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Fortador Tire Gel

Perfect product for long lasting tire dressing or high gloss finish for interior trims and plastic elements

Fortador Tire Gel
Fortador Tire Gel


Fortador Tire Gel is a water-based, VOC free tire dressing with high gloss and excellent durability.

It can be used to protect and dress all tires, and if high gloss finish is desired on the interior and exterior trims, vinyl and dashboard.
Protects & Shines tires and vinyl surfaces
Contains Ozone & UV protectants
Contains no petrolium distillates
Long lasting effect

Dilution ratios

Ready to use, 1:1, 1:2, 1:4


5L / 1.32G

Weight (lbs.)


How to use

We recommend to use straight product for tire dressing, if you need highl gloss finish on dashboard or interior plastic, you can use Fortador Tire Gel with 1:1 to 1:2 dilution ratio

Great way to apply Fortador Tire Gel with Air Paint Sprayer at busy car washes or detailing centers, dilution ratio is 1:4 for this type of use

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