Garage cleaning tips and the benefits of steam cleaning your garage

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September 15, 2023

Steam-Powered Garage Cleaning: Harnessing the Power of Steam for a Sparkling Space

Cleaning a cluttered garage has always been a tedious job for every homeowner. However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will provide you with the necessary tips and tricks to achieve a clean garage. We will also discuss how using a steamer will help you speed up the process of cleaning the garage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steam cleaning accelerates garage cleaning and offers disinfection and stain removal benefits.
  • The Fortador Volt Mini steamer is a portable solution for transforming your garage floor.
  • Maximize storage with track storage on the ceiling and wall storage bins.
  • Declutter by prioritizing essential items and disposing of unused belongings.
  • Optimize placement based on frequency of use for easy access.

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Why do we let junk take over our garages?

It's quite astonishing to think about the fact that a lot of homeowners don't take advantage of the storage space provided by their garages. Instead, they fill them up with valuable possessions worth tens of thousands, or even millions, worldwide.

Consequently, countless vehicles are left parked in driveways with inadequate security measures. This raises the question - what's the root of the problem?

A recent survey has revealed that half of those with cluttered garages are hesitant to open their windows, which sheds some light on the issue.

When cleaning out a garage, where should you begin?

Cleaning and organizing an entire garage can a while, especially when you need to save space for your new gardening equipment or sports gear for your son's football games.

create a list of to-do, to-keep and not to-do

Create a List

To complete tasks efficiently, make a list of essential items that need to be at hand and create a detailed plan. Open windows for fresh air and light to boost productivity.

Create two lists: one for the list of things that you find that might have been lost over the years or just need to be kept track of the whereabouts.

When it is time to dispose of the unnecessary things, you can decide what stays and goes on the list. If you want to go even further, labeling the items with their locations and keeping the list for future reference will help your garage storage space stay organized longer.

Decide on Your ‘Keep' Criteria

After removing all unnecessary items, following particular guidelines regarding what items to keep is of utmost importance. These recommendations greatly facilitate the process by decreasing the number of things to go through.

When deciding whether to keep essential items or get rid of them, it is critical to ask if they have any significant value. If the answer is no, consider finding a replacement or disposing of it entirely.

Decide What to Do With the Garage Clutter

When cleaning out the garage, you might run into problems with getting rid of a lot more things than you thought you would, so make sure that you have more space in the dumpster than you think you will need.

Deep Clean the Space

Deep cleaning the garage floor and everything in the proximity might be the fastest of all the steps you are going to take, as long as the prepped garage is cleaned properly.

Always start by swiffing the garage floor from inside to the garage door, making sure you are not bringing any dirt back in.

steam cleaning floor

How steam can turn your garage floor into a proper place for storage once again

Steam cleaning has been the new pressure wash for lots of businesses. It has been the favored method for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of items in recent years, including homes, workplaces, medical facilities, and many various sorts of commercial organizations, as well as all types of automobiles.

Many homeowners want thorough, deep cleaning, but what they really want these days is sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces. You can perform all three with the Volt MINI.

In fact, one of the most significant benefits of steam cleaning is its adaptability. The steam's high temperature disinfects and polishes the surface while also eliminating entrenched filth and grime. Aside from its small size, one of the major advantages of the Volt MINI is that it comes with a variety of attachments and instructions on how to use them.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning actually works as follows: Kill 99.99% of bacteria. Eliminate tough molds easily. Reduces mold formation. Clean the contaminated air. Removes the dust mite. Remove all stains and odors from grease and stains from surfaces. It kills 98 % of all bacterial spores. Reducing tough molds. It prevents molds from reoccurring. Cleaning up contaminated air. Eliminated the mite. Eliminates dirt and grime from clothing and shoes and cleans them.

portable steam cleaner

Fortador Volt Mini steamer is the solution to transform your garage floor

Hiring a cleaning service can be quite pretentious when you can have all the same tools that they use to achieve a garage living situation for their clients with the tools that you can also have.

The Volt MINI is great for cleaning professionals or amateurs that operate at many job sites throughout the day since its mobility makes it easy to transport from one location to another. Because of the variety of attachments included with the machine, steam cleaning is comprehensive and adaptable.

By using a steam cleaning machine, you can get minimize the process of mixing parts of foul-smelling chemicals and let the power of steam do the work for you.

Steam functions

With a mop function, you can scrub the garage floor while also disinfecting it. Then, you can switch to a regular steam gun to help you get into the crevices and other small corners that otherwise would not be cleaned.

If you have furniture in the garage that has been sitting there waiting for its next life, using

Add Track Storage to Your Garage Ceiling

A lot of the garage space gets neglected because the space is not being used properly and you are left with a garage storage space that is cluttered with remaining items that should not even be there.

Move those large plastic storage boxes from the garage floor to the ceiling! Screw 3-1/2-inch screws every 2 feet to the ceiling framework. To space the 2x2s, use the bins as a reference.

When sliding the bins into place, the lips should only brush against the 2x2. Then, using 2-inch screws, center and secure the 1xit4 to the 2x2.

The garage ceiling is ideal for storing light and medium-weight seasonal goods such as holiday decorations and camping equipment.

storage system for garage

Store More in a Small Space

Use your garage walls to your advantage by installing small storage bins on the walls or hangers to put your tools on them. Attaching an S hook on the garage wall can help free space for the bike instead of them being in the way while you park your car.

Rollout shelves and sliding bypass units can make better use of your garage's sidewalls. The rollout shelves improve accessibility and make little items simpler to discover. They're also adaptable. The divider may be placed wherever you desire to create different-depth shelves.

The bypass unit increases storage by 50% for long-handled tools and other objects that take up too much wall space. Simply slide it to either side to gain access to the contents behind.

Old books, magazines, and paper items

If you like to keep old loose items, you should invest in sturdy cardboard boxes that have lids, that way the cardboard boxes can be stacked up on top of each other.

If you find to have too many loose items that might not even be needed anymore, it is time to throw them away free up space.

Worn out and outgrown sports equipment

It is unavoidable to want to keep all the items when doing a garage cleaning. Whenever you notice a nostalgic piece of sports equipment you used to use, think about the last time you used it. Has it been used within the past year? If the answer is no, toss it.

Hang Tools

A compact rack is both robust and simple to construct. Shovels, rakes, sledgehammers, and other long-handled equipment may be simply stored up and out of the way.

Hanging your tools in front of you will help prevent you from putting things where they do not belong.

Wire Shelving in the Garage

Using simple and affordable shelves, baskets, and hooks, you can quickly and simply maximize your garage storage space. And it will only take you one morning to reach garage pleasure with these garage storage racks.

Old kids toys

It can be hard to get rid of things your kids used to play with all the time, however, to make a garage cleaning a complete success, a lot of junk will have to be thrown away or donated.

Sift Through Unused Items

Have you ever found holiday decorations that you thought were gone while looking through trash bags? Stuffing everything in cabinets can create clutter that might otherwise be forgotten.

Consider Placement

When planning to organize the stuff in your garage, consider which things are going to be used more often than other items. For example, you would not want to put holiday decorations in front of you to reach, as you are only reaching for them one time a year.

Think about the stuff that gets used the most, maybe those tennis racquets and balls for Sunday sessions with the kids or a dirt bike you take out for a bi-monthly trip in the woods

Clothes that have been in long-term storage

Our solution to an excess amount of junk laying in your garage that is clearly not going to get used anytime soon is donating, and the same thing goes for clothes.

If you are just putting clothes that you might wear soon but never do, you are taking up space for things that actually need their own home. What if all the stuff in your garage can be minimized to the point that you can even make another room out of it?

professional cleaning service

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Garage Cleaning Service for You

When it comes to garages, there are various types that require different services to keep them in good condition. However, there are three essential services that every garage owner should consider: garbage removal, cleaning, and organization.

While there are a lot of national businesses that offer these cleaning service types, we also recognize the value of specialized local businesses that may better suit the needs of some clients. Additionally, a simple Google search can find a service that allows clients to easily find and hire dependable and efficient local garage cleaning services.

With some help, keeping your garage in top shape has never been easier. Clean garages are no monoliths. It consists of three kinds of work: garbage removal, cleaning, and organization.

When looking for the best service company, make sure they know how to handle all types of garage cleanouts, focusing on customer satisfaction, and service areas.

Organizing services

If after reading all our tips and suggestions, you do not think that you are up for the job, you can find people that will help you create an organizational system with storage solutions that you might not want to think about.


What should I do with empty paint cans?

Paint cans can be tricky to get rid as not all places allow them to be thrown out as is. Old or empty paint cans should be brought to a home chemical collection center.

How often should I clean my garage?

If you have not gone through your garage cabinets and shelves in the past year, it is time for you to get to work. Stuff can get accumulated quickly, especially if other items in the house can't find their place.

What to do with old patio furniture?

Yor old patio furniture can always find a new home if you are looking to renovate or can be donated for others to enjoy. If those two are not an option, you can always disassemble it and throw it out.

What's the best way to keep clutter at bay after a garage cleanout?

Designating a specific place for each item in your garage and making sure they stay there might be the hardest job to do for any homeowner.

Try to design an organizational system that works for you and see if it is going to help you stay organized.

If not, you can always move stuff around to best fit your preferences.

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Steam-Powered Garage Cleaning: Harnessing the Power of Steam for a Sparkling Space


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