How to get milk smell out of car?

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November 9, 2023

Sour Milk Stench Begone: Proven Techniques to Deodorize Your Car

When milk spills in a car, it can be both a blessing and a burden. And the smell just won't go gone by itself. In fact, if you leave it alone, it will only get worse over time, and god forbid if it occurs in the summer. Every drive is uncomfortable since the offensive smell stays. Find a solution to the milk smell in your automobile as soon as you can.

spilt milk is a hundred times worse than spilt juice or soft beverages, so don't dismiss this seemingly minor issue. A car's carpet or upholstery may become deeply soaked with milk, leaving a foul scent that may persist for weeks or even months. The sour milk stench will return sooner or later, especially in warm weather, despite a fast spray of Febreze or the installation of an air freshener.

Key Takeaways:

  • Act Quickly: Address milk spills immediately to prevent odor development, Avoid rubbing the spill to prevent deeper penetration.
  • Effective Methods: Baking Soda, Coffee Grounds, White Vinegar, Enzyme Spray, Steam Cleaners, Ozone Generator.
  • Prevention and Safety: Prevent spills through secure container usage.

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spoiled milk smell

How to get spoiled milk smell out of a car?

Wipe the milk spill immediately

To soak up the spill as soon as it occurs is the first step in removing the milk odor from a car. Don't skip this procedure even if just a few drops were spilled. The less milk you have to deal with, the less labor you'll have to do afterwards.

To quickly absorb a spill, dab at it lightly with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth; do not rub the area. The milk will be pushed further into the carpet or upholstery if you rub.

Remove floor mats

The floor mats should be removed from the automobile if milk has gotten on them. If the milk is left on the floor mats, it will soon go bad and fill the entire car with an unpleasant smell.

To wash the floor mats, adhere to these guidelines. The floor mats can be machine washed if they are made of fabric or carpeting without a rubber backing. Prior to putting the mats in the washing machine, use a stain remover on the spill. Use the warm or hot water setting for more effective cleaning.

Avoid putting floor mats in the washing machine if they have a rubber backing or are made entirely of plastic. Instead, use a hose or pressure washer to spray them off. To remove the milk stain, use dishwashing liquid to the area.

After that, the mats should be allowed to dry naturally in the sun.

If the milk gets on any other removable fabric parts, such as removable seat covers, remove them as quickly as possible and wash and dry them in accordance with the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations. Even if it's just a few drips, you must absolutely follow this rule.

Methods to Remove Spoiled Milk Smell

Best Methods to Remove Spoiled Milk Smell

1. Baking soda

For years, one of the simplest, least expensive, and most adaptable methods for used to remove milk smell has been baking soda. This is the first item to attempt when trying to get rid of the milk smell in a car because it is cheap, simple, and likely that you already have some baking soda in your kitchen.

Sprinkle baking soda directly on the car carpet or upholstery spot with spilled milk. Since it is likely that the bacteria have started to spread, it is prudent to venture far beyond the spill location.

Using a soft-bristled brush or a cloth, work the baking soda into the fiber. To allow it to do its magic, leave it out at least one night; ideally, three or four days.

After vacuuming the baking soda from the upholstery, smell it. Depending on how strong the smell is, repeat these steps if it's still there, or try one of the other techniques below.

2. Coffee grounds

Coffee grinds or entire coffee beans have also been used frequently as an odor remover in homes and cars in addition to baking soda. Additionally, a lot of automobile owners use coffee beans to get rid of the noxious new-car smell, which takes at least five years to totally go. This approach is similarly simple, inexpensive, and will leave a lovely, light coffee fragrance in your car.

Simply place plastic or linen bags loaded with coffee grounds or coffee beans behind your seats for about two weeks. This should help eliminate the smell of ruined milk from the car if you have already tried the baking soda method or if there has been a minor spill.

3. White vinegar

Another inexpensive technique using white vinegar, which you probably already have in your kitchen. You can get rid of the smell in your car by spraying vinegar on the carpet or upholstery to help break down the enzymes in milk that have leaked. Additionally, it is totally secure to use and environmentally sustainable.

Be warned that you shouldn't mix vinegar and water unless you want your car to smell strongly of vinegar. Combine one part vinegar and four parts water in a spray bottle.

Spray the vinegar solution on the spill location until it is thoroughly saturated. After letting it soak for around five hours, blot it dry with a fresh washcloth or towel.

It's better to keep the car windows open if the spill affects non-removable parts so that it can air out. If not, take the carpet out, clean it, and then let it air dry in the sun.

Enzyme spray Ozium

4. Enzyme spray

After trying the aforementioned remedies and the stink is still present, it is time to pull out the big guns. Proteins and enzymes are used in ecologically friendly enzyme sprays to break down the molecular makeup of stains. In essence, the bacteria consumes the mess and breaks down the bacteria feeding on the milk.

Spray on the problematic region and let it rest for a day or two before wiping it away with a cloth or paper towel.

Important information: To prevent staining your carpet or furniture, always perform a test spot beforehand. Additionally, leather interiors should not be treated with these sprays.

5. Steam cleaners

If the spill was sizable or had been sitting for some time, employing a steam cleaner will guarantee that all deeply embedded milk is removed.

Search online to rent a steam cleaner if you don't already own one. By sprinkling a cleaning solution and hot water onto the carpet or fabric, followed by the sucking up of the water and grime, a steam cleaner offers a thorough cleaning. This will remove any odor-producing milk residue and permanently get rid of the sour and mold smell.

As directed by the manufacturer, frequently replace the water throughout the operation. After cleaning, the carpet or upholstery should have 12 hours to properly dry.

Portable steam cleaner Fortador Volt Mini
Portable steam cleaner Fortador Volt Mini

Recommended steam cleaner

Fortador Volt Mini is definitely one of the most impressive steamers on the market. The portability and power of Volt Mini makes steaming your home, car, or office quick and easy. This machine is versatile and can be used on different surfaces like wood, glass, upholstery, and much more.

The accessories provided with the steamer aid you in getting to hard to reach spots as well as giving you appropriate tools for variety of cleaning jobs.

Read more about Foratdor Volt Mini

ozone generator for cars

6. Ozone Generator

Utilize an ozone generator to eliminate persistent milk odors from your car. Clean the interior beforehand and ensure proper ventilation. Place a suitable generator inside, following safety precautions. Run the generator for several hours as recommended, allowing ozone molecules to neutralize odors. After treatment, air out the car thoroughly before assessing the results.

Note that ozone exposure carries health risks, so prioritize safety and follow guidelines.

How to get milk smell out of car with steam cleaning


Why does your car have like sour milk smell?

You might have neglected to take a sip of your latte while in the cup, and when you hit the hump, everything spilled over your seat. Or perhaps your infant made a mistake and turned the milk bottle over without closing it.

There may be several causes for how it began, but the bacteria that began rapidly replicating from the spilled drink is what leads to the development of sour milk odors. Because the automobile is a contained environment, the wetness allowed the germs to flourish there.

Does rotten milk smell go away by itself?

Particularly in a cramped area with no open-air ventilation, the foul smell of sour milk does not just vanish. Additionally, even if you air out your car or drive around with the windows open, the scent will persist once you close the door because the spilled area is still there.

How to get spilled milk out of carpet?

The ideal course of action is to first treat the carpet with an oxidizing solution before extracting it with a wet vacuum and an extraction nozzle, preferably one with an injection unit attached so you may rinse the fibers with hot, fresh water as you extract. If you apply really intense pressure and swap out the towel once it becomes soggy, towels will also work.

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