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April 25, 2023

How to clean quickly your house | Fast cleaning tips

Cleaning your house can be a very time consuming task. The key to always coming home to a clean house is staying on top of frequent speed cleaning.

The speed cleaning method involves very small tasks that can be done is a very timely manner. These small tasks are things like vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping the floor, and other minuscule practices.

In this article, we will provide a guide to navigate you through a speed clean to make a tidy home, suggest different tips that will help you make a cleaning job easier, and give a list of tools you will need.

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How to speed clean

Speed cleaning focuses on surfaces so a lot of supplies is not required.

Cleaning products
Cleaning products

Cleaning products

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Steam cleaner
  • Clean magic eraser
  • Dust bunnies or feather duster
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Window cleaners
order of fast cleaning

Order of cleaning

Speed cleaning basically gives and impression that you have deep cleaned your whole house for hours. Therefore, you should start cleaning at the doorway. That's where visitors get their first impressions, and it's what greets you when you arrive home. You will then proceed to the rooms in your home that are more "public," such as the kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom.

Finish up your fast cleaning in the private spaces of other bathrooms and bedrooms. You can also close the doors to any sections you don't have time to access by completing the tasks in this order.

entry way of speedy cleaning
Entry way

The Entry Way

Start by gathering any clutter in a basket and set it aside. While you are at it, pick up and throw away any trash you find.

Spray the doorknob with all purpose cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Vacuum any debris and dust you see.

living room fast cleaning

Living Room

Regardless of whether you refer to it as a living room, parlor, sitting room, or lounge, this is the space where you host guests. Getting it organized and clutter-free gives the appearance that the remainder of your house is similarly organized. Even if you never have guests, you'll have a space to unwind by yourself.

Learn more about cleaning of furniture.


Gather and throw away all the trash, like junk mail, and collect any clutter that does't belong in this room.

Dust any books, magazines, picture frames, and other decorative items on the tabletops.

Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe all horizontal surfaces.

Make sure to dust any areas that you might overlook like ceiling fans, upper shelves

Neaten any pillows and sofa cushions and fold the blankets.

Vacuum the floor and mop any high traffic areas.

kitchen fast cleaning


Everything in the kitchen is more enjoyable when it is clean, including preparing meals and making tea. Speed cleaning this area will definitely save you the embarrassment of a dirty kitchen infant of your guests.

Check full guide of kitchen cleaning


Empty the kitchen sink and use a microfiber cloth and dish soap to scrub it. Rinse it after you are done.

Using a dry cloth buff water spots on the window that is above the sink. Do the same with the faucet.

Spray hard surfaces with all purpose cleaner and wipe them clean. Do the same with the stove top.

Sweep or vacuum the floor. If you notice any stains on the floor, mix hot water with dish soap and scrub the spot with a microfiber dipped in that solution.

fast cleaning of bathroom


Regardless of the restroom your visitors use, make an additional effort. Concentrate on removing odor sources and thoroughly cleaning high-touch surfaces.


Put away any creams, hair products, and other tools that you might have on the countertop.

Use an all purpose cleaner or a disinfectant to wipe the countertop, tank, and the base of the toilet from dirt. Scrub any from products stains you might see.

Spray the toilet bowl and toiler seat with a disinfectant. After letting it sit for a couple of minutes, wipe it clean and use a brush tool to scrub the toilets

Wipe mirrors with a microfiber and window cleaner.

Vacuum or sweep the bathroom.

bedroom fast cleaning


If you are cleaning for short-term visitors, it is not necessary to clean the bedroom. You can just make the bed and go about your day.

If you are cleaning for family members, speed cleaning should be done here as well.


Pick up any messes around this room. This could be picking dirty clothes up and putting them in the laundry basket.

Make the bed and fluff the pillows.

Put away items that are on the nightstand or the dresser. Clean the dirt on these spots with a microfiber.

Finish up by vacuuming the area.

tps for fast cleaning

Four tips for speed cleaning

We have provided the guide to make you spend less time cleaning and now we will talk about how to maintain a tidy house and other tips that can help your cleaning process.

1. Candles

Invest into a lot of candles. Speed them around your house and light them up whenever you feel like the air in your home is not fresh.

2. Don't leave stuff for later

Everyone tends to leave everything on their dresser or chair when they get home. Change such terrible habit and put your stuff away in the designated place right away.

3. Invest in a self-cleaning vacuum

If you are a person that doesn't enjoy cleaning and doesn't want to do it often, get a self-cleaning vacuum like Roomba.

All you have to do is click a button for this machine to clean.

4. Separate small tasks

Instead of waiting until your home is dirty to the point where you have to clean, do small tasks everyday. For example, clean the toilets in your home one day, and the mirrors another. This will ensure that you don't have much stuff to clean all in one day.

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