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April 25, 2023

House cleaning moving out and moving in procedures

Move out cleaning be stressful if not done right. If you are moving out of a rental property, making sure you get the security deposit back is one of the reasons why you should pay attention to how you proceed with your deep cleaning.

If you are still deciding whether you want to do all the hard work by yourself when moving out, find a guide below that will provide an overview of what you will have to do before giving the keys to the new owners and how professional cleaning services would do it.

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Cleaning supplies for move in/out services

home cleaning steamer fortador volt mini

Steam cleaners

Steam cleaning has become the preferred method for cleaning and sanitizing a variety of things, including all kinds of vehicles along with homes, offices, medical facilities and many different types of commercial businesses.

Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly as operators need little or no additional detergents or other agents to sanitize and deodorize many different surfaces. Steaming's biggest advantage is its ability to kill and remove more than 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs and other pathogens. We highly recommended the Fortador Volt Mini steam cleaner is great for people looking to take an extra step in disinfecting surfaces in their homes.

moin in and out checklist

Residential cleaning service cleaning checklist:

Checklists can be helpful in planning something as difficult as moving. Ideally a cleaning checklist should include all necessary tasks including moving around the house once you get everything out so that you do not leave any items. It gets more detailed when you do it yourself: dust, vacuuming, vacuuming, sanitizing hard surfaces and cleaning appliances.

  • cleaning of drawers and cabinets
  • sanitizing countertops, bathroom floors, furniture
  • cleaning of window frames
  • spot cleaning door frames, ceiling fans
  • removal of mold where it is needed
  • collecting dust from hard to reach objects like light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • clean walls
  • vacuuming and mopping all the floor surfaces, including spot cleaning rug floors
deep cleaning when moving out or moving in

Deep cleaning your rental property by yourself

Moving out and want to save money by hiring a moving company to help with packing and cleaning? It is possible to perform a house cleaning yourself, but it will take time and patience.

Prior to starting your deep cleaning, make sure that all your personal belongings have been packed Below, see a step-by-step process that a professional cleaning service would do for you.

collect all trash to throw away

1. Take out all the trash

If you have clutter that you are not taking with you, setting up a sale on OfferUp or simply throwing it out should be the first step to a clean home.

2. Thorough cleaning of floors and carpets

Without the furniture and clutter in your home, there is likely to be accumulation of various dust on the floor that has not been cleaned off. Take your time to sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. If you have wood floors, think about using a special solution to help you bring back the shine. If you have a carpet home, a deep cleaning is always nice for the new tenant, especially if your carpet floor is light.

cleaning light fxtures

3. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans

Many people forget that things on the ceiling need a cleaning too. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will do the job.

4. Clean sinks

Sinks can get dirty fast and develop rust if not taken care of on time. Standard cleaning with the right tools will save you a lot of time when the time comes. Steam cleaning the sink and the drain will help you get rid of the smell from the food processor.

cleaning walls hen moving out

5. Cleaning of walls

Walls need cleaning as much as your floors. Unless you have wallpapers, scrubbing your walls with a soap and water solution will help freshen them up.

Move out cleaning services

If you are a busy person and do not have time on your hands to do a house cleaning and packing, there are cleaning professionals who will ensure the new tenants will come to a clean house. The size of your house and the amount of dirty work will be the main factors in the pricing of the move out cleaning services.

In some cases, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to restructure an apartment or property for rent. This could also help protect you from securing your deposit in a rental house. Cleaning services are there to make your job easy. The cleaning services provided on your move will provide the best possible pre or post removal cleans possible.

Move in cleaning services

Moving to another house is an exciting new beginning. Nonetheless, your new house needs cleaning thoroughly to ensure that its occupants are safe. If there is no time to do house cleans you should always hire a professiomal move in cleaning service.

Whether or not you are in a new neighborhood, a Google search will give all the best move in cleaning services for you.It can take 1-2 days to get the cleaner to come visit the property. The cleaners will be done quickly and efficiently, as they can be contacted easily via the internet.

Move in cleaning by yourself with steam cleaners

You do not need to hire a cleaning company if the previous owners were nice enough to clean everything out or cleaning after small construction job. However, disinfecting your new home is never a bad idea to keep yout family safe. Below, find ways to clean different parts of the your new home.

Cleaning of floors

Depending on the type of flooring your new house will have, clean it accordingly. With a Fortador Volt MINI steam cleaner and the steam mop attachment, you will be able to deep clean them with ease.

steam cleaning of furniture

Cleaning of furniture

If you are moving into a furnished house, the furniture inside of it was probably not disinfected foy you.

Steam cleaning of wood furniture

For wood furniture, we recommend using a regular steam gun nozzle in one hand and a microfiber cloth in the other. If the wood looks somewhat old, be careful not to put the steam nozzle too close to the paint, so the pressure of it will not take off the paint.

mattress cleaning

Steam cleaning of sofas and mattresses

Mattresses can gather a lot of bacteria going through different tenants. With a triangular attachment, steam clean the mattress and let it dry before putting on new sheets on them.

Steam cleaning of the bathroom

Bathroom is the one place that needs a good cleaning. Our shower areas take a beating with frequent use as soap scum, hair products, bath oil, and body soil all combine to make the shining surface dull and dingy. That combination also provides a thriving environment for mold and mildew. Just because your previous tenant hired cleaning pros to clean your new house, it does not mean that the bacteria is completely gone.

Sinks and vanities can be tough to clean, but with a steam cleaner, it's a breeze. Attach a scrub brush to your Volt Mini steam cleaner.

If you can, detach the showerhead the previous evening and soak it in full-strength distilled vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve the minerals, while the force of the water when you turn the shower on will flush them out.

Place the small nozzle attachment on our steam cleaner to work on the showerhead, tub faucet, and water controls, paying attention to the areas where the fixtures meet the tile or tub surfaces. After you are through steaming, you can wipe down the fixtures to make them shine.

Attach a scrub brush to your Fortador Volt Mini. Pay particular attention to the faucets, especially the area behind the faucet and water controls as mineral deposits and gunk accumulate there. Splash clean water on the sink and faucets to eliminate the loosened dirt, and then wipe and polish the faucets and sink with a microfiber cloth. With just a steam cleaner, you have produced a sparkling clean surface along with a sparkling washbasin that will look like new.

if you want to deligate cleaning

Get a Free Customized Quote if you want to deligate move in/out cleaning

Moving services in a variety of areas can be easily found in a local cleaning business. A simple Google search will lead to countless professional services. Hiring a cleaning company team saves you time during the whole move and takes up all your cleanup tasks when it is settled. In addition to the above services, you can have an easier time maintaining cleanliness. The services include: apartment and condo cleaning.

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