Descaling solution for calcium buildup removal from boiler

Descaling agent for boiler cleaning from calcium built up. Can be used in hot pressure washers and steam cleaners

Fortador Limescale Remover for boiler cleaning
Fortador Limescale Remover for boiler cleaning


Concentrated descaling agent for steam cleaners and water jest washers, acid-resistant kitchen and household appliances and components. In addition to its descaling effect, it also polishes the cleaned surfaces without causing any damage to them.

The product is also recommended for periodic descaling rinse in dishwashers as a preventive measure against the formation of scale.

MSDS (download)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Dilution ratios



5L / 1.32G

Weight (lbs.)


How to use


DO NOT pour concentrated detergent and water separately into the device.

To descale the device, prepare the detergent in a dilution of 1:9 with water in an external tank.

Use 2.5L (0.66Gal) of Limescale Remover and mix with 22.5L (5.65Gal) of Water

Pour the mixed detergent into the water tank, into the device, and then start the device and follow the instructions

After getting your maximum pressure 235PSI or 295PSI use steamer for at least 60 minutes (90 minutes recommended)

After full cycle of descaling you need to drain rest solution from Boiler and Water tank.

Let unit stay overnight (minimum 4 hours)

After that fill standard water tank again to full and let water pump run with open boiler drain for 5 minutes so you will remove all descaling solution from all pipes

Refill water tank and erase Limescale service message warning from touchscreen using instruction

Do not use for water spots removal out of car paint, learn more in this guide

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