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June 5, 2023

How Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Machines Improve Hygiene and Sanitation

Restroom cleaning can be a very tedious job. Combination of water and steam from the shower lead to bacteria and germs to produce in your bathroom. That is why it is important to clean your sink, toilet, and other everyday use areas at least once a week.

It can be hard trying to figure out which bathroom cleaning supplies are best to achieve a clean and disinfected bathroom. In this article, we will talk about all the necessary tools for bathroom cleaning and the machines on the market that will help you in achieving a spotless bathroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a bathroom cleaning machine based on your budget and the type of bathroom you are cleaning. Commercial machines are suitable for public facilities, while portable options work for home use.
  • Steam cleaners are versatile and eco-friendly, like the Fortador Volt Mini.
  • Pressure washers, such as the CR2 Touch Free Cleaning Machine, are effective for grout and toilets.

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Bathroom cleaning machines

cleaning bathroom with machine

There are variety of machines that can help you achieve clean bathrooms more efficiently. If you have a lot of bathrooms in your home, or you are cleaning restrooms in the office, it is best you use a dedicated machine in order to speed up the process and perform a deeper clean.

To decide what is the best option for you, you need to decide how much money you are willing to pay for such a lifetime investment, as well as what you will be using the equipment for. If you are looking for something to clean public facilities, a powerful commercial machine would be useful. You should search for something with a lot of attachments for different problem areas and a long built in hose that will be easy to manipulate around a big bathroom area.

If you are choosing a tool for bathroom home cleaning, then a portable and easy to store machine will something you are interested in.

Steam cleaners

One of the easiest machines to use for bathroom cleaning is a steamer. The steam generator simultaneously cleans your area as well as disinfects it. It is safe to use on any surfaces and does not require any harsh chemicals in order to have clean restrooms.

Fortador Volt Mini bathroom steam cleaner

fortador volt mini for bathroom cleaning with cart

It can be confusing choosing a good steam cleaner on the market when there are so many options. If you are looking for a compact, powerful, and environmentally friendly unit, I would recommend to checkout the Fortador Volt Mini.

toilet cleaning with steam

This machine can battle any grime you might have in your bathroom. It is efficient to clean the restroom floors with the mop attachment included in the accessory kit. Any spills or foot prints on tile are effectively removed with steam without damaging the floor with chemicals. Steam is a more efficient cleaning equipment than a regular mop due to its versatility and power.

You can also use the Volt Mini on a bathroom carpet, any porous surfaces, and hard to reach areas. Heat and pressure are the main cleaning agents of the steamer that is why it is safe to use on many surfaces for an easy restroom cleaning, even while post construction cleaning

If you are interested in this gadget, visit our company website to find out more details about the steamer and other cleaning products.

Pros and Cons of Volt Mini steamer

  • many tools included for bathroom cleaning with a dedicated bag
  • disinfects restroom areas
  • portable
  • minimal training is required to use the steamer
  • free delivery (always in stock)
Pressure washer

Pressure washer is very useful for bathroom cleaning. It is powerful enough to clean grout lines and can be use to clean toilets. Because of the high pressure, it is useful for cleaning dirt and other debris in your bathtub.

Learn more about best industrial steam mops in our detailed guide.

CR2 Restroom Cleaning System

CR2 Restroom Cleaning System

One of the best pressure washers on the market is the CR2 Touch Free Cleaning Machine that also has a powerful vacuum system. It includes variety of attachments like the gun gulper tool, head wand with a squeegee, quickdri blower tool, and more.

This cleaner is able to break loose dirt with many provided cleaning tools. From the spray gun that can be used to clean out grout, to microfiber towel that can be applied to remove soap scum, the tools provided help to speed up the process without buying additional cleaning products like mops and vacuums.

CR2 Touch Free Cleaning Machine

The features of this power washer allows to clean many dirty and hard surfaces without getting in contact with any of the grime and making the labor of cleaning it more pleasant. This no touch tool will keep you from getting your hands dirty and your bathroom absolutely spotless.

Pros and Cons of CR2 bathroom cleaning machine

  • includes variety of cleaning equipment with a bag for them
  • provides cleaning without touches
  • has a powerful vacuum
  • cleans out grout

Other bathroom cleaning supplies

There are other cleaning equipment that is recommended for restroom cleaning that might be useful. The apparatuses can't always get in small places and can require a different cleaning agents to battle some of the dirty surfaces.


mcrofiber towels for bathroom cleaning

You should always have a couple of microfibers in your home for any type of cleaning. A microfiber is a great tool sink cleaner as well as glass and counter tops.


squeegee, cleaning, blue

A squeegee is a must for achieving a spotless mirror in your bathroom. It is a useful wand for streak free finish on your mirrors or windows.

Wand caddy system

mop for bathroom cleaning

Every bathroom should have a wand caddy system. To keep your toilet clean you need to use this tool every single time you are in the toilet.

Cleaning bathroom floors guide

Cleaning spray

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner

It is important to have a cleaning spray like the Lysol All Purpose Cleaner. For a place like the restroom that is filled with bacteria, a disinfecting spray is an absolute must to use anytime on the affected areas.


bathroom, luxury, luxury bathroom

It can be hard and tedious to achieve clean bathrooms in your home or your working place. The market flooding with different recommended machines for restroom cleaning certainly makes it even harder.

Choosing of the preferred equipment can be easy after conducting a review of all the things that you want the machine to perform for your restroom cleaning. In a search for a machine that effectively deep cleans restrooms remember to keep in mind what type of restroom you are looking to clean and the budget that you have. There are a lot of machines that have been developed to satisfy every need and complete any jobs you need to do.

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