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February 20, 2023

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Best disinfectant tools | Industrial sanitizer machine

In a world full of germs, bacteria and viruses, powerful cleaning solutions are important to sanitize surfaces. If you are in a cooking business, it is crucial to have sanitizing jobs to help maintain the surfaces clean. In this article, we will present you with cleaning products, and equipment to use to sanitize different facilities.

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Cleaning solutions

There are many disinfectants on the market of cleaning equipment, so it is always a good idea to do your research. The most basic sanitizers on the market would be your normal bleach and ammonia solutions.

What sanitizers are approved for restaurants?

A list of approved cleaner products used on food surfaces includes chlorine peroxyacid acid iodate, quaterary ammonium and quatium. It can also be purchased in a wide variety of varieties or concentrated forms.

high temperature fogger for disinfection

What temperature is required to disinfect equipment?

The typical steam-sterilizing temperature is 122° C (250° F) and 132° C (270°F). This temperature (or other high temperature)830 is required to keep it within an optimal amount of time to kill micro-organisms.

What are the five procedures in sanitizing equipment?

The general methods of cleaning are as follows:

  • Using the prescrape tool to remove food waste.
  • Wash using hot solution of approved detergents.
  • Rinse with fresh water.
  • Sanitization is done with an appropriate chemical mixture or hot (170° F) water.
  • Cool down and re-use.

Best disinfectant spray options

The best disinfecting sprayers that will guarantee to tackle on dirt and address all the safety needs for your facility and guests to be safe are the ones that contain alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

The are many pre mixed chemicals that are meant to keep surfaces clean and free of viruses and bacteria. These sprayers are only great for in between sanitizing, however, so we still recommend you invest in a professional equipment.

Lysol disinfectant sprayers
Lysol disinfectant sprayers

Lysol disinfectant sprayers

This spray rose to its peak when cleaning the surfaces of your business, schools and homes from germs and bacteria was a crucial part to protect your health as well as others. At a very fair price, the sanitizing spray kills over 100 germs, including the ones that can cause Covid-19, the cold, flu, upper respiratory infection and more.

You can find a link to the sanitizer here

Clorox disinfecting mist
Clorox disinfecting mist

Clorox disinfecting mist

This mist works just like the others on the market, but it also has a nice smell to it. With a 3 in 1 formula, it acts as a fabric refresher, disinfectant, and odor eliminator.

  • Multi-surface use
  • Continuous spray of liquid technology
  • Aerosol free
  • Reusable sprayer

You can find a link to buy here

portable sanitizing steamer for commercial use

Sanitizing jobs with steam cleaning equipment

Fortador Volt Mini

The Fortador Volt MINI is perfect for low-traffic car washes, homeowners, individual detailers, and cleaning and disinfection service providers. For cleaning and sanitizing a number of items, including houses, workplaces, medical facilities, many various kinds of commercial organizations, as well as all kinds of automobiles, steam cleaning has recently emerged as the method of choice.

Steam cleaning is eco-friendly since it can clean and deodorize a variety of surfaces with little to no additional detergent or other agents. The primary benefit data of steaming is its capacity to eliminate and kill over 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens. For many different cleaning tasks, using a sizable diesel-powered seamer is not viable.

High temperature and pressure

This equipment is able to kill bacteria at 338 degrees Fahrenheit, while giving you 101.5 psi power of steam, making it a great disinfectant and deodorizer at the same time. At such a high temperature, the steam cleaner is even able to tackle on mold!


The disinfectant machine is made out of high strength AISI 304 stainless steel, making it a very durable tool.

different accessories for volt mini


The equipment comes with a great selection of accessories and attachments for any type of sanitizing job

How to disinfect surfaces with a steam cleaner?

Before starting any disinfecting jobs, make sure that the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned. The steam cleaner is able to clean and disinfect the surface at the same time.

If you are cleaning the kitchen equipment, begin by getting rid of any residues and burned food particles off the surfaces. The Volt Mini has small brushes that can be attached to the hose and help you gently scrub away any dirt with the use of a chemical or without.

After you get the surfaces clean, steam clean any everything in the area, including floors, sinks, kitchen appliances, tables and etc.

How do you sanitize equipment without a steam cleaner?

When cleaning kitchen equipment or kitchen appliances use water or bleach. Keep your tool in plastic or metal storage bags to prevent contaminants from spreading.

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