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June 16, 2023

Top best heavy duty industrial steamers for cleaning | Choosing industrial steam cleaner

In the past decade, steam cleaners have become the number one machines for tough cleaning jobs. Steam cleaning offers better results than other cleaning techniques. Due to the high pressure and high heat of a steam cleaner, it is usually the only tool available to remove grime and stains that no other approach can.

Such a vehicle upholstery cleaner is widely used in the auto detailing industry. However, with so many steam cleaners available, choosing the best one can be challenging. It is simple to discover an excellent steam cleaner that will meet your requirements, depending on factors like your budget and the region you want to utilize one in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steam cleaners have become popular for tough cleaning jobs due to their high pressure and heat capabilities, removing grime and stains that other methods can't handle.
  • Industrial steam cleaners offer benefits such as stain removal without harsh chemicals, sanitization of surfaces by eliminating bacteria, elimination of odors, hygienic cleaning, and removal of tough objects like gum and graffiti.
  • When choosing a steam cleaner, consider factors like temperature, steam pressure, water tank capacity, mobility, size, and fuel consumption. Popular options include the Fortador PRO Max, Fortador PRO, Astra Idromatic, and McCulloch Deluxe Canister.

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How do steamers work?


In a steam cleaner, plain tap water is used (or, preferably, filtered softened water; certain steam cleaners need distilled water). The temperature of this water is raised to its boiling point of 212°F/100°C before being pushed under pressure via a nozzle. Simply by creating steam, which raises the amount of liquid water by more than 1,700 times, all essential pressure is generated. No further pump is required. As a result, steam cleaners are usually quite simple machines with just the trigger or activation button having any movement.


The heat and moisture of the superheated steam as it emerges from the nozzle dislodges the tough dirt and stains that adhere to the upholstery and other surfaces of your car. This stops the dirt and stains from adhering once more. Surfaces that have been cleaned will immediately dry up after applying steam because steam cleaners have very low water content.

Furthermore, steam at temperatures in the hundreds of degrees is far more successful than other methods at getting rid of bacteria and viruses from soft surfaces like carpets and upholstery. It has been shown by the National Institutes of Health that it reduces household dust allergens and dangerous compounds.

best heavy duty commercial steam cleaners

Why should you get a commercial steam cleaner for your business?

When looking to invest into a commercial steam cleaner, think of how it could enhance your business. When cleaning up after building renovations, industrial activities, and graffiti removal, commercial clients prefer steam cleaning.

The best way to clean restaurant kitchens, dining areas, and restrooms without using chemicals is to use diesel steam cleaners. Cleaning carpets, hard floors, grout, tile, furniture, and kitchen appliances in homes is a breeze with steam treatment.

In a business of disinfecting homes from dust mites? Loking for equipment and tools to speed up your cleaning job? Steam cleaning machines might be the answer for you.

The benefits of using industrial steam cleaners:

1. Stain removal with dry steam

The continuous steam of a steam cleaner is able to clean out a stain without the use of harsh chemicals. From grease, food stains, to oil and markers, steam can remove it!

2. Sanitizing with commercial steam cleaners

Steam cleaners eliminate any hazardous bacteria in addition to removing stains and grime. Steam cleaning can sanitize up to 99.99% of bacteria are eliminated due to the extreme heat and pressure. The interior of the car can be cleaned entirely and spotlessly by using steam.

Steam is an effective ally when used with a strong steam cleaner that reaches at least 170 °C because it has bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal properties and facilitates the restoration of perfect hygienic conditions. Even the toughest filth can be dissolved by the high temperature, which stops the growth and spread of pathogenic organisms to people.

3. Elimination of odors with steam cleaners

Steam cleaning machines are great at killing unwanted smells in a car, office or even a house. Commercial grade steam cleaners are able to eliminate pet odors, cigarette smoke, and mold. You do not need to be usickeng harmful chemicals in order to make sure that the area is cleaned properly.

4. Hygenic cleaning job

Because of the high temperature of the machine, steam is able to give you the cleanest place possible after the job has been done. Steam cleaning places like cars and homes often will keep the areas cleaner for longer periods of time, preventing the unnecessary spread of bacteria.

5. Removal of objects with steam cleaners

Gum removal and graffiti removal has finally been made easy with the commercial use of a steam cleaner. Old stain on the floors? Dry steam is there to help you.

Which steam cleaner is right for you?

Which steam cleaner you pick will depend on what you want to clean and how long the task will take. The home or a small cleaning business can utilize a machine that can reach temperatures of 200°F.

For bigger or messier jobs, a steamer with a minimum temperature of 250°F, preferably one with a pressure of at least 100 PSI, and the capacity to continuously produce steam without the need for refills is necessary.

A good steam cleaning system will include a variety of added features, particularly a commercial-grade steamer. A pressure gauge, adjustable steam pressure, a continuous steam flow option, a separate detergent tank, a detail jet tool, and an hour timer that shows how much cleaning time is left in the tank are some examples of these features. An included cord wrap is another useful extra for when it's time to put the machine away.

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Things to look out for in a steam cleaner:


The most crucial element is temperature since heat, which kills germs as well as cleansing them, gives steam its cleaning potential. A higher steam temperature, measured in watts, more effectively dissolves stubborn dirt and cleans surfaces.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend temperatures of 250 degrees ad 270 degrees Fahrenheit for sterilization. Fortador’s professional steamers produce and maintain dry steam at 248 degrees to 284 degrees Fahrenheit.

steam pressure and temperature by spraying distance
Steam pressure and temperature by spraying distance

Steam pressure

Strong pressure makes it easier to remove dirt. However, using high heat and pressure is riskier and can damage delicate surfaces.

Water tank capacity and accessories

Look for models with a fair water capacity and good efficiency to give you a longer run time and let you to finish projects without having to fill up halfway through. Examine the included accessories for the model you are considering as well. While certain attachments work well in nooks and tiny spaces, others are better suited for chairs and wider spaces.

Choose versions that are at least heated to boost cleaning performance if you desire a carpet cleaner that won't clean the hard surfaces of your car or vaporize water into steam.

For details on the effectiveness of the brush heads and the suction force to remove dirt and stains, look into the owner reviews.


Even though there are several battery-powered steam cleaner models out there, we chose the more powerful corded models because steam cleaners need a lot of power.

The length of the hose and chord will give you a wider range even though using an extension cable will get you as far as you need to go. However, more powerful devices are often larger and heavier, which limits their portability and necessitates additional storage space.


Depending on what type of business you are looking to buy a commercial grade steam cleaner, never forget to think about storage of your steamer. Industrial steam cleaners tend to be much bigger in size, so be aware of this aspect when comparing models.

Be sure to look at the unit's dimensions and weight and determine whether your personnel have the means to transport it easily from job to job.

Diesel consumption

Typically, the amount of gasoline consumed is expressed in GPH (Gallon per hour) or LPH (Liter per hour). When you compare the initial investment amount into your diesel steam cleaner with operational costs on fuel and 20–40 working hours per week, an efficient burner can save you a lot of money over the years of use.

Best heavy duty industrial steam cleaners

Industrial steam cleaners are the most powerful of the steam cleaner selection on the market. Finding the best commercial steam cleaner can be tricky. A steam cleaner that is available to the general public will tend to be more user friendly but have a lot less of steam output than a commercial steam cleaner.

It is recommended to purchase a commercial machine with adequate power to detail numerous automobiles throughout the day if you want to establish a car detailing business. Look into more transportable solutions if you want a steam cleaner for personal use in a place like your house or business.

vacuum heavy duty steam cleaner Fortador PRO Max
Heavy duty vacuum steamer Fortador PRO Max

Fortador PRO Max vacuum industrial steam cleaner

The Diesel Hybrid Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner with Vacuum Fortador PRO Max/Max Deluxe is powered by an efficient Lamborghini burner. having two different detergents available to remove stains while steaming from up to five guns at once, providing a steam clean and wash function. Many tasks require steam pressure of 20 bar, or 295 PSI, including car washes, washing car upholstery and carpeting, and vacuuming.

Everything is housed in a single, sleek stainless steel body made of a corrosion-resistant, ecologically friendly aluminum alloy. Automatic diagnostics on a touch screen You have total control over steam power thanks to notifications about periodic maintenance and services including filter cleaning, boiler descale, and burner adjustment.

Additionally, a powerful vacuum is included with this device. To thoroughly clean carpets and remove all of the dirt from them, you can utilize the steam option while using a vacuum. If you combine the steam and suction powers, it is quite simple to restore any stained fabrics.

The Fortador PRO Max/Max Deluxe Vacuum Steam Cleaner | Car Shampooer, made in Fortador's European production facilities, is the seventh generation of the best steam cleaners.

It has the strongest vacuum-equipped car steamer now on the market, and the Lamborghini company built it to our specifications and supplied it with an engine that has about 50 HP. The necessity for daily water refills is eliminated by large water tanks.

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heavy duty commercial steam cleaner Fortador PRO
Industrial steam cleaner Fortador PRO

Fortador PRO industrial steam cleaner

With the same boiler as the Fortador PRO Max, this steamer is likewise excellent for cleaning and disinfecting homes and businesses while providing the high-quality steam pressure and temperature required for thorough cleaning.

Additionally, users have the same three-gun versatility and capability, as well as the same operating display and touch screen interface, for complete control.

The volume, dry steam pressure, and temperature characteristics of this device are identical to those of the PRO Max. The heating time for the hot water to reach its peak is about five to ten minutes.

All of the Fortador models offer add ons at an extra cost including a steam mop attachment, microfiber cloths, hoses, and extension wands.

Astramatic industrial steam cleaner
Astra Idromatic industrial steam cleaner

Astra Idromatic industrial steam cleaner

To give the operators greater control over all the features, the Astra Steamer offers a number of functions. By moving a knob on the control board, you can choose whether water enters the machine directly from a water source or via a tank. The machine only has one steam outlet, despite the manufacturer's claims that consumers can install more outlets.

Operators can obtain steam directly from the pump and manually control it via an outlet tap by adding additional connections and pipes. Most of the device's functions are manually controlled using knobs. Users will also benefit from a fault-diagnosis system based on auditory and visual indicators from the control panel.

McCulloch Deluxe Canister Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner
McCulloch Deluxe Canister Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner

McCulloch industrial steam cleaner

With 23 accessories, the McCulloch Deluxe Canister Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner can clean nearly any surface, including grout, windows, ceramic tile, furniture, BBQs, and countertops. It includes a 64-ounce water tank that can produce 120 minutes of steam at slightly over 200°F and four bars of pressure for really difficult work.

This machine includes a number of attachments that you can use to clean various areas of your home or vehicle. If you don't have a lot of storage, it will be a perfect solution because it is also quite portable.

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