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David Naderi
Fortador Pro Plus
McLean, VA 22102

Live demo of Fortador PRO Plus in McLean, VA

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High-Performance Auto Detailing & Car Wash SteamerS For Serious Entrepreneurs

Models for All Your Needs & Budget

Choose from a range of high-performance steamers: Fortador PRO Max - all in one steam cleaner and vacuum shampooer, Fortador PRO - heavy duty steamer, Fortador Volt Electra - full electric steamer and shampooer, Fortador Volt Mini - portable steam cleaaner

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Hand-Crafted In Europe

High-performance starts with high-quality design and precision engineering. All Fortador Steamers are built in Italy and Poland.

Diesel Hybrid Steamers
Powered by Lamborghini

More Power. Less Consumption.

Work faster, more efficiently, and more profitably with Fortador's energy efficient Diesel Hybrid Burners made by Lamborghini. Save up to 75% on diesel consumption compared to the other leading commercial steamers.

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Compare Fortador Pro Max With Other "leading" Car Wash Steamer Cleaners

& Features
Steam Pressure
Steam Boiler temperature
Steam Outgoing temperature
Operating pressure
Steam production
Diesel consumption
Boiler water tank capacity
Diesel tank capacity
Detergent tank capacity
Steam Vacuum Extractor
Touch Screen display
3 x gun max 20 Bar
120-140℃ reg. auto. stop
20 bar / 295 PSI
165 kg/h
0.6 lt/h
25 lt
15.5 lt / 25 working hours
10 lt (2 containers)5 lt
77 cm (W) x 140 cm (L)
x 100 cm (H)
Up to 3 Years
2 x gun max 10 Bar
8.5 bar / 125 PSI
86 kg/h
2 lt/h
20 lt
20 lt / 10 working hours
0 lt
70 cm (W) x 106 cm (L)
x 102 cm (H)
Sold as additional components
Regular controllers
1 year
2 x gun max 9 Bar
10 bar / 146 PSI
50 kg/h
3.4 lt/h
24 lt
24 lt / 7 working hours
5 lt
75 cm (W) x 120 cm (L)
x 104 cm (H)
Sold as additional components
Regular controllers
1 year

Our Main Products

Fortador PRO Max
Most powerful
Diesel Steam Cleaner
with Vacuum

20 bar / 295 PSI
Fortador PRO
Industrial Steam Cleaner

16 bar / 235 PSI
Fortador Volt Electra
Fully electric steam cleaner
with vacuum

12 bar / 175 PSI
Portable Steam Cleaner
Fortador Volt Mini
Portable steam cleaner

7 bar /100 PSI
Powerbank for car steam cleaner
Fortador Powerbank
mobile power source
Fortador Car Wash Van for auto detailing
Fortador Cargo Slider
Fortador Self Wash
Steam Car Wash Station
Mobile Car wash
Van equipment set
Cleaning Chemicals

Save Up To $4000 Per Year With Fortador Pro Line

When deciding to buy our machine, you can SAVE UP TO 4000 USD a year on fuel alone. So if you decide to finance your unit – 6 months are already covered by efficiency of Lamborghini burner. The return on investment from the beginning will take place in less than a year, and you can think about buying another machine to grow your business without worrying about finances! Choose wisely and protect our planet with low CO2 emission.
& Features
1 working hour/ Fuel consumption
1 working hour/8 h shift
Daily Cost at $3.3/Gallon
Monthly Cost at $3.3/Gallon
Yearly Cost at $3.3/Gallon
0.6 l / 0.15 G
4,8 l / 1.26 G
2,4 l / 0.6 G
19.2 l / 5.07 G
Kyle Bryant
Hi-Definition Auto Detailing, Austin, TX
Thank you for the great tool, I like my Fortador Pro and hope to get more in a few months.
Gerard Suico
Miami, FL
I was so excited to get my equipment, and i was the second customer in FL who got the machine, special offer covers all my expenses for delivery and now are starting make money with my steamer.
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