Steam and Gleam: Eco-Friendly Handmade Rug Cleaning Methods

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August 20, 2023

Sustainable Solutions: Mastering Eco-Friendly Handmade Rug Cleaning

Rugs and carpets can trap a variety of particles that you'd prefer not to breathe in, whether you have pets or kids running around the house or you're just bringing dirt from your shoes inside. And let's not even talk about the stains.

Of course, you don't want the carpets that your cleaning products are supposed to clean to become even more contaminated with possibly dangerous materials. This is where using natural carpet cleaning is appealing.

From the vast realm of natural carpet cleaning, we gathered both do-it-yourself recipes and a few ready-to-buy goods. If you don't already have white vinegar, buying a bottle will open up a whole world of DIY natural cleaning solutions. Many of these can be prepared using products you probably already have at home or that are worth buying if you don't keep them on hand.

Always begin with a spot check when dealing with carpets. To make sure it won't stain your specific carpet fiber mix, test a small bit of whatever you're using in a discrete location. Make sure any product you choose will work with the fibers in your floor before purchasing. Additionally, always remember to dab or blot rather than massage stains because doing so can actually push them deeper into the fabric's fibers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Essential Rug Care: Proper cleaning preserves appearance, structure, and value. Regular cleaning removes dirt, allergens, and stains, ensuring longevity.
  • Eco-Friendly Benefits: Non-toxic cleaning maintains rug fibers and colors, promoting a healthier indoor environment. Sustainability is enhanced by reducing chemical impact.
  • Effective Steam Cleaning: High-temperature steam tackles tough stains, upholstery, and deep cleaning for handmade rugs. Minimizes chemical usage and preserves delicate fibers.

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 proper cleaning of handmade rugs

Why is proper cleaning important for maintaining the quality and longevity of handmade rugs?

Proper cleaning of handmade rugs not only enhances their appearance but also safeguards their structural integrity and overall value. It's an investment in both the rug's longevity and the well-being of the people who live in the space. Here are some reasons in detail:

1. Remove Dirt and Dust

Rugs gather dirt, dust, allergies, and other material from foot movement and the environment over time. If left untreated, these particles can embed themselves deeply within the fibers, leading to abrasion and degradation. These impurities are eliminated through thorough cleaning, protecting the rug's fibers from abrasion.

2. Allergen Control

Dust mites, pollen, and pet hair and dander are just a few allergens that area rugs can hold. The interior air quality of the area can be impacted by these allergens, which can also lead to allergies and respiratory issues. A healthy living environment is created by thorough cleaning, which helps remove allergies.

3. Stain removal

On rugs, accidental spills and stains are frequent. From spilled coffee, to pet stains, they are all hard to get rid off if not taken care of promptly.Stains can set into the fibers and become challenging to remove if not treated properly and soon, potentially resulting in irreversible harm. Stains can be successfully removed with the use of proper cleaning methods without endangering the rug's material.

4. Sustainability

Your use of environmentally friendly cleaning techniques helps promote a more sustainable way of life. While sustainable cleaning techniques put the health of the rug and the environment first, conventional cleaning techniques might release hazardous chemicals into the environment.

5. Prevention of Fiber Damage

When people walk over a rug, dust and dirt can act as abrasive agents, causing the fibers to break down. Fraying, thinning, and loss of pile height can result from this. The longevity of the rug is increased by routine washing, which stops this wear and tear.

cleaning methods for handmade rugs?

What are the advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning methods for handmade rugs?

There are many advantages to cleaning handmade rugs with eco-friendly techniques. These techniques make use of organic, non-toxic materials that are kind to the fibers and colors of the rug and preserve its beauty and longevity.

Additionally, by lowering exposure to harsh chemicals and allergens, eco safe cleaning helps to create a healthier interior atmosphere. By limiting the detrimental effects on ecosystems and water sources, it promotes sustainability.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

These are some of the most effective and straightforward non-toxic carpet cleaning options available in terms of the substances utilized. All of these methods have a simple cleaning process.

1. Water + Vinegar + Salt Mixture

Grab a sizable spray bottle, and fill it with a solution of two parts water to one part vinegar. (For example, you need half a cup of vinegar for every cup of water.) One teaspoon of salt is added for every cup of water once the water and vinegar are combined in the spray bottle. The salt helps bond the stain particles, therefore it serves no culinary purpose

Add approximately 10 drops of essential oil per cup of water to have a deodorizing effect. To prevent your carpet from getting stained, make sure to pick an essential oil that is clear rather than one that has any color to it. Depending on the aroma scene you want to create in the space, you may also try something like lime, peppermint, juniper, or geranium with your cleaning products.

Spray the mixture liberally over the soiled spot or the entire carpet after giving it a good shake to incorporate the ingredients. After letting it dry, vacuum over the area.

2. Baking Soda + Vinegar + Water Mixture

Start by covering the stained area with just baking soda. If you want to increase the deodorizing power even more, you can add a few drops of an essential oil that is colorless. The baking soda should be left on the rug fibers for a few hours, or even overnight.

Spray the vinegar and water combination over the baking soda after combining them in an equal amount in a spray bottle. You ought to get a pleasant fizzing effect. When the substance has finished fizzing, blot it up by patting the area with a cleaning rag. For especially difficult to remove spots, you might need to repeat the technique.

3. Salt + Borax + Vinegar Mixture

Starting with 14 cup of each, the Thriving Home blog advises mixing equal volumes of salt, borax, and vinegar in a small dish or other container. You'll have a paste after you're done, which you may then spread on your carpet.

Ideally, gloves should be used during this procedure, especially if you're cleaning up a messy mess (thanks, dogs). Please avoid touching bodily fluids with bare hands and wear gloves to reduce the spread of bacteria from the stain-causing substance and your skin's exposure to the irritating borax.

After you've rubbed the paste into the stained area, let it sit for a few hours or at least until it's dried. Make sure any children or pets in your home don't ingest the mixture. Then vacuum it up and away. After the paste is gone, if the stain is still present, you can scrub with a wet rag, which you can rinse periodically if this goes on for a while. After the water dries, vacuum again, just in case.

After applying the paste to the stained area, wait a couple hours or at least until it had enough time to air dry before moving on. Make sure no household pets or kids consume the combination. Then remove it and vacuum it up. If the stain persists after the paste has been removed, you can scrub it with a moist rag and rinse it repeatedly if necessary. Vacuum once again when the water has dried, just in case.

4. Steam Cleaning

Using plain, straight water to keep things clean is undoubtedly the simplest and most direct method. There is only one ingredient that is available from your faucet, so there are no dangerous chemical reactions or accidental consumption to be concerned about.

Most likely, you won't have the necessary equipment on hand right away to use this cleaning approach. However, Fortador Volt Mini steam cleaner allows you to bring professional-level steam cleaning into your home to quickly up your home-cleaning game if you're ready to invest in a new cleaning instrument.

Dry steam vapor is used by the Fortador Volt Mini to deep clean, deodorize, and sanitize. Along the way, the high-temperature steam eliminates small pests like dust mites and relaxes carpet strands to help them regain their loft. Apply the steam by passing a towel attached to a sizable floor brush over the area rug in two directions, much like you would when using a vacuum cleaner.

steam cleaning for cleaning carpets

Why is steam cleaning the most superior method for cleaning carpets?

In the realm of sustainabley rug cleaning methods, steam cleaning stands tall as a remarkably effective and sustainable choice. As homeowners and businesses increasingly prioritize environmentally conscious practices, the demand for methods that blend efficiency with low environmental impact has surged. Steam cleaning emerges as the frontrunner, tackling challenges such as stubborn stains, upholstery cleaning, and deep cleaning of handmade rugs with unparalleled prowess.

1. Eradicating Tough Stains

Stubborn stains, the bane of rug owners, require a method that penetrates deep into fibers for successful removal. Steam cleaning accomplishes this feat admirably. The process involves the use of high-temperature steam, which dislodges dirt, grime, and stains from the rug's fibers.

The heat effectively breaks down even the most tenacious stains, ensuring that your handmade rug retains its original beauty. Unlike traditional methods that might rely on harsh rug shampoos, steam cleaning requires minimal chemical usage, reducing the risk of damage to delicate fabrics and colors.

2. Comprehensive Upholstery Cleaning

Handmade rugs are often utilized as upholstery, covering furniture or adorning walls. These multi-functional textiles necessitate a cleaning method that caters to both their aesthetic appeal and practical utility. Steam cleaning excels in this aspect. With its ability to sanitize and cleanse, steam cleaning provides a holistic solution for maintaining the cleanliness of upholstery rugs.

By addressing cleaning needs comprehensively, steam cleaning ensures that handmade rugs continue to enhance the ambiance of any space without compromising on hygiene.

3. Catering to Carpet Cleaning Needs

Handmade rugs share commonalities with wall-to-wall carpets in terms of cleaning requirements. Both textiles demand thorough, deep cleaning to maintain their longevity and charm. Steam cleaning, which is widely acclaimed for its effectiveness in cleaning carpets, extends its prowess to handmade rugs.

The high-temperature steam not only extracts dirt but also eliminates dust mites and allergens that can compromise indoor air quality. In contrast to rug shampoos or detergents that can leave residues, steam cleaning leaves behind no chemical traces, ensuring the rug remains safe for your family and the environment.

4. Perseverance Of Delicate Carpet Fibers

One of the primary concerns when cleaning carpets or handmade rugs is the potential damage to fibers. Many cleaning methods, including harsh rug shampoos, can weaken or discolor fibers over time. Steam cleaning, however, bypasses this issue by using steam's natural power to cleanse. The absence of abrasive chemicals means that even the most delicate rug fibers are treated gently, preserving their integrity and extending the life of the rug.

handmade carpet steam cleaner

Best Steam Cleaner

One of the most highly rated steam cleaners on the market is the Fortador Volt Mini. This machine does not require any rug shampoo or other chemicals to get carpets cleaned. All you need is a little bit of tap water and you all have your carpet looking like you have payed for a professional cleaning!

For more information, go on our website to get an in-depth explanation of how this steam cleaner works.

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