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What is the best full electric steamer for residential cleaning services and industrial applications? - Fortador Volt Electra with more features, better pricing and faster return on investment, professionals around the world realize Fortador Steam Cleaners surpass Dupray Steamers and other brands. This new opportunity arise from the new line of Fortador steam cleaners powered by Lamborghini. It is all to make your work faster and more efficient. Our steam machines are the are known in global market, being the fastest growing steam cleaning solution for professional and home owners.

Fortador Steamers

The Fortador Volt Electra Compared to the Dupray Steam Box cleaner

An electric powered industrial steam cleaner can offer you options as you shop for a steamer for your business. The Fortador Volt Electra is a high tech electric powered commercial steam cleaner. See the advantages of using electricity and how it compares to the Dupray Steam Box.

Advantages of Full Electric Steamers

There is a right steamer for any type of business and job. We can work with you and help you determine which one is best for you. Generally, if you are doing smaller jobs, the Fortador Volt Electra can offer advantages. You can get started at a lower cost. If you do a good amount of indoor cleaning, the electric cord allows you to plug into a standard outlet. This eliminates the exhaust that can come from a diesel powered commercial steam cleaner.

Fortador Volt Electra and Dupray Steam Box Performance


All steamers have different pressure ratings and capabilities. In a business, you will be cleaning different surfaces. Some will require higher steam pressures to get the job done. Many steam cleaner operators choose the minimal pressure necessary to preserve the original surface.

The Fortador Volt Electra has an operating pressure of up to 174 PSI, or 12 Bar. The Dupray Steam Box has an operating pressure of 121 PSI, or 8 Bar. The Volt Electra’s higher capabilities let you efficiently clean any surface, including bathroom walls, tile, concrete, carpeting, vinyl and more. The higher PSI allows users to finish the tougher jobs quicker and potentially make more money in less time.


‍The boiler is what provides the steam for cleaning equipment. The Volt Electra has a acid resistance stainless steel boiler while the Dupray Steam Box has a stainless steel boiler. The Fortador Volt Electra has a boiler capacity of 1.4 gallons. The Dupray Steam Box has a boiler capacity of 1.3 gallons. Having a 5% higher capacity boiler lets you produce steam at a rapid and continual rate to keep the jobs moving.

If you complete jobs in less time, you and your team can move on to the next job quicker. Move fast!

Steam Hose Connectors and Detergent Cleaning

The Fortador Volt Electra offers two hoses with the unique ability for them to be used for two applications. One for steam cleaning/sanitization and one combination hose that functions as a vacuum/steam hose. While working, you can easily switch from steam to detergent with the flick of a switch. In contrast, the Dupray Steam Box has one tank. If you want to clean with a detergent, you have to put soap drops in the steam tank and attempt to achieve the same high quality detergent cleaning capabilities of the Volt Electra. With its combination hose system and the detergent switch, the Volt Electra lets you easily clean carpet, furniture, mattresses and more.


Both models come with a variety of accessories. Dupray boasts that the Steam Box has a 24 to 26-piece accessory kit. Although that is true, for four of the accessories, they give you multiple quantities of them, such as brushes. These multiple quantities, account for 11 out of the 24 or 26 accessories, which takes the unique accessories included down to 13 or 15. They also count microfiber cloths and steel wool as accessories.

The Fortador Volt Electra comes with nine very useful accessories that are true steam cleaning accessories. They are all highly engineered products designed to prepare you to clean any stain on any surface. We set you up for success.
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Preheating Time

You and your team want to start work quickly. Each industrial steam cleaner gives you adequate water preheating times. The Volt Electra preheats in four to ten minutes while Dupray Steam Box preheats in five minutes. With both models, users can start the boiler, get a few accessories set up and then begin to clean.


Both models make it easy to transport and work around commercial and residential buildings. The Fortador Volt Electra has an empty weight of 99 pounds while the Dupray Steam Box steamer weighs 60 pounds. Users can easily roll either model from room to room.

Water Tank Capacity

Steam Hose Length

Get ready to move from room to room. The Fortador Volt Electra has an advantage here. You can easily go around corners and down hallways with the Volt Electra’s 30-foot hose. The Dupray Steam Box comes standard with a 16.5-foot hose.

Detergent Tank Capabilities and Capacity

As you work different jobs, you will more than likely come across different situations. By situations, we mean various stains and surfaces. These stains often require different detergents and cleaning agents to effectively remove them. The Fortador Volt Electra features two detergent tanks, while the Dupray Steam Box has just one. Having the capability to be prepared with common cleaning agents ready at any time will be meaningful. When using cleaning agents, per application, you will more than likely use more volume per treatment verses steam. The capacity of the detergent tanks, makes a difference here. The Volt Electra gives you three gallons of detergent capacity from two individual detergent tanks. The Dupray Steam Box has a 1.8-gallon detergent tank capacity with just one tank.

An industrial steam cleaner that does not have to be filled as often allows for higher productivity. The Dupray Steam Box has a slight advantage here with a 1.8-gallon water tank. The Fortador Volt Electra lets you fill to 1.32 gallons. You may or may not notice a difference as you clean. Both units allow you to hook up to a water hose for continuous cleaning or even post construction deep cleaning. Many users find this irrelevant and cumbersome moving from room to room with a short water hose.

Special Features

Hot Water Injection

For some cleaning applications, you will need a burst of hot water to get the job done. This can happen in commercial, residential and auto-detailing jobs. This injection of water dissolves the stain and brings the fabric back to life. The Fortador Volt Electric, has the capability for a hot water injection. We call it wet steam. Let nothing stop you!

Hose Hook Up

As mentioned, the Dupray Steam Box has the capability to hook a hose up to the steamer for continuous steaming. This feature can have diminished benefits as many people find it cumbersome to make their way through a building dragging a water hose.

All-In-One Machine

You will probably need to vacuum and steam to clean rooms as part of a job. The Volt Electra comes with a built-in commercial grade vacuum and extractor. This professional wet-dry equipment lets you combine extraction, steam and detergent technology in the same machine. This saves you time from hauling separate machines to the same job site. The Dupray Steam Box is only a steamer with no vacuuming or extract capabilities.
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Long-term durability is key in a capital equipment purchase. The Fortador Volt Electra has a corrosion free aluminum frame. The Dupray Steam Box steamer is made of stainless steel. Both should withstand the demands of residential and commercial cleaning jobs.


Fortador clearly has end customers and owners in mind when they design their steamers. Europe is known for its quality design and manufacturing. Fortador handcrafts its steamers in Europe with hardware that will last for years. End users and owners can count on the consistency of Fortador’s steamers for years. This has many benefits including easy-to-perform maintenance. Fortador focuses on commercial-grade steamers while Dupray produces non-commercial models as well.

Electrical Cord Length

The Volt Electra has a 30-foot cord while the Dupray Steam Box has a 21-foot cord. Having the additional nine feet can make a difference as you clean. Not having to take the time to unplug and plug back in adds productivity to your day.

Technology and Controls

Both commercial steamers have good levels of technology. They both have a read-out screen that provides operating information. The Fortador Volt Electra stands out as having more readouts, intuitive controls and the operating information you need. This is all presented on a high-quality screen that is in constant view of the operator.

Fortador Volt Electra comes with a touch screen and auto-diagnostics system. The seven-inch screen shows current fluid level of the water and detergents. Users also see the boiler pressure, hour meter and much more. You and your team will always be in control.

The Volt Electra keeps is simple for you and your team. There is no need to adjust or control the temperature. The Volt Electra always operates at maximum temperature. This takes the guess work out of jobs while on site. You need to make adjustments with the Dupray Steam Box.

car steam cleaner with touchscreen

Post Purchase Support

Customer Service

Fortador sells direct and through a network of experienced dealers. Dupray sells its products in the United States via its web site. Fortador has a team of customer service and technical representatives in house. They provide a high level of expertise with efficient troubleshooting and answers. Owners of Fortador’s steam cleaners appreciate the strong support.


The Fortador Volt Electra has a comprehensive standard warranty of up to 12 months. You have the option to extend the warranty up to 36 months or 3,000 moto hours. A 5-year warranty on the boiler is included. The Dupray Steam Box comes with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the boiler. Fortador does not want you to be down. In the case of a major repair that could take longer, Fortador will provide you a spare machine to keep your business going and your customers happy.

mobile steam car wash and auto detailing steam cleaner

Notes and Additional Features

The Fortador Volt Electra is designed with the owner and user in mind. The all-in-one machine has the latest technological features that make a difference in daily and long-term use. Visit our web site, compare the models and contact us to reserve your new commercial steam cleaner today.

Comparison table
Fortador Volt Electra Vs. Dupray Steam Box

& Features
Steam Pressure
Steam Boiler temperature
Steam Outgoing temperature
Operating pressure
Diesel/Power consumption
Boiler water tank capacity
Diesel tank capacity
Detergent tank capacity
Vacuum Extractor
Touch Screen display
Volt Electra
2 gun x 12 Bar
Steam hose - 30 ft
Hose with Vacuum - 15 ft
120-140℃ Reg. Auto. Stop
 12 bar / 174 PSI
1 X Boiler 5500 W
1.3 Gallons
5 Lt
17" x 26" x 35"
43 x 67 x 88 cm
Up to 3 years
Steam Box
1 gun x max 8 Bar
Steam Hose - 16.5 ft
8 bar / 121 PSI
1 X Boiler 5400 W
1.8 Gallons
1.8 gal. / 7 L
16" x 39" x 24"
40.5 x 100 x 61 cm
Sold as additional components
Up To 3 year
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Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
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I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.