The Final Touch: Unveiling the 3 Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning

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October 29, 2023

Construction Complete: Navigating the 3 Phases of Cleaning Success

The final nail has been driven, the last coat of paint has dried, and the dust has settled. Your construction project is finally complete, and the next crucial step in the journey begins – the post-construction cleaning process. Whether you're a builder, property manager, or homeowner, ensuring a seamless transition from the chaos of construction to the comfort of occupancy is paramount.

In this article, we'll take you through the three essential phases of post-construction cleaning success, from the initial deep cleaning to the final polishing touches. Discover how to navigate the intricacies of the post-construction cleaning process and transform your project site into a pristine and inviting space.

Key Takeaways:

Post-Construction Cleaning: Crucial for safety and cleanliness, removing hazards and dust.

Three Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning:

  • Rough Cleaning: Initial debris removal and prep.
  • Light Cleaning: Detailed, thorough cleaning.
  • Touch Up Cleaning: Final, spotless finish.

Professional Service Benefits:

Enhance Safety, Efficient Cleaning, Proper Debris Disposal, Time Savings for faster project completion and occupancy.

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 Post Construction Cleaning

What is Post Construction Cleaning?

Post construction cleaning, as the name implies, refers to all the cleaning done following construction. It is necessary for the owners to move in without it. Not only will the residual dust appear unclean, but it will harm the interior and have an adverse effect on your health.

Because of this, post-construction cleanup is seen as a crucial component of the building process. One issue that comes to mind is that, as it pertains to the post-construction phase, the construction agency should be in charge of it. However, this is untrue. There is a whole organization dedicated to handling cleanup after construction.

Why is Post Construction Cleanup Process Important?

There are many materials that could result in serious accidents when construction projects are underway. There's a good possibility that debris from construction site will cause harm to someone. To protect your family's safety as well as the safety of your employees. Particles of all kinds are emitted while building is underway.

These particles could include dangerous poisons and silicates that could hurt your lungs. It will also have an adverse effect on the health and cause breathing problems for any elderly residents in your home. For this reason, it is advised that you clean up when your construction work is over.

Before selecting a post-construction cleaning service, it is important to understand its phase. A cleaning firm with experience will assist you in clearing the area of any mess. They also offer a special facility for the disposal of legal matters. They will be in charge of collecting and disposing of all the waste generated during construction.

You can make use of the space on your land that is available by performing a post-construction service.

Three Phases of Post Construction Cleaning

Rough Cleaning post construction

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

In this first stage of the post-cleaning service, all dust and debris are removed and cleaned by the cleaners. Your space is inspected by the cleaning crew when you employ them to handle post-construction cleaning.

They will sketch up a plan and work from that to begin their project. The cleaners will clean all of the sliding glass doors and windows during this period.

The plumbing and electrical wire framework are completed before this step. Following the conclusion of this stage, you can paint and lay flooring in your room. The cleaners will remove all large items that are unable to vacuum during this phase.

During this phase, they will also remove the stickers and most dust particles from your cupboards, windows, and doors. They will begin working on the subsequent phase after the first is finished.

Light Cleaning post construction

Phase 2: Light Cleaning

Of the three stages of post-construction cleaning, this one requires more attention. Many tools and pieces of equipment are employed at this step. Compared to the other three phases, this one takes longer. The kitchen and bedroom areas receive extra attention from the cleaners during this period.

This step involves cleaning the installed fixtures, including the sinks, cupboards, and toilets. You will receive all the equipment you need from the cleaning company.

The cleaners focus on cleaning baseboards, door frames, mirrors, and anything else at this stage. With the use of vacuum cleaners, they cleaned and mopped the floors. The painters will meticulously clean the baseboard and the cabinets from top to bottom.

The cleaners utilize a variety of tools, such as neutral cleansers and microfiber towels, during this step. They focus more so as not to compromise the condition of your floor. These factors lead people to employ post-cleaning services.

Touch Up Cleaning post construction

Phase 3: Touch Up Cleaning

The most crucial and last stage of post-construction cleaning is this one. After a few days of light cleaning, it's finished. It takes the cleaners 5-7 days to pinpoint the locations where the majority of the dirt is found. This stage takes some time to finish.

In this stage, they will remove every trace of fingerprints, stain, and smudge that is still on your surface. At this stage, the cleaners will vacuum the carpets, mop the floors, and clean the garage area. They give your house a finishing touch and inspect the entire area to ensure that no corner is overlooked.

Most cleaning companies offer this service for residential, commercial, custom-built, and condominium spaces. Along with these additional services, this cleaning package also covers window washing, tile and grout deep cleaning, power washing, and many other services. The extra services could vary depending on the agency.

Post Construction Clean Yourself

How To Post Construction Clean Yourself

Most people employ a post-construction cleaning company, but if you need to clean a tiny area and don't have much money, you can attempt cleaning it yourself.

1. You must first sweep and vacuum the walls and surfaces throughout your house.

2. You then need to sweep and mop your floors to disinfect them. If you have a vacuum, you can utilize it.

3. You should clean the doorknobs, furnishings, and other fixtures that are installed in your house.

4. You then need to clean and sterilize every appliance in your kitchen and bathroom. Additionally, you ought to clean your home's worktops and cabinets.

5. Make an effort to vacuum and wipe off your home's inside. Vacuum all electrical appliances, including fans, lights, and vents. After cleaning your closets, clear your house of all rubbish and garbage.

It is important that you look after yourself when cleaning. After construction is completed, there may be wires and bolts left on your floors, so you should exercise extra caution. When cleaning your home, go for environmentally friendly products.

Even still, we advise you to work with a professional cleaner as they possess years of training and expertise in this area. You may decide to clean it yourself or hire a pro, depending on the situation.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Why You Should Hire Post Construction Cleaning Services

Building owners, contractors, and anybody else who uses the facility after it opens can all benefit greatly from hiring professional cleaners to handle the post-construction cleanup process.

1. Safety and Cleanliness

A building site that has been cleaned up is one that is safer. A professional cleaning service team has the necessary expertise to get rid of any garbage that might be lying about. Occasionally, the construction team may not be diligent in their cleanup efforts, leaving behind potentially harmful objects like nails. It takes more work to get rid of the large amount of dust that the work generates.

For people who are inexperienced or lack the necessary skills to perform the task safely, the cleanup process can potentially be harmful. Using potentially risky equipment or handling toxic cleaning chemicals are common requirements of the work.

2. Proper Equipment

Much more is needed for cleanup on a construction site than just a broom and dustpan. To do the task, specific instruments and equipment are needed, such as trucks, trailers, carpet cleaning machines, extractors, burnishers, and floor scrubbers. Wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) is often necessary for workers to avoid coming into contact with or breathing in hazardous materials.

Professional cleaning services have all the cleaning equipment required to dispose of waste materials of any kind in a safe and effective manner. Additionally, it is skilled at spotting concealed problems that inexperienced employees are inclined to overlook. The cleanup crew is aware of where to look for invisible dirt and debris that could cause issues if left behind.

3. Proper Debris Disposal

Removing the debris is just half the fight. It's also critical to understand proper disposal methods. In order to prevent a potentially expensive infraction, businesses might also need to abide by state and municipal legislation or OSHA's waste disposal requirements, depending on the kinds of materials they use.

Expert cleaning services are aware of how to properly dispose of the different types of garbage that can be found on building sites. The workers are aware of whether the waste can be dumped in a landfill or recycled. Additionally, they are able to identify whether the items they are dealing are poisonous or hazardous and need particular management. The business will frequently have to separate different substances and get them ready for different disposal procedures.

4. Time Savings

Owners of commercial buildings typically wish to start up their new business as soon as possible. They can begin making money more quickly the sooner they can get up and running. To maintain the project's timeliness and on schedule, contractors will need to put in a lot of effort. Getting behind raises their expenses and makes building owners upset.

Post-construction cleanup businesses can complete the task swiftly and within the allotted time period because they specialize in carrying out this meticulous work. Due to their efficiency, they also do tasks accurately the first time and avoid missing any details that could necessitate going back to the site or performing time-consuming retakes.

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