Washing limo bus exterior with steam

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April 25, 2023

How to wash limo bus with no water loss

If you own a limo bus rental, or you are a car wash business, it is crucial to know how to efficiently clean a limousine. Detailing limos can take a long time if you are doing it with the wrong tools, but luckily in this article we will provide a guide on how enhance the quality of your the limo bus wash systems.

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1. Proper equipment for detailing limos

It is important to buy right equipment for limo washing services. When you have proper equipment, it will be easier to give a good wash and therefore satisfy your customers. It will not only make your life easier, but also elevate your business.

pressure washer

1.1 Pressure washer

A pressure washer is a wise investment in a limo detailing business. You can start by getting an electric washer since they run cheaper. But most professional places use a gas-powered washer since they are more durable and have higher psi, which is around 2,000 to 2,800.

A good electric option is the Sun Joe SPX300 Electric High Pressure Washer on Amazon. It is a very powerful machine and very versatile. It has a detergent tank and quick-connect tips that make cleaning much easier and faster.

If you are looking for a gas-powered option, the Kohler Gas Pressure Washer is a great choice. This machine provides 3200 PSI of force for superior clearing power. It features a 35-ft. non-marring high pressure hose for 40% longer reach and an on-board detergent tank. A 5-in-1 quick-change nozzle makes it simple to change spray patterns. Moving this pressure washer is easy with a sturdy hand truck frame and 12-in. wheels.


Water waste, extra drying time

foam cannon

1.2 Foam cannon

This is a perfect accessory to a pressure washer. You can foam up the limo by hand with a sponge and soap, but a foam cannon makes it so much easier to cover such a long vehicle. This machine mixes soap and water to make thick foam that is able to remove dirt and grime from the dirtiest car.

Tool Daily Foam Cannon is a very affordable option that is on Amazon. It has an adjustable nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation. This set includes five nozzles with different angle for variety of needs.


Extra step, Waste of Chemicals

industrial steam cleaner and washer

1.3 Industrial Steamer

The best option for detailing a limo is a steam cleaner. A steamer will allow you to conduct a quality wash fraction of the time it would take with a high pressure washer. Steam doesn't only remove grime, but simultaneously disinfects the surface you are cleaning.

The combination of high pressure and high heat is able to combat against the toughest dirt and debris. You do not need any chemicals in order to thoroughly clean a car when using steam. Investing is such a powerful machine will save you a lot of money longterm.

The Fortador PRO is an efficient steamer that is powered by a Lamborghini diesel burner that makes this machine such a powerful tool. This steamer has a wash and steam cleaning functions that make it perfect to use for any cleaning job. It is very easy to use due to its touchscreen technology that displays the pressure, water levels, and more for simple and quick access.


Big Investment

Limo detailing supplies

Besides a steamer, there are some other extra supplies that are required to conduct a quality service. Most of them you should already have and if you don't they can be found, in any convenience store for under $20.

  1. Microfibers
  2. Soap for exterior wash
  3. Tire gel
  4. Tire shine
  5. Window cleaner
  6. Sponge
  7. Bucket of water
Learn more about washing microfiber towels.

How to wash limo and tourist bus with steam

After you have gathered all the necessary supplies, you are ready to begin the detail.

Start by finding a shady location for the vehicle. This will allow the cleaning supplies to dry out slower therefore letting you work more efficiently.

digital touchscren of commercial steam cleaner

Step 1: Prep the steamer

Start by filling up the steamer with water and diesel in the appropriate compartments. Turn on Fortador PRO steamer and wait for it to warm up and get to 16 bar.

Step 2: Wet steam

Use the wet steam option to loosen up all the dried dirt you might have on the limo. This will make the process faster and easier when you move on to the dry steam setting.

Step 3: Soak

Get a clean microfiber or a sponge and let it soak in a bucket of water for the next step.

Learn more about our picks for best microfiber mitts.

Step 4: Two hand technique

Take a steam hose in your right hand and put a sponge/microfiber in the left hand. Make sure that you squeezed out most of the water from the sponge or microfiber before washing the vehicle with it.

Keep a distance between 8-10 inches and steam the surface of the limo from side to side and top to bottom motion. Simultaneously, pass the sponge/microfiber hand over the areas you are steaming, being careful to not burn your hand.

Step 5: Move on to different panels

Most limos are very long, so you will have to repeat step 4 many times to get the full length of the car. Make that as you move from one part of the car to the next, you wash your sponge/microfiber every time.

Step 6: Hard to reach areas

As you move on to more hard to reach places, make sure to use all the available accessories that are provided with a steamer. For example, the extendable pole or the extension hose is prefect to use for the roof of the limo.

limo windows cleaning

Step 7: Windows

You can use a glass cleaner or steam in order to clean the windows of the limo. If you want to use a glass cleaner, make sure to get ammonia free foam cleaner since it is safe for tints and effectively cleans any type of windows without damage.

Just spray some of the foam on the windows, and clean them with a damp microfiber in side to side and top to bottom motion.

Using steam for window cleaning is also a very effective method. Apply steam all other the window and start wiping off the grime with a microfiber. Repeat this step as much as necessary to achieve a streak free and sparkly clean finish.

Learn more about best microfiber glass towels.

Step 8: Wheels

After you have reached the desired look of the exterior of the vehicle, you can move on to the wheels.

Grab a new damp microfiber and a steam hose in the other hand, and apply steam on the dirty tires. Wipe off all the grime that the steam has melted. If the tires are very dirty, you will have to repeat this step a couple of times.

Learn more about best drying towels for cars

Step 9: Finishing touches

When you are satisfied with all the cleaning you have done, it is time to apply the finishing touches to polish off you hard work.

Grab a bottle of wax. We recommend the Fortador Nano Wax since it is very easy to use and leaves the most beautiful and sparkly finish.

Spray it on the panel and spread it out with a microfiber. You will immediately notice an amazing shine that will be left on the surface of the vehicle.

Move on to putting some tire shine on the tires. Get the Fortador Tire Shine Gel and apply it all over the rims for a spectacular finish.

Learn more about microfiber towels for waxing and polishing.

Why do you need steam cleaner in your bus wash systems?

Steam cleaning is not only great for exterior washes, but it is also amazing for deep cleaning the interior and santizing. If there are any spillage or vomit on the interior of a limo, steam will be able to battle against all of those problems.

Cleaning with steam doesn't require to use any harsh chemicals on the interior of the car that might leave a toxic smell for hours after service. Steam is versatile and effective and is a great option for cleaning up all types of problems in variety of different places.

By following this step by step guide on how to use a high pressure steamer to clean the limos, you will elevate your business and always have satisfied customers after performing these services on the limos.

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