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Yvan Lacroix

mobile detailing van for car washingapplying ceramic coating on car steering wheel

Yvan Lacroix

Detailer Business Coach, Canada


With over 40 years experience in the detailing industry ( Formerly Brand Ambassador for Lake Country Manufacturing, VP of Opti-Coat, Global Director if training for Optimum Polymer Tecnologies, founder of the Répare-Brise franchises...) I tour the world sharing my passion for efficiency, quality, and profitability. If you work in any capacity in the detailing world, I can help you raise your quality of life, the quality of your details, and profits, while lowering the time you spend detailing, your costs, and come-backs.


Hobbies & Interests


Previous experience

Detailers Business Academy

Lake Country Manufacturing, Inc.

Opti-Coat LLC

Repare-brise inc.


Writing History

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