How to Maximize your Mobile Carwash Service - Start Offering Sanitization Services

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April 9, 2023

Maximize your Mobile Carwash Service by Offering Sanitization Services

If you own a mobile car wash, you work hard and provide a great service. There are many choices in equipment. Using a steam cleaner for cars has become one of the most popular and effective choices for car mobile cleaning equipment. The best commercial steamers are versatile. The Fortador PRO provides high level capabilities with three guns and the ability to use steam and a detergent simultaneously. Fortador offers a line of steamers and accessories that offer the capability and features to complete car washing jobs and beyond.

To maximize revenue and open your mobile carwash business to a new market, you can offer sanitization services. Businesses of all types require sanitization services. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the awareness and demand for such services. Using your commercial steamer for cleaning to offer sanitization services leverages your existing equipment and can maximize profits. Selling your services to businesses can bring higher value jobs and returning customers.

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1. Microorganisms on Surfaces

Microorganisms want to live. They can thrive on the surfaces of many kinds of businesses. It pays to understand a bit about the science. Microorganisms develop a biofilm which makes them unable to be removed by a gentle rinsing [1]. They can form and multiply, which can expose people to potential pathogens. The surfaces that microorganisms attach to are almost limitless. Without proper sanitization, the situation can compound. The surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized. Using a steam cleaner for cars can accomplish this.

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2. Why Steam is an Effective Choice

Steam effectively and efficiently delivers the microbial and sporicidal destructive power across the multiple surfaces and small and large spaces in businesses. The combination of delivering the steam with high pressure and high temperature makes this an effective means in sanitization. This steam terminates microorganisms by destroying the characteristic properties of structural proteins and affecting the coagulation temperature of those proteins.[2]

Use steam to disrupt microbial invasion and grow your business. You can give potential customers the confidence that you are using a non-toxic medium that the CDC recommends for sterilization. You can use your mobile car washer to deliver this needed service.    

The Fortador PRO Max delivers steam at 16 Bar or 232 PSI and up to 273 degrees Fahrenheit. This high pressure and temperature are what you need for sanitizing; it also fits the needs of a complete mobile car washer. Having a commercial steamer that is capable of doing more makes you prepared for any job that presents itself.

As you work to sanitize surfaces, you will run across many different types of materials and structural configurations. Steam effectively sanitizes hard and porous surfaces. The list below is a small sample of the surfaces that can be sanitized by using a commercial steamer for cleaning:

• Laminate
• Granite
• Ceramic tile
• Wood
• Drywall
• Glass
• Plastic
• Plaster
• Marble
• Stainless steel
• Metals
• Rubber
• Porcelain
• Leather
• Fabric
• Carpeting
• Plus, much more

steam cleaning of playground

3. Market Potential and Opportunities

The demands for sterilization services are limitless. Businesses are driven by regulations, industry standards and company requirements. Customers and employees also appreciate it when a company completes and publicizes its cleaning and sterilization program. Explaining how this can benefit an organization can help them justify and validate the investment in a quality cleaning program. You can feel confident that you are offering an industry-leading cleaning program with Fortador.

The list below is designed to give you ideas and thoughts of different industries that could benefit from sanitization services.

Office spaces – Workers are going to need to come back to the office. Sanitizing work stations, break rooms, meeting rooms, common areas, bathrooms, kitchens, water coolers, mail rooms, vending machines, doors, window blinds, executive offices, hallways and receptionist areas are all necessary.

Food and grocery stores – Customers and employees want to feel confident that they are in a clean environment. The potential areas and objects for sterilization include check out stands, displays, entry ways, in-store restaurants, pharmacies, doors, receiving areas, bathrooms, shopping carts, bottle return areas in some states, soda machines, produce areas, delis, dry cleaning areas and lottery stands.

Child day care – Keeping this type of service business sterile goes without saying. You can use steam to sterilize the seats, toys, playground, bathrooms, eating area, tables, entry way, floor, walls, coat racks, bookcases and any common or individual activity areas.

Ambulance services – There are many private ambulance services in a geography. Help them by sterilizing the equipment, hard and soft surfaces, ceiling, walls, medicine cabinet, transport bed, handles, glass, driving area and much more. You could also remotely wash their vehicle as a base business.

Warehouses - The shipping does not stop. If a shipping and receiving area becomes overrun with microorganisms, it puts employees, external transport personnel and potentially customers at risk. Potential areas to sterilize include the shipping dock, common supplies, belts and conveyers, door handles, control boxes, fork lifts, carts, compactor doors, receiving doors, storage racking, computer desk stations and much more.

Malls and shopping centers - The owners, tenants of the mall and shoppers will appreciate when you bring sterilization services to their mall. Non-toxic steam under pressure is the perfect solution for this job. Malls offer you plenty of spaces and surfaces to clean including seating, doors, flooring, waste areas, food courts, restrooms, children’s play areas, vending machines, plus much more.

As you can see, by these few examples, businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from a fully powered steam sanitizing service. Bring this needed service, and expand in your area.

4. Equipment and Capabilities

Sprayers and foggers are other examples of equipment that can deliver sanitization products. They are limited in their ability. Sprayers must use chemicals. They turn these chemicals into a mist that can aimlessly spread everywhere. Foggers also work by spraying chemicals in a fine mist that falls onto exposed surfaces. Foggers do not reach unexposed tight spaces. The CDC recommends steaming verses fogging.

Commercial steamers give you all you need for a car cleaning service and a professional sanitization business. The Fortador PRO or Pro Max will be the core piece of equipment that will center the sterilization. Either commercial steamer can serve the multiple needs effectively. Numerous accessories including line replacements, guns and detergents are available to support your business.

Fortador brings you a unique technology to support your sterilization business. The Lumister PD-30 allows you to accurately measure the bacteria and virus levels before and after your sterilization process. Easily test any surface you wish. Show your customers the results you have achieved.

When needed, there are liquid disinfectants available. These commercial disinfectants can be easily applied with the Fortador line of steamers. The advanced capabilities with multiple tanks and guns allow you to keep the jobs going and address any situations that arise at a job site.

4.1 Protective Gear

When you expand your business to include sterilization services, there will be a few pieces of protective equipment you should get. This protective equipment is designed to protect you and your employees from bacteria, viruses and the microorganisms they have come to destroy. Below is a list of recommended items to purchase for your team:

• Gloves
• Face masks
• Faces shields (if necessary)
• Sanitization suit
• Goggles or eye covering
• Shoe coverings

You can choose your favorite brand of personal protection equipment. 3M has been a highly respected brand with quality products if you choose to compare.

mobile car wash van

5. Mobility Advantages

Expanding a mobile car washing service to include sanitization is a true advantage. Leveraging equipment can maximize revenue and profits. Customers want to know you can bring your service and experience to them. The Fortador Pro line of steamers have an optional cargo slider that allows for easy loading and unloading. Fortador has thought of everything to help you offer a diverse group of profitable services with efficiencies you will appreciate.

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