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August 11, 2022

How to Maximize Fleet Vehicle Uptime with Steam Cleaning | Car Fleet cleaning

The key to a fleet’s success is productivity. The more your vehicles are on the road working, the better it is for the bottom line.

However, maintenance and even routine functions like cleaning and washing a vehicle, while necessary, will take away from precious productive time.

Productivity and a clean vehicle may not seem related, but they are. Your fleet’s vehicles are rolling advertisements for your products and services.

Having a clean vehicle is an important outward sign of professionalism and success. A neat, well-maintained vehicle sets expectations for your customers even before they meet a sales or service person. It indicates the quality of your company’s products and services.

And, today, it’s doubly important to have a vehicle that’s clean on the inside for your employee’s and customer’s sake.

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1. Two Options, One Solution

But taking time to wash a vehicle can seem like a waste of time and resources — and it is if you do it the old-fashioned way.

In fact, there are two options a company can employ to keep its fleet vehicles clean inside and out.

The first is the traditional way: pails of soapy water, hoses, and strong, commercial-grade sanitizing chemicals, several service employees scrubbing and rinsing the vehicle time and again.

The traditional way to put it bluntly is wasteful: time consuming, taking gallons and gallons of water, potentially exposing cleaning crews to harsh or even potentially toxic chemicals. It’s also expensive — in water, soap, and wasted man hours. Worst of all for the company, non-productive vehicles don’t generate revenue. The traditional option is a lose-lose proposition no matter how you calculate it.

The second option is steam cleaning, which minimizes downtime and provides numerous advantages for the fleet, including:


·      Needs less cleaning time

·      Uses less water, making it more cost effective and sustainable

·      Doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to get the job done


Most importantly, steam cleaning maximizes vehicle uptime and productivity while delivering a vehicle that is clean and sanitized inside and out, presenting a professional, attractive image for existing and potential customers alike.


2. How Fortador Steamers Delivers

commercial steam cleaner
Lamborghini Caroclima ECO-3

Powered by a Lamborghini-built burner, the Fortador steam cleaning system is a portable, self-contained cleaning unit that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes vehicles in a few minutes.


Because it uses steam and gentle detergents, the non-touch Fortador steam cleaning system will not damage exterior or interior surfaces. The self-contained equipment doesn’t draw water from your facility’s lines, so you will not have to get a permit to begin using it. The hand-built burner also saves thousands annually in fuel costs alone.


As a fleet professional, you know that keeping your vehicles on the road is critical in meeting your customers’ needs and adding to the bottom line. But you also know a fleet’s mission can only be fulfilled if you run clean vehicles that are sanitized, safe for drivers and the customers they serve, and project a professional image.


With steam cleaning, you won’t have to choose between keeping a dirty, unappealing vehicle working or pulling it out of service, which minimizes its productivity and ties up personnel to spend hours cleaning it.


The bottom line: steam cleaning is one of the best uptime investments you can make, with a return on investment in just a matter of weeks. This option is the win-win solution.

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How to Maximize Fleet Vehicle Uptime with Steam Cleaning | Car Fleet cleaning


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