergent), current pressure in the boiler, serial number, an hour meter and much more. The heart of Fortador PRO is the boiler and the burner, it is custom made for us by a world-class manufacturer - Lamborghini. The highest quality of the combustion system and low diesel consumption enables even faster return on investment. The additional burner power control in the range of 16.6 - 36.6 kW allows us to set operating pressure at 16 bars (235 PSI) for continious use of two operators.

More Features of Fortador PRO & PRO Deluxe

Fortador Steamers logo
TouchScreen 7’’
Fortador Steamers logo
1 or 2 Steam Hoses (operators)
Fortador Steamers logo
30ft / 10 m Hose Length
Fortador Steamers logo
235 PSI/16 Bar Steam Pressure
Fortador Steamers logo
175 lbs or 80 kgs
fortador industrial steam cleaner
Fortador Steamers logo
Lamborghini Diesel Burner
Fortador Steamers logo
1 G of Diesel for 6 Hours
Fortador Steamers logo
Tank for Detergent or Sanitizer
Fortador Steamers logo

6th Generations of Continious Development

Fortador PRO Diesel Hybrid is the 6-th generation of the steam cleaners manufactured in the Fortador production plant Europe. It is the most powerful diesel combustion steamer equipped with nearly 50 HP burner manufactured to our order and supplied by the Lamborghini Caroclima company. The performance of this model includes 16 bars steam pressure at 0.6 l Diesel per man-hour. Two operators can use the unit simultaneously.

Why Fortador PRO is real Industrial grade steam cleaner

touchscreen control of heavy duty steamer

Advanced Technology for efficient steam cleaning

The Fortador PRO model is a compact, powered by Lamborghini Diesel burner, Steamer with a relatively small dimension. It enables to wash the cars or make the other cleaning activities simultaneously by the two operators. The Fortador PRO as the only one device on the market is capable of providing detergent or disinfection agent together with high pressure steam. It does not generate any water and chemical sewages. It requires neither sewage system nor lodging applications. Delivery all around the globe and e-training free of charge.

Exceptional high steam pressure and boiler temperature

With 235 PSI or 16 Bar, this commercial steam cleaner can handle the toughest and ground in stains. Industrial sites are full of grease, lacquer, oil, smoke, metallic shaving discharge, powder stains, stickers removal from road signs and much more. Industrial operations are often exposed to heat, which bakes in dirt and stains. With a boiler temperature of 374 degrees Fahrenheit and the 235 PSI, the steam is delivered at peak specifications for removal of industrial-level stains.


Where will you need industrial steam cleaner?

If you clean commercial buildings or are planning on doing heavy cleaning and sanitization, you need an industrial steam cleaner to match the job. Steam cleaners with higher-level capabilities will allow you to be prepared for any stain, soil, and surface in industrial settings. Commercial and industrial facilities include many categories such as office buildings, public areas, factories, shopping malls, commercial kitchens, medical facilities and much more.

Main benefits of Fortador PRO industrial steamer

The Fortador PRO is built for heavy industrial and commercial steam cleaning and sterilization. The capabilities, operating features, frame, steam production levels, performance and size are all designed for this demanding work. See some of the specifications and features that help make this a great choice for tougher jobs.

steam disinfection with industrial steamer
lamborghini diesel burner for heavy duty steam cleaner

Additional detergent tank for degreaser or sanitizing agent for steam disinfection

With the variety of markings and stains you will encounter in industrial settings, you will need a steamer to match their persistence. The Fortador PRO has additional detergent tank. This heavy-duty feature allows you to use steam cleaner with super power of hot degreaser or sanitizing agent.

We carry a full line of detergents and cleaning agents to meet the demands of different commercial buildings. Effectively deliver the detergents and clean glass, paint, remove limestone and much more with our line.

car cleaning with steam

Large boiler and water tank for continious operations

The water tank holds approximately 6.5 gallons of water. This allows two users to steam clean with the steamer at peak performance. You will not have to stop and refill water while on job sites. You can also connect steam cleaner to city water for continious use without needs to refill.


Diesel fuel tank size for uninterupted use

The diesel fuel tank holds about 4 gallons of fuel. The Fortador PRO delivers high levels of fuel efficiency. The combination of the high-capacity fuel tank and superior fuel efficiency will get you about 25 working hours without re-fueling your commercial steam cleaner. You can save up to $4000 per year using our efficient steamer compare to asian analogs.

commercial steam cleaning

Long Hoses for big jobs

Commercial sites can be expansive. As you arrive on a job site, and roll your steamer to the first centralized cleaning base, hose length can make a difference in the efficiencies in your day.

The Fortador PRO comes standard with an above-average 30-foot hose. This allows you to effectively maneuver through rooms, corners and spaces. The hoses can be extended up to 90 feet. Having two users with the ability to cover that much ground while cleaning makes a meaningful difference in commercial and industrial buildings.

Compact size and light weight for heavy use

The dimensions of the PRO commercial steam cleaner make it suitable for pushing through tight corners in industrial buildings. The small foot print of the machine allows you to stage your cleaning base in most any area. The commercial-grade wheels let you glide over carpeting, bumps and the sometime uneven floors in older factories.

At 175 pounds, the Fortador PRO is lightweight enough for easy pushing and steering, yet heavy enough to house the high-end components. The case is constructed of durable and lightweight aluminum.

industrial steam sanitizer

Best solution for Mobile Steam Cleaning Services

The Fortador PRO is ideal for a mobile cleaning service. When you operate a mobile cleaning business, you do not have the luxury of having additional tools and accessories available in a shop. The Fortador PRO is an industrial high pressure that can handle any mobile cleaning job. Feel confident!

A mobile operation can be based from a van or trailer. The Fortador PRO easily works from either. The accessories, cleaning agents and other necessary items can be conveniently housed in the van or trailer. If you choose a van, we have a customized cargo slider. This cargo slider easily fits in most vans for easy loading and unloading. Start your job quickly as you arrive on site.

Learn options for best vacuum steam cleaners in our detailed review.

Cleaning and Sterilization with the Fortador PRO heavy duty steamer

Choose an industrial steam cleaner that fits where you will be completing jobs. The Fortador PRO can be a great choice for wide range of commercial cleaning and sanitization. Contact us for a discussion on your needs and steamer demonstration.

Photo Gallery of High Pressure steam cleaner

Full tech specifications of Fortador PRO

Regulated Pressure
up to 3 X Guns Max 16 Bar Or 235 PSI
Operating Temperature
120-140°C Or 268-304°F Reg.Thermostat / Auto.Stop
Boiler Temperature (Regulated)
190°C Or 374°F (Max. 200°C Or 392°F)
Preheating Time
2-7 Min.
Capacity Of Water/Diesel/Detergent Container
25/15,5/5 Litre Or 6.6/3.6/1.3 Gallons
Working Volume
Voltage And Frequency
220-230V Or 110-120V
Power Consumption (W)
Water Usage (Regulated)
600 Cc/Min X 1 (Max. 1,200 Cc)
Diesel Usage
0,6 Litres Or 0,6 Quarts Of Diesel In Combined Mode
(New Type Of Burner From Lamborghini®)
Net Weight
80 Kg Or 175lbs
20" (W) X 34" (L) X 36" (H)
50 (W) X 86 (L) X 91 (H) Cm
Standard Accessories
• Most Powerful Steam Gun RL 30 X 3 Pcs
• Isolated Steam Hose (10m) X 3 Pcs
• Set Of 4 Different Accesories
• Ability To Apply Hot Detergent Or/And Hot Wax With Steam (Apart Detergent Containers)
Steam Pressure
15 Kgf/Cm2 (165Kg/H Of DRY STEAM); Control For Steam Wetness
Case Material
Boiler Material
Carbon Steel
Anti-Freeze System
Descale System
Features Of 7-Inch Display
•Pressure Indicator • Fluids Level Indicator • Moto Hours Counter • Serial Number Display • Water Level In Boiler • Signalization Of Water Pump And Fuel Pump Operation
Other Informations
Purchase Price Includes A Certificate Testifying That The Fortador Machines Have Undergone The Tests, Which Confirm A Possibility To Sterilise And Disinfect Them (Issued By SES)

Comparison table Fortador PRO with other "Leading" Industrial grade high pressure steam cleaners

& Features

Fortador PRO

heavy duty steam cleaner fortador pro

Optima DMF

heavy duty steamer

Idromatic Astra Chemic

heavy duty steam cleaner
Steam Pressure
up to 3 X Gun Max 16 Bar
2 X Gun Max 10 Bar
2 X Gun Max 9 Bar
Steam Boiler Temperature
Steam Outgoing Temperature
120-140℃ Reg. Auto. Stop
Operating Pressure
16 Bar / 235 PSI
8.5 Bar / 125 PSI
10 Bar / 146 PSI
Steam Production
165 Kg/H
86 Kg/H
50 Kg/H
Diesel Consumption
0.6 Lt/H
2 Lt/H
3.4 Lt/H
Boiler Water Tank Capacity
25 Lt
20 Lt
24 Lt
Diesel Tank Capacity
15.5 Lt / 25 Working Hours
20 Lt / 10 Working Hours
24 Lt / 7 Working Hours
Detergent Tank Capacity
5 Lt
0 Lt
5 Lt
77 Cm (W) X 140 Cm (L), X 100 Cm (H)
70 Cm (W) X 106 Cm (L) X 102 Cm (H)
75 Cm (W) X 120 Cm (L) X 104 Cm (H)
Steam Vacuum Extractor
check PRO Max
Sold As Additional Components
Sold As Additional Components
Touch Screen Display
Regular Controllers
Regular Controllers
Up To 3 Years
1 Year
1 Year

Reviews from customers

PRO S by Crystal

We have an amazing partnership with Fortador. Our mobile detailing company depends on them regularly. We order upwards to 6-8 steamers at a time to supply all of our locations and enablement partners. Their communication is outstanding we know at all times where our shipment is, if there are any issues, if there's a delay, etc. Once when we were ordering steamers for our Canada location our sales rep was so helpful and knowledgable. He said that the steamers were selecting wouldn't work with their power grid and offered us better solutions. Top notch service.


April 23, 2021

PRO by Max

An awesome tool to have when detailing a car. It comes with a price tag but my interior details went from taking 8 hours to 5-6 hours with this investment.Absolutely love this machine and can't imagine detailing without it.I do wish it had an adjustable pressure switch on it as it does blow cup holder grime everywhere when using this. Also 30ft hose is a bit lacking. I feel 40ft should be the minimum.Beyond that, absolutely love this machine

Max Fischer

May 30, 2021

PRO by Abedon

Good machine works excellent

Abedon Lujan

June 15, 2021

PRO by Darian

I love the quality of this steamer. I also love how 3 techs can work at the same time with continuous steam and extraction.

Darian Johnson

October 10, 2021

steam cleaner for car

Become An Ambassador of Fortador Steamers

We are not a franchise, but If you are interesting in getting additional revenues representing Fortador in your city as a sole distributor, we offer you a unique opportunity to work under our logo Steam Wash as a professional cleaning company, stationary cleaning station or Total Steam Cleaning USA service company with 24/7 call center that will give you leads to perform service from the first month of use our equipment.

Join Fortador users family, and run your business with a synergy of Fortador products: best equipment and polymer detailing materials, Steam Wash workflows, and back-office, field management, CRM software solution. All our customers are the agents, if you referral us to our friends or partners we will pay you commission from any sales you help us to do. Select the best in the world and join us. We encourage you to contact now!
Or just get best commercial steamer in the market.

steam cleaner for car

Warranty of Fortador Steamers

We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador machines is up to 12 months /1000 hours (can be extended up to 36 months or 3000 moto hours.). 5-years warranty on boiler is included. No need to worry about any unexpected situation and your dealer will be able to deliver your service and support 24/7.

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steam cleaner for car

Save big with Fortador PRO Line

When deciding to buy our machine, you can SAVE UP TO $4000 USD a year on fuel alone. So if you decide to finance your unit – 6 months are already covered by efficiency of Lamborghini burner. The return on investment from the beginning will take place in less than a year, and you can think about buying another machine to grow your business without worrying about finances! Choose wisely and protect our planet with low CO2 emission. Check this in depth Comparison with Optima Steamer DMF

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Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Ceramic Coating Protection System for all materials

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