Strong Degreaser for Engine and Wheels cleaning

Degreaser for heavy soiled surface cleaning, like engine, wheels, commercial cleaning

Car Wheels and Engine Degreaser | Fortador Heavy Degreaser
Car Wheels and Engine Degreaser | Fortador Heavy Degreaser


Fortador Gold Degreaser is available in EU, Africa and Asia

Fortador Brown Degreaser is available in USA and Canada

On your engines you usually are using only 3:1. So it makes it very easy for you to clean up any the dirty greasy grime that's left in an engine before you get to the final detailing stages but be nice and thorough make sure you get into the nooks and crannies any places that grease might be settling don't let it sit for anything longer than two minutes and if you have to in any hard-to-reach areas.

⦁ Engine&Wheels degreaser

⦁ Rinses fast

⦁ Degreases tools and all vehicles Emulsifies grease & grime

Besides the applications already mentioned, Fortador Gold / Brown Degreaser can

be safely used on Aircraft, RVs, Motorcycles, Semi Trucks, Tractor

Trailers & even Mobile Homes. These units can be covered in oily

environmental contaminants that can attack the finish and prematurely

destroy them.

Fortador Gold / Brown Degreaser can return these to their original cleanliness quickly and effectively.

Dilution ratios

1:3, 1:6, 1:10,


18.5L / 5G

Weight (lbs.)


How to use

We highly recommend to prepare 3 dilution for different application:

1) Engine cleaning - 1:3

2) Wheels cleaning - 1:6

3) General cleaning - 1:10

To prepare ready to use solution use pure water (filtered or purified)

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