Managing Your Dog's Heat: Cleaning Tips and Health Insights

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September 24, 2023

Steam Away the Challenges: House Cleaning Strategies for Dog Heat Season

You will probably witness your female dog's first heat cycle if she isn't spayed when she's still a puppy. Females enter heat as early as six months of age, and you may anticipate it to last significantly longer than the standard human menstrual cycle of five days.

Because a dog can remain in heat for up to four weeks, keeping your house clean can be disastrous if you are unprepared. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to keep your dog content and comfortable while maintaining the cleanliness of your furniture and flooring. For more information on avoiding a mess when your dog is in heat, keep reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the Heat Cycle: Learn the four phases of a female dog's heat cycle, crucial for effective management.
  • Cleanliness Tips: Discover practical advice to maintain a clean home during your dog's heat, including using doggy diapers, avoiding carpets, and using disposable wipes.
  • Health and Spaying: Consider spaying for health benefits and consult your vet for timing. It's vital to address your dog's unique needs during this period.

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Dog Heat Cycle

The Heat Cycle

The canine heat cycle has the following four phases:

Proestrus stage: lasts three to 17 days, marks the beginning of the dog's heat phase, during which time the body is getting ready to mate.

Estrus: Also known as being "in heat" or "in season," this is the time when a female can get pregnant.

Diestrus: This stage, which follows ovulation in females, can last anywhere between 60 and 90 days.

Anestrus: The time between heat cycles during which the dog's reproductive system is dormant.

Your dog will bleed or secrete vaginal fluid while in estrus.

Different canines may bleed to different degrees.

At this time, you should keep a tight eye on your dog's cleanliness to keep her from leaving blood stains all over the house. However, I understand. It would be impossible to always watch over her!

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to lessen problems and maintain a clean home while your dog is in heat.

Dogs In Heat Behavior

When a dog is in heat, they release a bloody discharge that can get on your furniture, floors, and everything else they sleep on. This discharge can also penetrate into their fur. Additionally, due to heightened hormone activity, dogs in heat will urinate a little more frequently, increasing their likelihood of having indoor accidents.

As they search for a partner, they grow disturbed and restless. If other dogs are nearby, they might gnaw and scratch at doors to get away and meet up with them.

Best Expert Tips for Female Dog Pet Owners

Best Expert Tips for Female Dog Pet Owners

1. Put Your Female Dog In Diapers

When a female dog is in heat, one of the most popular ways to keep your home tidy is to put her in diapers—and no, we're not talking about Pampers or Huggies! For female dogs, special washable doggy diapers are available to keep any messes contained. These diapers are fantastic for female dogs that are in heat, but they are also useful for housebreaking and for dogs that urinate when they are scared or agitated.

You can also get disposable dog diapers for female dogs if you don't want to wash your dog's diapers. Keep in mind that you must make sure the dog diapers you buy are for female dogs. A female dog will not benefit as much from a male dog's diaper because they are made differently.

2. Keep Your Furry Friend Away From Carpet

Regardless of the color of your carpet, you should avoid letting your dog get into heat on a dirty surface. The musty dog smell most likely is coming from your carpet if you let your dog step on it while in heat. You may greatly simplify cleanup by keeping your dog contained in a room with hard surfaces as much as possible.

A three to four-week heat cycle is a long time, so making sure your dog doesn't feel lonely is important. Any room or area with a hard surface will work, and you can keep your dog contained with a baby gate to prevent them from feeling completely confined.

3. Cover Your Dog's Bed

Particularly if you have a larger dog or a dog bed that doesn't have a removable cover, dog mattresses are not always simple to wash. You may prevent stains from being left behind by covering your dog's bed with old towels or bedding. Make sure they are set aside just for this use.

4. Use Slip Covers On Furniture

While confining your dog to a single room is a smart idea in theory, in practice it can be difficult. To prevent your dog from leaving stains on your furniture, cover it with slipcovers that are simple to clean. You can quickly and easily clean up after a spill by using waterproof slipcovers rather than constantly washing them in the washing machine.

Cover Your Dog's Bed

5. Clean With Disposable Wipes

Although your dog should typically do a fantastic job of keeping herself clean, she could occasionally require a little extra assistance. In addition to removing extra bloody output, using disposable wipes can help minimize the stench of a dog in heat. Remember that your dog's vulva will be delicate, and you should only use natural wipes designed for that purpose.

6. Take Your Dog Outside

Did you know that when a female dog is in heat, they go potty more frequently? This is so that female dogs can signal and attract male dogs that they are ready to mate by releasing hormones and pheromones that attract them when they are in heat.

While it's important to make sure you take your female dog outside for bathroom breaks more frequently than usual to prevent messes inside, keep them away from a busy area like a dog park. Your female dog will attract a male dog looking to breed!

7. Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

During your dog's heat cycle, you will unavoidably have to clean up blood and/or urine. Your best option if that is the case is to use an enzymatic cleaning. Due to the presence of natural enzymes that are activated by pet scents and stains, this type of cleaner is substantially more effective than a conventional household cleaner.

In order to prevent your pet from feeling the urge to mark in the same location, the organic debris and ammonia crystals that are present in bloody vaginal discharge and urine are subsequently expelled.

Keep Your Dog Entertained

8. Get Your Dog Spayed

The best thing you can do for your female dog if you don't intend to breed her is to have her spayed as soon as possible. Once a female dog reaches sexual maturity, you may anticipate her to go into heat twice a year, though certain breeds can go into heat more frequently. In the beginning, this might happen even more frequently.

There is strong evidence that spaying your female dog lowers the incidence of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and uterine malignancies, despite the fact that some people view having your dog spayed or neutered as a personal decision. If you do this before your dog enters their first heat cycle, the hazards to their health are even lower.

9. Protect Furniture

A slipcover's additional layer of defense stops stains. You may purchase waterproof slipcovers for any piece of furniture so that they don't absorb any blood into the upholstery if you don't have a room with hard ground or just want to let your dog get warm on the couch. Before allowing your dog to sit on the furniture, simply slide the slipcover over it. Simply remove the covering and wipe it clean if your dog slobbers a little blood.

10. Keep Your Dog Entertained

To keep her from being bored and mischievous, your dog will want extra care. Your dog might want to cuddle up or crave more affection from you because she wants to mate while she's in heat. Spend some time playing and petting your dog while she's in heat to show her some additional affection. Otherwise, if your dog becomes bored, she can become stressed out and cause a mess.[6] Buy your dog a couple fresh chew toys so she won't gnaw on anything else in the house.

Try caressing your dog for three seconds and then stopping to observe how she reacts since your dog's behavior can alter. Keep petting your dog if she's still acting affectionate.

11. Keep Her in a Crate

It might be difficult to maintain comfort and calm around a dog in heat. If your dog is crate trained, keeping her in her crate will help you manage this period. This will provide her with a secure place to unwind far from any potential suitors.

Given that your dog may be spending a lot of time inside, make sure the crate is big enough for her to stand up and turn around more comfortably. The location of the crate in the house should be peaceful and low-traffic.

Your dog will need to go potty frequently, and if she's feeling worried, she might also need more frequent potty breaks. You may assist your dog in passing through her heat cycle comfortably and safely with a little time and attention.

An excellent approach to stop a filthy dog in heat from racing around the house while you are away is with a crate. However, restrict the time she spends in the box to only when you are gone. It would be cruel to keep her in the crate throughout her period of menstruation.

Otherwise, keep her in rooms with easy-to-clean flooring, like laminate, tile, or vinyl.

How To Keep Your House From Smelling Like a Dog


Vacuum at least once a week. Dog hair makes the house smell a dog pound if you don't vacuum it often. We recommend using Dyson Animal vacuum, or any other alternative to be able to pick up all hair and dog dandrum.

Use Baking Soda to Help Deodorize Area Rugs

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming instead of using harmful carpet deodorizers. Any smells still present in the carpet fibers will be eliminated with baking soda.

Just in case, test a small hidden section of your carpet before cleaning the entire house.

The strong chemicals included in many commercial deodorizers could hurt your dog. Consider the fact that your dog spends the entire day barefoot on your carpets. Additionally, he consumes anything is on your floor when he licks his paws.


If you are fortunate enough to have tile or wood, cleaning up the dirt and dog hair is as simple as sweeping or vacuuming. Utilize a mop and the proper cleaning as a follow-up.

portable home steam cleaner

Steam Clean

Every year, have a professional steam clean your carpet. You might not need to steam clean the carpets every year if you keep your dogs clean, but keep an eye out for indicators that your carpet is beginning to look worn.

You can also easily steam clean your home yourself! Our Fortador Volt Mini steamer is a perfect solution to clean pet stains and more. Every pet owner can appreciate such a powerful and easy solution for all doggy accidents.

Air Purifier

An air purifier is frequently used to help people breathe who have allergic reactions or other respiratory issues. However, pet dander and other odors can also be removed from your house with an air purifier.

Clean Dog Toys

Cleaning your dog's toys will keep them fresher-smelling and safer for your dog to play with. Just submerge them in soapy water, Dawn soap, or a vinegar/water mixture. Rinse them thoroughly, then put them back in your dog's toy box.

In conclusion

navigating the challenges of house cleaning during the dog heat season requires a combination of proactive planning, consistent maintenance, and understanding the unique needs of our furry companions.

By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, such as regular grooming, using pet-friendly cleaning products, and establishing a cleaning routine, you can keep your home clean, fresh, and comfortable for both you and your beloved canine companion.

Remember, a clean home not only promotes a healthier living environment but also strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged family member. So, embrace these house cleaning strategies, enjoy the heat season with your dog, and relish the joy of a spotless and pet-friendly home.


Bathe Your Dog During a Heat Cycle

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog During a Heat Cycle?

Only if your dog starts to smell awful or becomes obviously unclean during her heat cycle should you give her a wash to get your dog smelling fresh. Her skin and dog hair may get dry and lose its natural oil balance if she takes too many baths. Use a mild dog shampoo and avoid getting water in her ears if you must bathe her. Her vulva and hindquarters should be treated with great care.

When should You consider spaying your female dog to avoid heat cycles?

Consult with your veterinarian about the appropriate time for spaying. Generally, spaying can be done before your dog's first heat cycle to prevent it altogether, or after her heat cycle, as advised by your vet.

Remember that each dog's heat cycle is unique, so adapting your cleaning routine and strategies to your specific situation is important in keeping your home clean and your dog comfortable during this time.

Walk Your Dog When She's in Season

Can You Walk Your Dog When She's in Season?

While taking your dog for walks while she is in heat is normally safe, extra care must be taken to prevent unwanted attention from male canines. Avoid dog parks and other situations where other dogs might be off-leash by keeping her on a leash. Try to quietly and immediately remove her from the environment if you see any male canines exhibiting an interest in her.

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