IPA Cleaner for car paint cleaning

IPA Cleaner with solvents for removing polishing residues or extra cleaning before applying protection materials for better bonding

Fortador IPA Paint Cleaner
Fortador IPA Paint Cleaner


It is an excellent product for removing polish residue, old waxes, sealants before applying any of Fortador protection solutions:
Fortador Kevlar Ceramic Car  Coating, Fortador Nano Sealant or Fortador White Nano Car Wax.

Can be used after steam cleaning as a final step before applying protection layer.
A combination of mild solvents dissolves and removes all the contaminants and leaves the paint
squeaky clean and ready for the final protection. Fortador Paint Cleaner does not contain any oils or
surfactants and leaves no residue behind. You can use it for cleaning all interior or exterior surfaces
whenever a clean surface is desired.

MSDS (download)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Dilution ratios

Ready to use


5L / 1.32G

Weight (lbs.)


How to use

Ready to use product, use Fortador spray bottle spreading Paint Cleaner on surface and wipe with microfiber towel.

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