Discover the Power of Car Steam Cleaning: From Bacteria to Stains

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June 19, 2023

From Bacteria to Stains: Exploring the Versatility of Car Steam Cleaning for a Pristine Driving Experience

Steam cleaners have been gaining more and more popularity among car washers and detailers all over the world. Why is that?

In recent years, auto detailing with steam has appeared as the method of choice for sanitizing and cleaning a wide range of items, including residences, offices, healthcare facilities, numerous kinds of commercial organizations, as well as all kinds of cars.

In this guide, we will guide you through a process of a detailer steam cleaning your car and give you options to choose from if you are looking for a steam cleaner for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steam cleaning is a chemical-free method for sanitizing cars.
  • It kills bacteria, removes odors, and eliminates stubborn dirt.
  • The process involves vacuuming, steam cleaning the exterior and interior, and addressing specific areas.

Recommended models: Fortador PRO Max, Fortador Volt Electra, Fortador Volt Mini

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Benefits of using steam clean car | Why choose steam for car cleaning?

A pressure washer can't do half the things that steam cleaners do. The heat is able to deep clean like no other.

Kills bacteria

There has never been a greater need to maintain a clean environment for your car. In this new reality, driving for business or pleasure, whether locally or great distances, causes concern for both drivers and passengers. In addition to disinfecting against COVID and other types of bacteria and viruses, a clean an entire vehicle can also offer precious a piece of mind.

Remove odors

Thanks for high temp and low humidity dry vapor steam is a great tool for removing smoke smell and mold smell removal out of car interior.

Learn more about ozone generator machine to be used after steaming for odor removal.

No toxic chemicals

Another benefit of steam cleaning is that it enables drivers to stay away from chemicals that can ruin or dry out upholstery or pose risks to those who are chemically sensitive. Dry vapor steam's cleaning powers drastically limit the amount of toxic residue that could end up in storm drains and pollute the environment by reducing the requirement for chemicals.

Get rid of stubborn dirt

With the power of steam cleaning, even the dirtiest stains in the car upholstery can be taken off. Vehicle's interior

How steam clean car right way

1. Car prep for a steam clean

Make sure to vacuum out the whole car interior, to make sure you are not steam cleaning dirt. Rinse exterior if you have mud, snow or heavy dust on paint.

2. Car's exterior steam cleaning


The process of "snow foaming" involves spraying a cleaning foam on the car's exterior. The paint, glass, and other surfaces of the car are thoroughly cleaned by this thick cleaning chemical. Snow foam can be rinsed with the Fortador PRO Max vacuum steamer, Fortador PRO steamer or Volt Electra full electric vacuum steamer. No need to switch out hoses or tank connections while using two or three steam guns. Simply alter your steam mode on the touchscreen.

wrap removing with steam

Wrap remover

If you are in business for wrapping cars or thinking about it, a steam clean will help you remove the wrap with easy. The glue can be hard to remove

Car windows cleaning

When you use steam to clean windows, no chemicals are required. Using the window steam tool, you can streak-free clean both interior and exterior windows. Remember to use the moonroof. To remove the remaining steam quickly, use a microfiber cloth and a squeegee.

Door jams and foot panels

These places accumulate lint and are frequently disregarded. As people move in and out of cars, door jams can become scratched and filthy. This difficult-to-clean area can be made cleaner by steaming it. Simply steam these tiny areas, then wipe them clean with a cloth. No scrubbing is required.

Door panels

Door panels trap dirt easily and should be steamed just like other things in a car. Panels can get scuff marks that may need a little effort to take out. Use a brush when steam cleaning to get rid of the marks.

Exhaust pipes

Shiny chrome or other metal exhaust pipes can be kept at their best by regularly cleaning the exterior. To prevent the steam from shooting straight up the pipe, clean at an angle with a jet nozzle.

Wheels and Tires

Washing wheels and tires without any water loss with steam is easy and super efficient, high pressure and temperature will make this tak easy

3. Car interior steam cleaning


Another element some professional car steam cleaners have is a car shampooer. Soiled carpets and interiors frequently call for this extra level of cleaning. You have access to all the features you require for steaming, extracting, and shampooing with the Fortador Pro Max steamer. That's crucial because until you start working, you can't truly tell what kind of soil and filth you'll encounter. Prepare to thoroughly clean the car interior with Fortador.

Learn more how to clean couch with steamer in this guide.
car leather seats cleaning

Leather seats steam cleaner

In a car, the upholstery serves as the main contact surface. When people inquire about the interior of an automobile, they usually point to the seats that the passengers occupy. Leather, textiles, and other man-made materials can be cleaned safely with steam cleaners. Leather can be revived and restored using steam cleaners. You can use a microfiber cloth on leather. You can use a soft bristle brush to remove stains from fabric when you come across them.

If the leather seats have lost shine, go over them with a leather protectant and a microfiber cloth.

Seat belts

Both drivers and passengers always buckle up. In addition to buckling and unbuckling, seat belts are in constant contact with the persons they are meant to protect. Using a steamer to blast and remove dirt will make removal simple.

trunk cleaning with steam


In these places, people pack their groceries as well as numerous other products. To maintain these spaces clean, loadable, and showroom fresh, use a car shampooer on the carpeted regions and a steamer on the vinyl sections.

Interior Hard surfaces

Glove boxes

Cleaning is not always the only concern. A completely sanitized and clean car is another concern. Put the things in a zip lock bag after removing them from the glove box. Steam that is forceful and hot will fill the glove box.

Cup holders

Being one of the hard to reach places, cup holders can become sticky and are difficult to clean. If sodas or juices get left uncleaned for too long, the sugars will solidify and permanently damage the plastic. Pieces and stains will liquefy and be readily removed with a towel after being exposed to steam. Rear cup holders that may detach from the rear seat armrest should be cleaned.

Gas and brake pedals

These can accumulate a lot of stubborn dirt from your shoes. Steam clean them with a brush and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Steering wheels steam cleaning

Steering wheels get touched a lot; clean and disinfect it. All the concealed grime and grease that accumulates in the steering wheel will be removed by a car steam cleaner. On leather-wrapped and synthetic steering wheels, use a steamer.


Dashboard is touched a lot and can trap dirt over time. Apply steam on it to clean it and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

A/C vents steam cleaniing

A/C vents

The ventilation system in a car collects dust and filth just like a duct system in a house does. By maintaining the ventilation system, you can keep the air in your automobile fresher. The connected system can be propelled by the steam by forcing it through one of the vents. It's always impressive to demonstrate this ability to consumers.

Grab handles

A car steamer can be used to maintain vinyl and leather grab handles clean and hygienic. It is more crucial than ever to keep these clean in everyday automobiles, passenger vans, and buses. Have faith in the auto steamer's ability to clean.

Car seats extractor

The best results can be achieved by using an extractor to clean chairs. You'll be able to forcefully remove the debris from the seat's fibers in addition to loosening the dirt, dust, and other particles. For the most thorough cleaning, use an extractor and shampoo. If you'd like, you can use a professional fabric protector to prevent stains once the automobile has been cleaned.

Carpets steamer

Dirt and grime are held in carpet fibers. Use a steamer to thoroughly clean and disinfect carpets. We advise removing the floor mats so you can clean them separately. Steam clean the section with exposed flooring while they are out.

carpet extraction with steam

Carpet extractor

With the steamer, the Fortador Pro Plus can administer a cleaning chemical. The cleaning solution will seep in, break down stains, and loosen grime. Various climatic conditions result in various car mat and carpet stains. The buildup and crusting of salt stains is a common occurrence in northern latitudes. Many drivers simply accept the stains and give up. A high pressure steam cleaner can remove salt stains while penetrating the fibers for a revitalized appearance. Bring it on, let's clean it! The steam and cleaning agent can then be removed from the carpet using the extractor.

Gear shifts

Steam clean your gear shift and wipe with a microfiber cloth. If the shine has been lost, go over with a leather protectant.

Vinyl floors in vans

Vans for both goods and passengers frequently have vinyl floors. The oil, grime, and other substances that are tracked into the automobile will be eliminated by using a car steamer on this sizable region. Even the smallest particles that accumulate around seat bases and edge rails will be propelled by the strong steam jet. If at all possible, we advise you to take out the back seats so you may clean them thoroughly.

different steam cleaners

Choose the best car steam cleaners for your car

Most steam cleaners do not have enough steam power to deep clean all the dirt out of the car. Different models of steam cleaners offer multiple accessories, some even provide a vacuum to serve as an extractor or collect pet fur.

Why Fortador offers best steam cleaners for cars?

In comparison to typical boiler systems, Fortador steam cleaners, which come in diesel hybrid and electric models, release dry ionized steam, making it possible to clean sensitive and difficult-to-reach regions with a great deal less moisture. This car steam cleaner reaches 212 oF melts and dissolves grease, oil, and debris, leaving surfaces clean and dry in addition to eliminating bacteria and viruses.

The Fortador system's effectiveness also results in a high PSI (pounds-per-square-inch) that swiftly expels filth and is dependent on a sufficiently sized boiler tank that does not require refilling during a cleaning detail.

The Fortador cleaners have a water tank, boiler, and a detergent tanks in addition to having a commercial-grade PSI, which gives them enough power and energy to clean several vehicles at once, both inside and out, without pausing to refuel, refill the water, detergent, or fuel. Fortador steam cleaners, which are handcrafted in Europe and powered by a diesel burner designed by Lamborghini, also save thousands of dollars every year only on fuel.

most powerful vacuum diesel steam cleaner Fortador PRO Max

Fortador PRO Max: vacuum steam cleaner for cars

This is the the most powerful steam cleaner in the Fortador line and most appealing cleaning solution for your and your customers. It comes with a vacuum cleaner, making it a multi purpose steam cleaner and allowing you to take the deep cleaning to the next level.

The effective Lamborghini burner powers the Fortador PRO Max/Max Deluxe 2022 Diesel Hybrid Multi Purpose Steam Vacuum Cleaner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, and having two different detergents available to remove stains while steaming from up to five guns at once (optional). It is also the only steam generator on the market to combine chemicals with dry steam.

These steam cleaners produce steam at 20 Bar, or 295 PSI, of steam pressure is used for many things, including car washes, shampooing automobile carpet and upholstery, vacuuming, and even steam clean car windows. Everything is contained in a single, contemporary-looking enclosure that is built of an environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.

Diesel tank capacity

The large tank holds about 4 gal of fuel. The fuel tank will get you about 25 working hours without having to refuel your industrial steam generator. You will be able to save up to $4000 per year.

diesel steam cleaner for cars Fortador PRO

Fortador PRO: diesel steam cleaner for cars

A powerful and effective Lamborghini diesel burner powers the Diesel Hybrid Industrial Steam Cleaner 2022 Fortador PRO. Giving the option to give detergent for cleaning wheels, engines, or industrial cleaning, in addition to a steam and washing function For usage in car washes, industrial steam cleaning, disinfection, and many more applications, the steam is at a high pressure of 16 Bar or 235 PSI. It is also the only steam generator on the market to combine chemicals with the dry steam.

All are contained in a single, sleek, aluminum power-coated shell that is composed of an environmentally friendly, corrosion-free alloy and has a contemporary look. Alerts concerning maintenance and service including filter cleaning, descale, burner adjustment, and vacuum cleaner with a 7" touch screen with an auto-diagnostics system.

Diesel tank capacity

The large tank holds about 4 gal of fuel. The fuel tank capacity will get you about 25 working hours without having to refuel your industrial steam generator. You will be able to save up to $4000 per year for your auto detailing business.

full electrc vacuum steamer Fortador Volt Electra

Fortador Volt Electra: full electric vacuum steam cleaner

Fortador VOLT Electra model 2022 electric steam cleaner is the only fully electric device in the world that achieves a maximum pressure of up to 12 BAR or 175 PSI, which is better than the results of the market-leading diesel combustion machines.

Due to the extremely small cubic capacity, it is recommended primarily for the provision of private garages, car workshops and auto-mailing factories.

portable steam cleaner fortador volt mini

Fortador Volt Mini: portable commercial steamer

This steam cleaner is the only handheld steam cleaner from the Fortador line. At 7 Bar, or 101 psi, this steam cleaner is great for steam cleaning your household, office or car interior.


No matter what steam cleaner you decide to go with, whether it be the larger steam cleaners like the Fortador PRO Max or the smaller like the Volt Electra

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