Pet Hair Stone For Car

Premium Pet Stone Multi-cleaner

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  • Premium Pet Hair Pumice Stone Removal
  • Removes dogs and cats hair from cars and furniture’s with ease
  • Can be used on furniture, cars and clothing
  • This stone makes cleaning up pet hair speedy and quick
  • Made of odorless, nontoxic and safe material

Weight (lbs/kg)

0.2 / 0.1

How to Use

Love your pet but hate the shedding? So do we!
This simple pumice stone makes a great tool for cleaning pet hair from clothing, furniture and cars.
Simply brush across the fabric and the stone picks up pet hair like a magnet.
Pumice cleaning stone is made of pumice, sturdy, high density, it won't scratch your carpet.
It will help you easily and quickly clean carpet cars.
The Stone is made of a natural pumice material with no added chemicals, so it is completely safe.
Safe to use on carpets, rugs, car mats, upholstered car seats and furnitures.

This is the most effective dog hair remover for furniture we’ve found (and works equally well as a cat hair lint remover! So skip the hair removal brush and grab an Elevate Essentials Pet Hair Stone!

The Passion For Pets Hair Remover sweeps fur away. Lightly sweep over hairy fabric or carpet to quickly and easily remove pet air of all kinds. Can be used in the home on carpets, comforters, upholstery, couches and clothing. Use in your autos on cloth seats, carpet and head liners.

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