Steam Cleaner Price Guide: Choosing the Right Option for Your Needs and Budget

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June 29, 2023

Steam Cleaner Price Guide! Is It Worth The Cost?

Cars can get dirty rather quickly and unlike our homes, they’re often neglected when it comes to regular cleaning. Thankfully, the marvels of the modern world are once again rescuing us with a new kind of steam power: car steam cleaners! Indeed, steamers have been employed by daily drivers, detailing enthusiasts, and professionals alike for over a decade now. Helping them achieve a level of cleaning and detailing once frankly unachievable to the average man and quite laborious for the professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Entry-level steamers are suitable for personal use, priced between $40 and $400.
  • Portable commercial steamers are convenient for easy transportation, starting around $1,000.
  • Multi-purpose commercial steamers with vacuum capabilities are ideal for high-volume businesses, with prices ranging from $6,000 to $10,000+.

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Over the years, manufacturers have come up with varying types of steam cleaners to cater to different people, industries, and applications. So much so that it can become quite confusing to decipher which kind best suits your needs and budgets. In this mini guide, we'll explore the different types of machines available to you and offer a few recommendations as to which are the best.

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personal steam cleaners
Personal steam cleaners

Price of Car Steam Cleaner for Personal Use

When choosing a car steam cleaner, consider the weight of the unit, the attachments and accessories offered, the heating time, and the amount of water the unit can hold.

Most steam cleaners can operate for around 40 minutes before needing to be refilled.

Faster heating time and a larger boiler tank will increase the price of the steamer but makes detailing your car much faster. You can expect to spend between $40 and $400 for an entry-level car steam cleaner.

Entry-level steamers are perfect for most personal use, including detailing your car or around the house. Any individual or entity seeking more consistent use or tackling bigger cleaning projects will need a professional steam cleaner.

commercial grade steam cleaners
Industral steam cleaners

Price of Commercial & Industrial Steam Cleaners

For tackling tough cleaning jobs, steam is more than up to the task. Commercial steamers can be used for a wide range of applications while offering significant benefits to business owners. Benefits include environmentally friendly solutions, low water usage, high-pressure cleaning, chemical-free, and sanitization capabilities.

Portable commercial steamers
Portable commercial steamers

Price of Portable Commercial Steamers

A portable steam cleaner can be a great addition to any business seeking ease of transportation and storage while not requiring heavy-duty cleaning capacities but enough punch to get small offices or houses sparkling clean.

Due to their smaller size, they will tend to start around $1,000. But they are well worth the price as they will deliver significantly more cleaning pressure combined with shorter heating time and longer running time than entry-level steam cleaners. Getting you the speed and power you need with the transportability and versatility only smaller units can deliver. However, some business may be in need of more heavy-duty capabilities and that is where multi-purpose commercial steam cleaners come into play.

multi purpose steam cleaners with vacuum
Multi purpose commercial steam cleaners

Price of Multi-Purpose Commercial Steamers

With steam pressure of up to 20 Bar or 295 PSI, commercial grade steamers are the tool of choice for high-volume business such as car washes, car detailing shops, janatorial services, restaurents, and more. Thanks to their powerful burners and boilers, they are unrivalled when it comes to steam pressure, chemical integration, water storage, and continuous steam flow. But so much power comes at a price, with models starting in the $6,000 range up to $10,000+. Howerver, such work horses quickly generate an ROI on their investments by delivering unmatch speed and power to any cleaning related business.

best steam cleaners for multi purpose
Fortador Commercial steamers for heavy use


In the end, it all comes up to your needs and budgets. If all you need is to tackle personal cleaning projects, most entry-level steamers will more than do the job quickly. Professionals seacking to service clients with more demanding needs are best to choose between smaller and larger steam cleaners. One thing is for sure, is that regardless of your choice, your new steam cleaner will be well worth the cost.

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