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Fortador Online store is a boutique with high performance detailing and cleaning supplies, eco-friendly detailing chemicals.
We have chosen only the best brands to help keep your business running smooth.

mobile steam car wash and auto detailing steamer and generator

The Fortador Web Store has all the Supplies and Equipment to Keep Your Business Running
If you are looking for cleaning agents, accessories, spare parts, polishes, steamers or other items to support your mobile or onsite car washing business, we have you covered. We have carefully chosen high quality suppliers so we can offer you the high-performance products you have come to expect from Fortador. Our product offering includes effective solutions and application products for a car’s interior and exterior. See our extensive line and let us help you be successful.

We have a full line of mobile car wash steamer machines. You will have great choices in deciding which mobile car wash steamer best fits your needs. We have diesel powered and electric powered models for you to choose from.
Fortador PRO Max
The Fortador PRO Max is best for high-volume detailing shops and car washes. This diesel powered car detailing steamer is an all-in-one solution with high capabilities. The carbon-steel boiler preheats to a maximum of 392 degrees Fahrenheit in two to seven minutes. The Fortador PRO Plus delivers high pressure and high temperature steam in large volumes. Three people can use the steamer simultaneously to complete jobs efficiently and effectively. This all-one-machine comes with a commercial grade wet/dry vacuum that can be used as an extractor. All of our steamers come with a seven-inch touch screen to monitor and control your steamer.
Fortador PRO
If you already have a vacuum or extractor as part of your mobile car wash equipment, the Fortador PRO S is a commercial steamer with high capabilities. This heavy-duty steamer has the same boiler as the PRO Plus to deliver all the high-quality steam you need.
Our steamers have many features that are designed for productivity and efficiencies on the job. The Pro S has a four-gallon diesel fuel tank. This lets you get about 25 working hours without refueling. With a water tank that holds five gallons and two detergent tanks that hold one gallon each, you can continuously clean without stopping to refill or reconnect hoses.
Fortador Volt Electra
The Fortador Volt Electra can be a great solution for smaller car shops, mobile operations or car enthusiasts who want to have their own steamer for car detailing. The Volt Electra is an electric powered steamer with a non-limiting 30-foot cord. It comes standard with a wet/dry vacuum that can be used as an extractor. You get the same high-quality steam as the Pro line, just delivered at a lower yet still effective PSI.

We have a full line of hoses and steam guns as part of your mobile car wash equipment. The hoses are available in different lengths to match your needs. To prepare you for any surface, we have a carpet cleaning tool and brushes for upholstery. If you want to add capabilities, we offer a steam hose splitter and a Fortador undercarriage chassis cleaning tool.

Chemicals and Cleaning Agents
Choose from over 16 safe and eco-friendly chemicals for your business. Many of these are essential mobile car wash detailing chemicals. You will find a degreaser, glass cleaner, leather and vinyl protectant, paint cleaner, a Nano wax and much more. We have cleaning agents that specifically target each part of a car so you can do the job right. Our convenient starter kit is a perfect assortment of mobile car wash detailing chemicals to get you going.
Be sure to check out our Fortador Tire Gel. The long-lasting product will give all tires a high gloss finish. You will be impressed on how easy it is to apply, and car owners will be impressed with the shine as they drive down the road.
Many professional car detailers struggle with a process to clean the upholstery in a car’s interior. The cargo area of SUV’s can become soiled with ground in dirt. One of our popular products is the perfect solution for this. Our Fortador OXI Dry Foam Shampoo produces a rich foam that penetrates deep in the fibers to capture the soil for effective removal. Use your rotary machine with a specially designed brush, steam the surface, extract if necessary, then vacuum.

Steam Cleaner Parts
We have over 15 parts in stock so you will not miss a beat in your mobile car wash steamer business. Our parts are easy to install, and will help keep your steamer up and running. Included in our assortment are spare tires, diesel pumps, sensors, diesel filters, water filters, a circuit board and much more.

Polishes and Pads
We sell a full line of Rupes polishes and polishers. Rupes has been in business for over 70 years, and is known for high quality and dependable professional equipment and products. We sell Rupes gels, scratch removal products, polishing compounds and finishing products to get the job done.
We stock six foam pads with different course levels. We also sell a cloth designed for removing heavy swirl marks, oxidation, scratches and water spots.

Microfiber and Mobile Car Wash Towels
For the exterior, Fortador offers a full line of detailing products, including microfiber cloths and towels for safe and effective cleaning. Our microfiber cloths are designed with the car detailer in mind. The 16-inch by 16-inch size makes them easy to handle. We offer two colors and give you volume discounts.
Part of Fortador’s line of detailing products is the Ceramic Coating Kit. To work along side that in application, we offer a larger professional fleece towel. This towel is safe for the car’s paint and large enough to do an entire car or truck. Our mobile car wash towels are made for professional work.
Applying tire shine can be challenging. You need to make it around each curve of the tire. To improve the process and give your back a rest, we have a tire shine applicator with replacement pads. Once you try this, you will never apply tire shine the old way again.

Lighting and Stands
You will not have to let dusk or dim lit areas hamper your detailing day. As part of your mobile car wash equipment, you may want to consider a lighting system. Proper light is critical to see the car’s surfaces as you clean and polish. We offer portable lighting systems from Scangrip. They are easy to set up and take down.

Paint Repair Systems
With Fortador, you are prepared for any situation in professional car detailing. Stone chips can really spoil the appearance of a car or truck. You can repair the paint from stone chips and scratches with our four-step system. You get a cleaner, brushes, pads and a blending solution all in one easy to understand package. Do it economically and in an eco-friendly way.  

Fortador Ceramic Coating Kit
One of our flagship products is our Car Ceramic Coating Kit. Dirt, dust, road chemicals and other particles are the enemies of a car’s exterior. A professional ceramic coating provides a barrier between the vehicle and the outside elements.
The Fortador ceramic coating package is a high-quality system that will provide years of durable protection. Our three-stage process is straight forward and very effective restoring and protecting the car’s surfaces. On the exterior, our Ceramic Coating can be applied to all the hard surfaces, including the glass.
You can protect the interior of cars and trucks with this kit. Our Fortador Ceramic kit is easily delivered to the upholstery, dash and other surfaces via a spray.
The kit includes all the professional-grade solutions and microfiber cloths you need to do a job that will impress car owners.

All the Products you Need
Check out our online store. We have products in stock so you can clean and detail cars and trucks and impress your customers. From steamers, accessories, spare parts to mobile car wash detailing chemicals, we have you covered.