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Multi purpose
Steam vacuum cleaner for cars and more

Diesel Hybrid Multi Purpose Steam Vacuum Cleaner  Fortador PRO Max/Max Deluxe is powered by an efficient Lamborghini burner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, with the ability to provide two different detergents for remove stains at the same time steaming from up to 5 guns (optional). The steam pressure of 20 Bar or 295 PSI, for use for Car Wash, Car's carpet and upholstery shampooing, vacuum and much more. All enclosed in a single casing, of modern design and made of ecological and corrosion free resistant aluminum alloy.

Main Specifications & Features:

Control TouchScreen 7’’ Built In Vacuum for Shampoo and Extraction 120V 20 bar|295 PSI


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Introduction Steam Cleaner with Vacuum FORTADOR PRO MAX

from $12,299.00

Diesel Hybrid Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner with Vacuum Fortador PRO Max/Max Deluxe is powered by an efficient Lamborghini burner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, with the ability to provide two different detergents for remove stains at the same time steaming from up to 5 guns (optional). The steam pressure of 20 Bar or 295 PSI, for use for Car Wash, Car's carpet and upholstery shampooing, vacuum and much more. All enclosed in a single casing, of modern design and made of ecological and corrosion free resistant aluminum alloy. Touch screen with Auto-Diagnostics system: Alerts informing about maintenance and service like cleaning of filters, boiler descale, burner adjustment, it gives you full control of steam power.

Best overall Fortador PRO Max/Max Deluxe Vacuum Car Steam Cleaner | Car Shampooer is the 7th generation of the best steam cleaners manufactured in the Fortador production plant in Europe. It is the most powerful car steamer with vacuum equipped with nearly 50 HP engine manufactured to our order and supplied by the Lamborghini company. Big water tank avoid needs of water refill during a day. The performance of this model includes 20 Bars of steam pressure at 0.6 l Diesel per manhour consumption

More features

Fortador Steamers logo
Control TouchScreen 7’’
Fortador Steamers logo
2 (4 optional) x Steam Hoses 30ft / 10 m Hose Length
Fortador Steamers logo
1 x Dual Hose 15ft/5m Dual Hose for shampooing
Fortador Steamers logo
Built In Vacuum for Extraction
Fortador Steamers logo
295 PSI/20 Bar Steam Pressure
vacuum diesel steam cleaner
Fortador Steamers logo
Lamborghini Diesel Burner
Fortador Steamers logo
1 G of Diesel for 6 Hours
Fortador Steamers logo
2 x Tanks for Detergent or Sanitizer
Fortador Steamers logo
Fortador Steamers logo
395 lbs or 180 kgs

Seven generations of continious development

The PRO Max model is a steam cleaner that enables to work by three operators at the same time. It removes dirt and grime simultaneously on two cars using steam, and the third operator one can be shampooing at the same time by steam with cleaning solution and extractor. It features an integrated high quality professional dry / wet extractor by the renowned Ghibli & Wirbel company.

Why Fortador PRO Max is the best vacuum steam cleaner for heavy duty applications

touchscreen for control and diagnostic of fortador pro max

Advanced Technology of car washing

NEW Fortador PRO Max as the only multi purpose car steamer on the market is capable of providing simultaneously two different cleaning solutions with high pressure steam while not generating water and harsh chemical sewages. It requires neither sewage system nor lodging applications. Delivery all around the world and e-training free of charge. This is the most frequently chosen best overall car steamer by: mobile car washes, car repair shops, vulcanization service, auto detailing points and car showrooms thanks to its heavy duty high pressure steam power and big water tanks.

touchscreen for steam cleaner control and 295 psi steam prressure

Most powerful of the market all in one steamer and extractor

If you own a car cleaning business or a mobile car wash, the Fortador PRO Max steamer is the ideal professional steam cleaner and car shampooer that quickly and thoroughly cleans vehicles with no or minimal harsch chemicals. This all-in-one auto detailing steam cleaner that includes a car carpet vacuum cleaner allows operators to clean the exteriors and interiors of many different vehicles, eliminating the need for multiple machines. Equipped with a variety of accessories and attachments, the Fortador PRO Max will give your car cleaning business an edge over similar detailing operations.


Superb multi purpose heavy duty steam cleaner for cars with dry, wet vapor and degreaser

Efficiency is the name of the game in the detailing industry. With the Fortador PRO Max you get just that as this unit allows eliminates the time required for cleaning when you must switch between machines to complete the job. The force of the steam produced allows you to substantially reduce the chemicals needed for cleaning, which is an important consideration for many customers these days.

Secondly, the PRO Max has a washing function that includes a vacuum extractor that allows operators to shampoo and extract excess water in one easy operation. What makes the PRO Max even better is that three operators can use the machine at the same time. Two operators can perform steaming duties while the third can work on shampooing and extracting.

Why is the Fortador PRO Max Steam the Best Auto Detailing Heavy Duty Steamer in the Market?

Both the PRO Max and the PRO Max Deluxe have many outstanding features that make them the premier steamer for vehicle cleaning applications. When you buy one of these models, you’ll get the following superb features that put our professional steam cleaning machines a cut above the others.


The most powerful Vacuum Car Steamer that heats by Lamborghini burner


High-quality, durable Lamborghini diesel burners power the PRO Max units, producing steam at a pressure of 295 PSI, making the power plant ideal for vehicle detailing applications, upholstery shampooing and vacuum extraction. Corrosion-free aluminum alloy housing encases the motor for durability. The 36.6 KW / 50-hp system comes with a user-friendly touchscreen that displays diagnostics, including steam pressure, fluid levels, hours counter, boiler water level, steam temperature, descaling. Lamborghini custom manufactures these diesel burners for Fortador, attesting to the quality of our steamers.

The size of the boiler is another important consideration. Boilers in PRO Max units have a capacity of more than 6.5 gallons, meaning operators will have to stop less often to refill the tank. This consideration is important when cleaning vehicles as your operation will be able to do more in less time. In addition, the unit heats quickly, in only two to six minutes, so you can use the machine almost immediately instead of wasting time waiting or for the water to heat sufficiently.

Superior Car Vacuum / Extractor for shampooing carpet and upholstery

The PRO Max’ other major component, the professional wet/dry extractor that allows operators to shampoo carpeting and other soft surfaces, is manufactured by another renowned Italian company, Ghibli & Wirbel, long known for its high quality products in the cleaning industry. Our extractor is designed for professionals, which means it’s more powerful than the next car carpet cleaner on the market. Sometimes vacuums incorporated in some steamers have a low lift and a small vacuum tank, making cleaning less efficient. You’ll never have to worry about that with the PRO Max and the PRO Max Deluxe.

car steam cleaning

Steam Temperatures control

Controlling the temperature of the steam produced is an important consideration as some vehicle surfaces can sustain damage if the steam temperature is too high. The Fortador PRO Max allows operators to choose the temperature needed for thorough detailing, allowing this car steam cleaner to blast away salt and road dirt on the exterior while changing to lower temperatures for more delicate surfaces in the cabin.


Main features Fortador PRO Max & PRO Max Deluxe

Two Detergent Tanks for cleaning solutions

Another advantage that the Fortador PRO Max line gives our buyers is dual detergent tanks. This feature is ideal for auto detailers, as many vehicle surfaces require specialized detergents to remove grease or stubborn stains. One operator can clean a car’s exterior while another one scrubs the interior.

Accessories and Attachments for make money

Many steamer applications require specialized tools to perform a cleaning job properly. The PRO Max and PRO Max Deluxe include all the tools you need in one convenient package, so you don’t have to order separate attachments.

After hours and hours of use, your professional steam cleaner will require replacing certain parts due to wear and tear. For some steamers, worn-out parts spell the end of its usable life but not for Fortador products. Our company stocks a complete line of maintenance parts, plus our customer service department is ready to help you find the exact part or parts you PRO Max requires so you can eliminate downtime. Besides that all our steam cleaner comes with maintenance kit that includes main service parts.

vacuum steam cleaner

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Vehicles with the Fortador PRO Max

Steam is a natural cleaning agent, which is why so many customers want it, as it gives you advantages that you can’t provide using conventional car wash and detailing solutions. Its biggest benefits involve killing bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, pollen and other harmful microorganisms. Steam cleaning utilizes less water than conventional methods, so it is kinder to the environment, plus you don’t wave to worry about water pooling in unwanted areas of vehicles, which can damage components. Steam cleaning provides many benefits for vehicle exteriors and interiors.

Because steam is airborne, it also naturally cleans any bacteria or viruses in the surrounding air. This process leaves vehicles smelling clean and fresh while also being completely safe for everyone.

No Harmful Chemicals needed for paint, wheels, cabin or engine

Steam cleaning a car is a straightforward process. The Fortador PRO Max car steam cleaner is much less bulky than conventional car washes and offers portability along with ease of use. Even non-professionals can get great results with this unit with little training how to remove dirt and grime.

The chief benefit of cleaning vehicles with the Fortador PRO Max is you don’t need to use harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment or can cause allergic reactions in some people from toxic residue. To remove stubborn stains and dirt, the only thing operators need are gentler or organic detergents for scrubbing along with a second or third pass with the steamer. Cleaning power of this steam cleaner is the best overall on the market,

commercial steam cleaner with accessories Fortador PRO Max

Save big with bundle package for car wash and auto detailing

Sure, smaller steamers make it easier for you to move your machine from place to place, but do they give you the same amount of power? No, they don’t. While the Fortador PRO Max machines are large, weighing 395 lbs., we make it easy for you to transport to each job if you have a mobile detailing business.

Fortador has a state-of-the-art package where we will customize your van to make mobile detailing easier. Our package works with many different popular commercial vans, including the Mercedes Benz Metris, Dodge RAM Promaster City and the Ford Transit Connect, among others.

Our customized van package includes the following:
-Fortador sliding bed for moving your PRO Max machine in and out of the van
PowerBank or Silent Honda EU2200i generator
Water tank with pump
-A Complete
set of detailing chemicals from Fortador
-Microfiber towels
-Extra vacuum unit

Fortador can also help you establish your company website and a back office, along with a custom customer app for managing your commercial wash and mobile car wash cleaning business. In other words, we can give you everything you need to start our own mobile detailing business, including training materials from our American headquarters in Miami. No other professional car steam leaner manufacturer gives you the same combination of power, reliability and support that you get with Fortador.

Interior Cleaning Benefits

Microorganisms tend to live on many interior surfaces, turning a vehicle’s cabin into a toxic environment. Undesirable particles not only live on surfaces but also deep inside some vehicle components, which steam can readily kill and remove with its natural sterilizing effect.

Less drying time of interior after cleaning

Pathogens love to live on dashboards and similar interior surfaces, including the steering wheel and various storage areas common in the cabins of contemporary vehicles. These surfaces receive frequent use, allowing ready transfer of harmful substances. Periodic steam cleaning can help reduce the presence of pathogens and the illnesses that accompany them.

Built in vacuum steam extractor and shampooer

Cabin seats receive contact every time your vehicle is used. The PRO Max dry vapor steam is perfect for ridding upholstery of dirt, stains, and other impurities. For best results, use the extractor tool, which loosens dirt and debris and pulls up particles from interior fibers. Using a gentle shampoo with the extractor is the best way to get the most thorough cleaning.

Leather seats also respond well to steam cleaning when used in conjunction with a microfiber cloth. Gently pass the clean steamer for cars over the leather to loosen dirt and then whisk it away with microfiber. Steam has added benefits for leather as it also rejuvenates and moisturizes it and is the best method to remove dye transfer stains.

The carpeting in vehicles is also notorious for harboring all kinds of dirt and road chemicals. Auto carpet shampooing is easier when you used the PRO Max. Remove floor mats first before steaming the floor with a cleaning agent that will loosen the dirt and break down stains. The PRO Max extractor can then remove the cleaning solution, leaving the carpeting refreshed and looking like new.

Learn more about best vacuum car steam cleaners.

Don’t Forget the Car Headliner Cleaning

The headliner is the interior roof of a vehicle, and while it doesn’t require frequent cleaning, it can accumulate dirt from airborne particles or occasional physical contact. This vehicle area is somewhat fragile as it is made of pressed board, foam and fabric. If the glue becomes too wet, the headliner can come loose necessitating replacement. Steam cleaning can prevent this from happening, but operators should make sure that they pass the steam twice as fast over the surface as they would for other areas of the cabin.

Cleaning Ventilation System of vechicles

Just as the ducts in your home need periodic cleaning, so do the ventilation systems in vehicles. Think of the Fortador PRO Max as a duct cleaning unit that can remove many different types of allergens from the walls of a vehicle’s ventilation system. Cleaning vehicle air vents via steam is more efficient than simply vacuuming the vents, which leave microscopic particles on the surface. At the same point, you’ll also remove germs, bacteria and viruses.


Photo Gallery of vacuum steam cleaner

Full tech specifications of Fortador PRO Max & PRO Max Deluxe

Regulated Pressure
up to 5 X Gun Max 20 Bar Or 295 PSI
Operating Temperature
120-140°C Or 268-304°F Reg.Thermostat / Auto.Stop
Boiler Temperature (Regulated)
190°C Or 374°F (Max. 200°C Or 392°F)
Preheating Time
2-6 Min.
Capacity Of Water/Diesel/Det. 1 /Det 2 Container
25/15,5/5 Litre Or 6.6/4/1.3/1.3 Gallons
Working Volume
Voltage And Frequency
220-230V Or 110-120V
Power Consumption (W)
650 (Machine) + 1150 (Extractor)
Water Usage (Regulated)
600 Cc/Min X 1 (Max. 1,200 Cc)
Diesel Usage
0,6 Litres Or 0,6 Quarts Of Diesel In Combined Mode
(New Type Of Burner From Lamborghini®)
Net Weight
180 Kg Or 395lbs
30" (W) X 55" (L) X 45" (H) 77 (W) X 140 (L) X 112 (H) Cm
Standard Accessories
• Most Powerful Steam Gun RL 30 X 2 Pcs
• Isolated Steam Hose (10m) X 2 Pcs
• Steam Extractor Dual Extension Hose
• Set Of 15 Different Accesories
• Ability To Apply Hot Detergent Or/And Hot Wax With Steam (2 Apart Detergent Containers)
Steam Pressure
16 Kgf/Cm2 (165Kg/H Of DRY STEAM); Control For Steam Wetness
Case Material
Boiler Material
Carbon Steel
Anti-Freeze System
Descale System
Features Of 7-Inch Display
•Pressure Indicator • Fluids Level Indicator • Moto Hours Counter • Serial Number Display • Water Level In Boiler • Signalization Of Water Pump And Fuel Pump Operation
Other Informations
Purchase Price Includes A Certificate Testifying That The Fortador Machines Have Undergone The Tests, Which Confirm A Possibility To Sterilise And Disinfect Them (Issued By SES)

Comparison table Fortador PRO Max with other "LEADING" car washing steam cleaner

& Features

Fortador PRO Max

fortador pro max vacuum steam cleaner

Optima DMF

steam cleaner for cars

Idromatic Astra Chemic

heavy duty car steamer
Steam Pressure
2 (4 optional) X Guns Max 20 Bar
2 X Gun Max 10 Bar
2 X Gun Max 9 Bar
Steam Boiler Temperature
Steam Outgoing Temperature
120-140℃ Reg. Auto. Stop
Operating Pressure
20 Bar / 295 PSI
8.5 Bar / 125 PSI
10 Bar / 146 PSI
Steam Production
165 Kg/H
86 Kg/H
50 Kg/H
Diesel Consumption
0.6 Lt/H
2 Lt/H
3.4 Lt/H
Boiler Water Tank Capacity
25 Lt
20 Lt
24 Lt
Diesel Tank Capacity
15.5 Lt / 25 Working Hours
20 Lt / 10 Working Hours
24 Lt / 7 Working Hours
Detergent Tank Capacity
10 LT (2 Containers) 5 Lt
0 Lt
5 Lt
77 Cm (W) X 140 Cm (L), X 100 Cm (H)
70 Cm (W) X 106 Cm (L) X 102 Cm (H)
75 Cm (W) X 120 Cm (L) X 104 Cm (H)
Steam Vacuum Extractor
Sold As Additional Components
Sold As Additional Components
Touch Screen Display
Regular Controllers
Regular Controllers
Up To 3 Years
1 Year
1 Year

Reviews from customers

PRO by MIchael

Best company and products for high-end detailing. Fortador USA, ships lightning fast and Lev can tell you anything you need to know about products and equipment.

Michael Frasier

May 13, 2021

Pro PLus by Robert

Great service and communication was excellentDidn’t matter what time it was there was always someone there to answer and answer all my questionsGreat price for the pro plus deluxe andLev the person who helped me the most and explained everything was very helpful and can’t wait to do business again very soonI will be purchasing all my equipment and product from fortador from now on

Robert Sandor

July 29, 2021

PRO Plus by Jacob

Fortador Steamers USA delivers! Their sales rep in Miami is extremely responsive and well versed in understanding their products and customers needs. Their webpage is well made and has everything that you need. Their timelines were pretty accurate for operating in a Covid-delayed era. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I can't wait to grow my business and social media platforms using their cleaner as the centerpiece and advertisement of my business!

Jacob Diaz

October 1, 2021


Everybody working there was very friendly and very punctual. Always available to answer any questions I had (no matter how many I had) Extremely happy with the service and product.

Anthony Carrillo

November 10, 2021

car steam cleaner

Become An Ambassador of Fortador Steamers

We are not a franchise, but If you are interesting in getting additional revenues representing Fortador in your city as a sole distributor, we offer you a unique opportunity to work under our logo Steam Wash as a professional cleaning company, stationary cleaning station or Total Steam Cleaning USA service company with 24/7 call center that will give you leads to perform service from the first month of use our equipment.

Join Fortador users family, and run your business with a synergy of Fortador products: best equipment and polymer detailing materials, Steam Wash workflows, and back-office, field management, CRM software solution. All our customers are the agents, if you referral us to our friends or partners we will pay you commission from any sales you help us to do. Select the best in the world and join us. We encourage you to contact now!

Or just get best commercial steamer in the market.

car steam cleaner

Warranty for Fortador Steamers

We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador machines is 12 months /1000 hours (can be extended up to 36 months or 3000 moto hours.). 5-years warranty on boiler is included. No need to worry about any unexpected situation and your dealer will be able to deliver your service and support 24/7.

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steam cleaner for cars

Save big with Fortador PRO line

When deciding to buy our machine, you can SAVE UP TO 4000 USD a year on fuel alone. So if you decide to finance your unit – 6 months are already covered by efficiency of Lamborghini burner. The return on investment from the beginning will take place in less than a year, and you can think about buying another machine to grow your business without worrying about finances! Choose wisely and protect our planet with low CO2 emission. Check this in depth Comparison with Optima Steamer DMF

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Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars

Paint, Leather, Plastic, Glasses and Fabrics.
All in One. Complete Ceramic Coating Protection System for all materials

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Fortador Ceramic Coating for Cars
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