Return on investment in less than a year? Gain crowds of happy costumers.Vacuum, Steam a Detergent upholstery wash has never been so easy and so cost effective for end users.

Fortador Self Wash is a 3rd generation self-service exterior and interior car wash and is based on many years of experience. It is the perfect answer to our customers' needs. Locked in a modern casing technology provides power and efficiency more than ever. Self Wash is probably the first and only device on the market that allows the end client to wash upholstery with hot steam with detergent providing the perfect tool to disinfect and clean the whole car, RV, truck or boat interior. As a standard installed function the lector guides the operator through the whole process.  Thanks to the 17-inch display and ongoing video guide line the end user will find the whole procedure very intuitive.

Regulated pressure
1 x gun max 8 Bar (16 PSI)
Operating temperature
120-140°C (248-284°F) reg.thermostat / auto.stop
Boiler temperature (regulated)
190°C (Max. 200°C) / 374°F (max. 392°F)
Preheating time
ability to work 24/7 in any climat zones
Capacity of water/diesel/det. 1 /det 2 container
constant water connection/40 litres or 10 galons
Working volume
Voltage and frequency
1-phase 220-230V / 2-phase 220V (North America market) /or 3-phase 380V
Water usage (regulated)
600 cc/min x 1 (Max. 1,200cc)
Vacuum Capacity
80 litre or 20 galons
Net weight
500 kg (1102 lb)
900 cm / 35 in (W) x 975 cm / 38 in (L) x 2400 cm / 95 in (H)
Standard accessories
Isolated steam vacuum gun 1 pcs • Isolated steam/vacuum hose (5m or 15 ft) • 1 pcs Steam vacuum nozzle • Ability to apply hot detergent with steam
Steam pressure
8 bar (116 psi) of dry steam
Case material
Vandalproof carbon steel
Boiler material
Carbon Steel
Anti-freeze system
Descale System
Features Of Self Wash
Constant anti-freezing system - Speech Synthesizer instructions for customer and service with adjustable language - Vandalproof housing - GPS GREEN CASH® System - The GPRS system - daily email sending to the owner with report in cash / time - Anti-theft system SAFE CASH® - The support of the climate – ready to outdoors in north European climate work 24 hours / 365 days - Fireproof housing - TÜV NORD reciving - LED lights with function visibility for the passing driver at 25 meters distance - Ability to install / banknote / Card Payment / PayPass – extras- The ability to match colors with logo according to specification - Constant water connection and electricity - 100% maintenance-free- Scratch-resistant glass - Free instalation support • Short instalation - only 1 business day

As a sole distributor, we offer you a unique opportunity to work under our logo Steam Wash as a mobile car wash, cleaning company, stationary car wash or Total Steam Cleaning USA service company with 24/7 call center that will give you leads to perform service from the first month of use our equipment.

Join Fortador users family, and run your business with a synergy of Fortador products: best equipment and polymer detailing materials, Steam Wash workflows, and back-office, field management, CRM software solution. All our customers are the agents, if you referral us to our friends or partners we will pay you commission from any sales you help us to do. Select the best in the world and join us. We encourage you to contact now!

1-Year or 3-Year Warranty

We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador machines can be extended up to 12 months (can be extended up to 36 months or 3000 moto hours.). In a case of a longer repair, you will be provided with a spare machine. No need to worry about any unexpected situation and your dealer will be able to deliver your service 24/7.

Advanced Technology

The self-service Fortador Self Wash of the 5th generation is a high-tech robot for
washing upholstery while using steam. Steam as opposed to water has a significantly higher temperature therefore it dissolves dirt in the upholstery much quicker. A steam nozzle combined with an extractor suction piece sucks simultaneously moisture and contaminations leaving the washed element clean and practically dry.

ROI in 12 Months?

This is the most frequently chosen model by: self-service car washes, filling
stations, shopping centres.Return on investment within 12-18 months. The machine will earn for its leasing and You. Just show your customer that your company develops and offers new services. Cut your competition down to size.

Steam Wash
Mobile App & Software

Client Scheduling App. Field Management. CRM. Detailers App. All in One.

Kyle Bryant
Hi-Definition Auto Detailing, Austin, TX
Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
Gerard Suico
Miami, FL
I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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