Clay bar for paint decontamination prior to polishing

Pack of 4 Basic Clay Bar for Quick Detailing Car Wash Auto detailing

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  • ✅Ultra fine grade = ultra soft clay for regular use, non scratch, safe to use
  • ✅ Individually pack of 4x 100 gram, white ultra fine grade clay bar with case for weekend warriors or car enthusiasts.
  • ✅ Safe for monthly cleaning, must use with lubricant or your car shampoo with lots suds.
  • ✅ Easy to use, all clay must use with lubricant or ph neutral shampoo, non abrasive, will not scratch your paint.
  • ✅ For lightly overspray area only - the purpose of the clay is to remove slightly over spray. If you never use a clay before, this is a good kit to get started.
Check this compete guide for clay bar treatment for car paint

Weight (lbs/kg)

0.5 / 0.220

How to Use

Automotive Clay Bars Guide

What are they?

Clay Bars are quite possibly the most effective way to restore the original shine and cleanliness back to glass, metal, or fiberglass. The method of Clay Bar automotive cleaning started years ago and has been one of the most popular solutions to restoring the new-car-look back to your ride.

The Clay easily takes off all dust, filth, and debris from the surface of your car while making it shine like new at the end.

How to use it:

1st STEP: Once you have the Clay Bar of your choosing with the necessary cleaning solution to go along with it and a cleaning microfiber towel you can start the claying process.

2nd STEP: Give your car a good wash before anything else to get rid of all existing dust, debris, and filth as this will make the actual Claying part much easier.

3rd STEP: After your car has been thoroughly rinsed you can begin claying. Grab your Clay Bar and shape it into a compact circular disk until it's about ¾ inch thick. The clay is malleable and with the heat of your hand, you’ll be able to shape the Clay easily.

4th STEP: Apply the included lubricating spray that came with the Clay Bar you bought to your car before claying and if there is none either purchase one or use water if you have to. It is crucial you never begin claying your car without lubricating/rinsing it before as this would cause long term damage to the surface of your car.

5th STEP: Grab your flattened Clay Bar and lightly press it against the spot your cleaning going side-to-side or up-and-down. You’ll start to hear the sound of the clay peeling off the dirt from your car while making that same spot shine after you’re done rubbing it.

6th STEP: Continue spraying and claying all parts of your car and to ensure the clay doesn’t spread the same dirt it picks up, rub the clay together until it’s clean.

7th STEP: Once you have clayed your car grab your microfiber towel and give it a wipe from end to end just to get off any remaining moisture. Then take a step back and enjoy your car!

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