Oxi Shampoo for stains removal from seats and carpets | Fortador OXI Dry Foam Shampoo

Dry Foam OXI Shampoo for stains removal, great to use with brushing and extraction tool

Fortador OXI Dry Foam Shampoo | Stains removing OXI shampoo
Fortador OXI Dry Foam Shampoo | Stains removing OXI shampoo


Fortador OXI Dry Foam Shampoo produces rich, dry foam that penetrates deep into the pile to capture soil for easy removal. Recommend to use with rotary machines and Fortador team cleaners on carpet, rugs and upholstery. The foam dries quickly and vacuum out quickly, while surrounding each fiber with a soil resistant coating. Ideal to use in auto detailing, car washes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals.

MSDS (download)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Dilution ratios

1:10, 1:16, 1:24


3.7L / 1G

Weight (lbs.)


How to use

Before shampooing, remove all movable items and furniture, vacuum surface.

PRETEST on an inconspicuous area before using.

Carpet, Fabrics, Seats

a) Dilute according to conditions below in cool water:

Light soil 1:25 (5 oz per gallon)

Medium Soil 1:16 (8 oz per gallon)

Heavy Soil 1:10 (13 oz per gallon)

b) Shampoo using rotary machine and appropriate brush.

c) Steam Surface with Fortador Vapor, Wipe with MIcrofiber

d) Use extractor if needed

e) Vacuum then dry


Use only as directed. Do Not MIX with any other cleaning agent.

Do not pure unused product into original container

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