Car glass cleaner highly concentrated

Ammonia free safe for tinted windows alcohol base glass cleaner, highly concentrated

Car Glass cleaner | Fortador 50 to 1 Glass Cleaner
Car Glass cleaner | Fortador 50 to 1 Glass Cleaner


This is an alcohol based glass cleaner. It is ammonia free and safe on tinted
windows. 1 gallon makes 50 gallons of Ready-to-Use Glass Cleaner. This ethanol-based product (which is natural corn alcohol) is proven to get rid of all kinds of dirt from all glass type materials. With its powerful ingredients, it
can remove any stubborn stains and at the same time, give it that superb finish without streaking.

The great thing about Fortador 50 to 1 Glass Cleaner it is that you can also use it on other surfaces such as mirrors and chrome. The 50-to-1 Glass Cleaner can also be used as a plastic headlights.

This glass cleaner is specially formulated to combat and get rid of the grime that can build up on the
inside of your windows, as well as on the outside of the windows. Use a soft microfiber towel with
this concentrated windshield cleaner to effectively clean your rear windows, side mirrors and other
windows to make them sparkle and shine like new. When it comes to getting that sparkling clean
look for your car windows, concentrated cleaner for glass will get the job done.

Check our guide for water spots removal if you got them on your paint or glass.

MSDS (download)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Dilution ratios

1:25, 1:50


5L / 1.32G

Weight (lbs.)


How to use

Prepare ready to use solution by diluting of concentrate with pure water, distilled or filtered.

Use dilution ratios 1:50 for light soiled windows, and 1:25 for heavy soiled windows

Spread cleaner with spray bottle and wipe window with clean soft microfiber

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