The Ultimate Guide to Microfiber Car Glass Cleaning Cloths

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September 3, 2023

Spotless Windows Made Easy: A Guide to Choosing the Best Glass Microfiber Towels

If your business struggling to afford to keep the complete spot free finish on the windows, keep reading. Have you ever thought about what achieves the streak free finish on your windows after you get your car back from a carwash? There are lots of options on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the best one to get the job done right.

In this article, we will present you with the best glass cleaning chemicals, microfiber glass towels and how to properly wash your microfiber glass cleaning cloth.

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Best 3 microfiber glass cleaning cloth

Micro fiber cloth was voted on as the winning product in glass cleaning. They are good for delicate surfaces including glass and textile fabrics. These scuffs attract dirt and lint and soak into your window cleaner product, resulting in an exceptional finish.Having lint free cloths is always the best option when choosing towels to clean windows, mirrors and etc.

Rag Company 16x16 microfiber glass cleaning cloth

The Rag Company 16x16 microfiber glass cleaning cloth

The Premium Glass & Window towel's distinctive dual-texture design has a dirt and grime-gripping corduroy surface on one side and a silky smooth finish to wipe away any streaks on the other side. The greatest professional/commercial-grade quality and extraordinary value for money with outstanding lint-free, streak-free results every time.

Price and size

These microfiber glass cleaning cloths come in two sizes: 16x16 in or 16x24 in.

Chemicals Guys waffle weave glass and window microfiber glass cleaning cloth

Chemicals Guys 24x16 waffle weave glass and window microfiber glass cleaning cloth

Chemical Guys have been around for several decades to provide all types of chemicals and cleaning equipment for car washes and car enthusiasts. They never fail to get amazing reviews on all of their products.

Waffle grooves

Unique waffle grooves in this ultra-soft, silk-edged towel composed of 70/30 microfiber catch liquids and grime in the same way that syrup and butter do, swiftly drying the surface for flawless clarity. The Glass & Window Waffle Weave Towel is huge at 24" by 16" for rapid wiping on all surfaces, unlike typical microfiber towels that are 16" square. When polishing and drying paint, cheap microfiber cloths' sharp nylon edges damage the surface. Silk piping runs around each of the four edges of the Red Glass & Window Waffle Weave Towel, giving it the softest, most scratch-free feel of the entire towel. Waffle Weave Towels feature square grooves to collect and swiftly absorb liquids as opposed to traditional microfiber's short strands for drying. Instead of rubbing and buffing like typical microfiber cloths do, just swipe this one over the water to quickly dry it!

Price and size

The package comes with one 24x16 towel pack, for a promotional price of $8.99


The shipping cost for a delivery is $4.99

Microfiber wholesale lint free microfiber glass cleaning cloth

Microfiber wholesale lint free 16x16 microfiber glass cleaning cloth

The days of lugging along a cumbersome squeegee or inhaling harmful chemical cleaners are past! With a set of glass cleaning microfiber towels, completely cleaning smooth surfaces for your customers (or yourself) has never been safer or simpler. claims that their cloths can be laundered hundreds of times without losing it cleaning properties.

Price and cost

If you are thinking of buying wholesale, the price for 165+ packs of 6 is going to be $6.48, which is unbeatable amongst other big brands and can save money in the long run for your business.

microfiber towel zoom photo
Microfiber towel zoom photo

What is microfiber?

Polyester and polyamide are the main components of microfiber, a synthetic material. Polyamide is a fancy word for nylon, whereas polyester is essentially a type of plastic. The fibers have been divided into very thin, porous strands that dry quickly. Although the polyamide contributes bulk and absorption, the polyester gives the towel its structure.

These types of towels can be used as drying cloths after the windows have been cleaned. The microfiber glass cleaning cloths were designed for the sole purpose of leaving the windows, mirrors streak free and without smudges.

Types of microfiber towels
Types of microfiber towels

Types of microfiber towels

All purpose cleaning cloths

These microfiber cloths are suitable for a variety of tasks and are non-toxic. These microfiber towels are frequently used for general cleaning, spill cleanup, and dry dusting. You should categorize the towels according to the purposes for which you will use them.If you use microfiber towels at home, you should have several types of towels for cleaning your couches, glass, and windows (if you like hand washing with a microfiber towel).

While washing a car with microfiber towels, you should have different towel kinds for the inside, glass, drying, and waxing, as well as inexpensive or old towels for working on the wheels, engine bays floor, filthy interiors, or exhaust tips.

Glass cleaning cloths

Glass cloths made of knit microfibre are available. Stainless steel, mirrors, windows, and other smooth, reflective surfaces can all have streaks and smudges removed using these towels. When the mirror or glass surface has been cleaned, these towels are used to dry it and restore its brilliance.

Polishing (puffy) microfiber towels

Compared to an all-purpose terry cloth, polishing cloths have a weave with a longer knap and a larger pile. The purpose of these microfiber towels is to apply and remove polishes on metal and automobiles. They work well to clean silverware and jewelry as well.

Textured cleaning towels

For jobs like cleaning or drying, microfiber towels with a rough weave, like a waffle towel, offer more strength. The irregular weave of the towel increases friction when wet or scrubbing without harming the paint. The structure of the microfiber cloth makes it possible for liquid to be absorbed in higher portions for drying, and then it wicks away to the lower sections, leaving a dryer surface.

things to consider about microfiber cloths
Microfiber blend ratio

How to choose microfiber cloths, things to consider

The diameter of each fiber in microfibers is expressed in denier. Microfiber must fall below 1 denier, or 10 micrometers, in order to be considered such. Towels made of high-quality microfibre for cleaning typically have less than 0.5 denier. It is now small enough to pick up a wide range of bacteria, microorganisms, and germs! If you are a new member of the green car wash community and just getting started with your business, remember 3 things when choosing microfiber cloths: the blend, the GSM, and the size.

GSM (grammes per square metre)

The GSM stands for grams per square meter. In simple words, GSM describes the weight of the towel. The bigger number of the GSM is, the thicker and fluffier the microfiber cloths would be. For best results, choose towels with low GSM to clean windows.

Blend (the ratio of the components)

The 70/30 mixture of polyester and polyamide makes the best microfiber towels for drying. The best blend for the interior is an 80/20 mix.


A towel measuring 16x16 inches is ideal for detailing. Larger microfibre towels work well for drying cars because they can quickly cover larger surfaces.

Lifetime of microfiber towel

Lifetime of microfiber glass cleaning cloths

Your microfiber towels may last up to two years or 500 washes, depending on how frequently you use them, what you use them for, and how well you take care of them. To prevent scratches on your automobile and other surfaces you clean with, always check to make sure the fibers have not been harmed during use.

Where to buy lint free cloths for microfiber glass cleaning?

The market is full if choices when it comes to great value options. Microfiber wholesale glass cleaning cloths literally cost one dollar each if bought in a pack! Cost of lint free cloths can range between one to ten dollars, depending on where you buy them from, and if it is a microfiber wholesale.

glass cleaning

How to clean windows, mirrors and glass

Unfortunately to a popular belief, paper towels are not great for achieving a streak free finish on your glass surfaces. Paper towels leave marks on the windows because they get wet so easily, and they suck up a lot of the glass cleaning chemicals, defeating the purposing of cleaning your windows at all. Glass wipes are a poor tool for giving your windows an even shine. They may leave streaks on the car's windows because they are so wet.

Microfiber glass cleaning cloths have been tested over and over to prove that with a good microfiber glass cleaning cloth you are sure to achieve a complete spot free finish without overdoing too much.

For any glass surface, microfiber cloths aid in achieving a streak-free appearance. Compared to normal paper towels or glass wipes, it is more effective at removing residue, leaving your car's windshield and other glass surfaces clear and gleaming. Microfibers also draw the least dust, which makes it much simpler to clean windows.

You must make sure that your microfiber towels are spotless and totally dry before beginning the cleaning process. Clean windows free of dust or road dirt will be the desired outcome when steam and a microfiber cloth are combined.

For a 101 guide on how to clean windows, follow this link
Glass microfiber cleaning

Glass microfiber cleaning: how to properly wash glass microfiber cloth

Main things to remember before throwing your glass cleaning cloths in the wash

1. If you are not only washing glass cleaning cloths, separate them for each load. Microfiber towels that are used on wheels and engine bays that are oil and grimy should never be washed with lightly soiled cloths.

2. To keep your cloths lint free, do not forget to clean out the lint from the dryer prior to putting your microfiber glass cleaning cloths for a dry.

3. You'll likely need to clean the washing machine after you've finished washing the extremely dirty towels. Use one of the microfiber cloths to clean the tub, getting rid of any remaining grime that may be stuck to the machine's walls. Run the machine through an empty cycle after you've finished wiping it to give just water in it a rinse. Also, this step will assist in removing any soap and fabric softener residue.

4. Avoid using soap pods, as they tend to have scents and chemicals that can clog up the glass cleaning cloths.

5. Do not ever wash microfiber glass cleaning cloths with other clothing items or even cotton towels. The microfiber glass cleaning cloths might gather lint from clothes and make it difficult to take out.

6. Never wash microfiber cloths in hot water. Because polyamide and polyester are partially made of plastic, you are risking melting the fibers in the hot water cycle, making them nonabsorbent and easily scratching windows, mirrors, and paint.

Learn more about microfiber towel washing.
correct way for car windows cleaning


If you are going to take away anything from this article, remember this. To have a streak free finish on your windows, mirrors and glass, make sure your microfiber glass cleaning cloth is not fuzzy. Having good glass cleaning chemicals and lint free cloth will go a long way whether you are cleaning your household mirrors or the windshields of your car.

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