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Steam Car Wash of Exterior is easy if you will go with right approach

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May 13, 2021

How to steam clean car exterior without damaging the paint
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10 things you need to know steam washing car exterior

If you decided to find the best steam cleaner for cars, or find they way to right use of your any steamer for exterior wash, check our other blogs regarding steam cleaning of interior

For cleaning car exterior with steam you need to understand simple things:

steam is not damaging car paint, but dirty microfiber does, so to avoid any damage we decide to describe all steps in one place.

This small article will give you brief description of three technics: waterless wash, two bucket method of pro detailers and steam exterior wash.


detailing spray bttle
Heavy Duty Bottle with Sprayer for detergents

10 things you need to know about exterior steam wash

(1) Pre Soap Car Paint to capsulate the dirt

If car extremely dirty, we recommend spray Fortador Blue Magic using spray bottle to let dirt start capsulating, recommended dilution ratio is

1 oz for 2 gallons of water, during your prepping time it will start to attack the dirt. So steaming will be much easier and takes less time


two bucket car wash
Washing and Rinsing Buckets with Guards

(2) Prep your washing solutions using

a)Fortador Blue Magic Wash, dilution ratio is standard - 1 oz for 2 gallons of water


b) Fortador Green Magic Wash&Wax, use standard dilution ration1 oz for 2 gal of water

 both our waterless solutions are working as water softeners, so you can use normal tap water.

(3) Prep your Rinsing bucket filling it with tap water


car steamer
Start you Fortador Steamer

(4) Start you Fortador Steamer  

wait till it reach 16 bar (235 PSI) of steam pressure


(5) Rinse with Wet Steam

If car is extremely dirty, you can blow it using Fortador Steamer in WET mode first, if car is in OK conditions you can start washing process


The technic is very easy and we hope you will loved it.


(6) Start Washing

Put your Fortador Red Sponge in Washing bucket and let it completely dwell


(7) Steam Wash using 2 hands

Take Steam hose in Right hand and Fortador Red Sponge in Left hand (Sponge must be not super wet), after first pass

keep distance between hands 8-10 inches, and steaming the panel from side to side from top to bottom. Use Fortador Red Sponge as a heat protector from Steam. After first pass, flip sponge and perform the wash one more time. You will have panel wet and clean, if you do just wash wipe panel with clean microfiber, if you want to do waxing spray once Fortador White Wax on the panel and use it as a drying agent, so Wash, Wax on one move without any waste of time.


(8) Clean you Washing sponge/mitt after every panel

After panel is done clean Fortador Red Sponge in Water bucket first, squeeze it and put it in the bucket with Fortador Blue Magic or Fortador Green Magic Wash&Wax afterwards.


(9) Where to start from and where to finish

Start washing from Hood and go around the car washing each panel one by one overlapping the edges.

(10) Wheels steam washing

You can use degreaser to prep your wheel for cleaning

If you have any questions about using steam in any application contact us through the form

Ugur Sezmis
Serg Paskevich

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