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4 Reasons Why Steam Cleaners are the Ultimate Auto Detailing Tool

Updated On:
September 18, 2018

1 Tool for your Entire Auto Detailing Business

In the detailing industry, effectiveness, and efficiency of equal profitability. Fortador Steamers enable you to streamline your operations by cutting down the number of tools you need to transition to in order to complete a job.

Our commercial steamers effectively replace your vacuum, upholstery extractor and car washing system all with 1 tool.

With the power of steam, you will also cut down substantially the number of cleaning chemical you require to detail a vehicle. This will reduce your time spent switching between spray bottles and the time spent reordering chemicals every time you ran out.

Smart entrepreneurs will choose Fortador Steamers to scale their car detailing business and maximize profitability. On top of replacing multiple tools and chemicals, our top Fortador Steamers can be used by up to 3 operators at the same time! This is the perfect solution for any high-volume detail shop as 3 operators can perform a complete In & Out detail in less than 1 hour!

The Ultimate Cleaning Tool for Interior Detailing

From carpet shampoo to leather cleaning passing by ventilation system sanitization, our Fortador Steamers are the ultimate tools that can tackle any interior detailing challenge.

Leather with their porous surfaces is ideal to clean with steam. The steam opens the pores and pulls up oil and dirt, wipe with a microfiber and you’ve restored leather seats to their factory finish. No need for abrasive brushes or harsh chemical that can remove the dye of leather seats.

With the high PSI of our industrial steam cleaners, any crevice or hard to reach area becomes a breeze to detail. Even salt is no match for our high-pressure steam that will pulverize even tick hardened salt stains

Steam is ideal to remove stubborn stains but also kill bacteria. Detailers know all too well how many bacteria can be found on steering wheels and seats. Most antibacterial cleaners need to dwell for several minutes in order to kill but steam instantly kill bacteria without the use of nocive chemicals.

Antibacterial auto detailing is a great selling point that can be your competitive advantage in your local market.

The New Eco-Friendly Car Wash Solution

Clear-coat is riddled with pores and the infamous swirl-marks. These trap dirt, tar, and oils that reduce the reflectivity and brilliance of paint. Just like leather, steam effectively pulls dirt out of pores to reveal the natural finish of the paint.

Fortador Steamers are the perfect equipment to deeply clean wheels and tires. The steam coupled with the high PSI melts brake dust effortlessly and pulverize it.

Engine bay detailing is a breeze with our steam cleaning machines. Heavy oil and dust is no match for steam. With our special steam gun, you will be able to reach even the most intricate areas of an engine bay.

Unlike traditional engine cleaning method, steam doesn’t require a lot of water, effectively reducing the risk of inducing water damage to the engine.

Ideal for Areas with Strict Water Runoff Bylaws

Our Fortador Steamers require less than 1 gallon of water to wash the exterior of a vehicle. Because of the hot steam, virtually no water is left on the ground as most of it evaporates as steam.

This provides the flexibility to car detailing to wash vehicles anywhere even in areas with strict bylaws regarding water consumption and water runoff.

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