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Water Tank for mobile car wash and auto detailing with pump

Water tank for mobile car wash with pump 12V

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  • 25-gallon, 12-volt spot sprayer; up to 60 PSI; 1.8 Gallons per Minute
  • Heavy plastic tank with drain plug; can be mounted in the rear basket of ATV's or tractors
  • 12-inch hose with thumb-control spray wand
  • Heavy plastic tank with drain plug; mounts easily on tractors
  • 90-day limited warranty

Weight (lbs/kg)

21 / 10

How to Use

The TCS25 Water tank with Spot Sprayer helps make larger spraying jobs a breeze or refill your steamer. Can be mounted in a rear basket of an ATV, inside you mobile car wash van or trailer or other vehicle, connect to the vehicles 12-volt battery, fill the 25-gallon plastic tank, and use the Handgun with a thumb control and 15 foot hose. The Shurflo 12 volt pump delivers up to 60 PSI and sprays at a rate of up to 1. 8 gallons per minute. The tank also comes with a drain plug for quick clean up. The sprayer comes fully assembled and is covered by a 1 year manufacturer's . Heavy Duty Plastic Opaque Tank with Gallon Call Outs and Drain Plug, 8' Detachable Power Harness with Heavy Duty Battery Clamps and On/Off Switch.

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