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April 25, 2023

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In the last decade, advances in vaporization technology have driven more and more processing companies to switch to dry steam industrial applications instead of using traditional methods that use chemicals or/and hot water. The function of unlimited steam has many advantages when it comes to easy and safe cleaning of the equipment, safety being the first one on the list. No matter which steam generator you use, the area that is used to dry steam should also have no bacteria on it afterwards

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Completely self contained operation

Steam generators have been proven to kill up to 99 percent of bacteria of the surfaces touched, making them the most efficient equipment to make sure your business brings continuous reliability.

Five best steam generators on the market

Fortador PRO industrial steam generators

industrial steam generator Fortador PRO

The Fortador PRO steam generator is one of the leading steam generators on the market to date. This steam generator features a Lamborghini power diesel burner that brings the steam production to 235 PSI and a pressure at 16 bar. All enclosed in a single aluminum power coated casing, and of ecological and corrosion resistant alloy. It has a 7 inch touch screen display that is easy to use and displays the current fluids level (water, diesel, detergent), current pressure in the boiler, and more. The touch screen will also be able to give you alerts whenever you need maintenance or service for your steam generator. The highest quality of the combustion system and low diesel consumption will offer faster return on your investment compared to other companies with steam generators.

The only steam generator that can combine with chemicals

detergent for steam generator

Because the burner power control is in the range of 16.6-36.6kW, it allows to set operating pressure at 16 Bar for continuous use of dry steam on two operators (hoses). The hoses are 30 ft/10 m long, allowing for a stress free process of using the steam generator, making the machine a mobile device. Having two user with the ability to cover that much ground while cleaning makes a big difference in commercial and industrial buildings. It is also the only steam generator on the market to combine chemicals with the dry steam.

Industrial sites like concrete are often filled with grease, oil, powder stains and etc. on the floors. With a boiler temperature at 374 degrees Fahrenheit and 235 PSI, the dry steam production meets requirements when it comes to keeping the surfaces clean.

Diesel tank

The diesel fuel tank holds about 4 gal of fuel. The fuel tank will get you about 25 working hours without having to refuel your industrial steam generator. You will be able to save up to $4000 per year.

Optima Industrial steam generator

The Optima Contigo PRO industrial steam generators has an operating pressure maximum of 116 PSI or 8 Bar. At 8 Bar, you are essentially getting a low pressure steam generator for your steam job. The Optima water tank is only 1.32 gal, so you will have to find a way for a continuous water source for your steam production.

This model features controls that are button and dial controlled, it is not digital. The body of the steam generator is stainless steel, and boiler construction made with LED digital readouts for status and errors.

manometer for steam generator

The Optima Contigo PRO is a great steam generator alternative to the Volt Electra Fortador versions and a vacuum extractor in one.

*Requires 230V 15 amps or can be used with a transformer

Dupray Steam generators

dupray steam generator

The Dupray Carmen Super Inox Steam generator Fortador Volt Electra industrial steam generators are built in with a wet/dry vacuum as well as most of its competition. The steam production can generate up to 105 psi or 7 Bar which is a fairly low pressure steam. Depending on the type of voltage the customer gets, the heating time may take from eight(220v) to seventeen(110v) minutes. Its boiler volume can hold 1.05 gal of water.

With this steam generator, you will be able to clean, sanitize, detail, and more. The superheated steam kills up to 99.99 percent of the bacteria and viruses.

Registered safe to use by ETL in USA and Canada.

Fortador Volt Electra steam generator

volt electra steam generator

The Volt Electra 2022 model is the only configuration of an industrial steam generator that operates solely on electricity and can achieve maximum pressure of up to 12 Bar or 175 PSI, which is better than the results of a market leading diesel steam generators. It is an aluminum wrapped modern design while still protecting the generator from corrosion.

Its small size can mislead that it is not powerful enough to clean off dirt and kill bacteria, but you can rely on the new steam technology to give you the best results without having to use diesel.

The Volt Electra model is most liked by commercial cleaning companies and hotels for its fairly compact size and safe use of just electricity. Consumers will not have to worry about polluting the air with gas fumes.

The electric steam generator has both functions of washing and sanitizing with dry steam, as well as the function of extraction with vacuum. The generator comes with a Ghibil & Wierbel, which can also be used as an independent device.

powerful electric steam generator

This model has a strong 5 liter conventional boiler that is manufactured for a constant steam flow rate and the possibility to operate without needing to "cool off". The boiler has a five year warranty. Modern casing and high quality metals guarantee the long life of Fortador Volt Electra. The customer can see the current fluids level (water, detergents) on the 7 inch display on top of the machine.

Fortador Volt Mini Industrial steam generator

Fortador Volt Mini Steam Generator

The Fortador Volt Mini steam generators are the smallest in the Fortador company. Like the Volt Electra, Volt Mini does not rely on gas and simply needs a standard voltage cord(110v for US and 220v for EU). It can reach up to 100 psi or 7 bar pressure, while only weighing in at 16.5 lbs. Such light weight will allow the operator to move the steam generator and have an easy access to small spaces. The builder is made of high strength AISI 304 stainless steel, attesting to its durability.

steam hose connected to generator

The Volt Mini steam generators also come with a combination of different accessories and attachments. First off, the consumer gets a 15 ft hose, which is five feet longer than the hoses you would get from competitors around the world. When combined with its long power cord, this steam generator is going to let you get to the toughest places. The consumer will be provided microfiber cloths, certain brushes and pads for the toughest job. This model of a steam generator lets the consumer add detergent to the water tank for a complete disinfecting process.

Best of all, because the Volt MINI is a small electric portable steam cleaner, it produces no diesel fumes, making it a truly green machine as it will not polute the air inside buildings where you clean. The machine is also quiet, which is another plus, as operators can easily work in homes and commercial facilities when other people are present. Free shipping within USA.

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As a team of experts in the steam generator industry, we believe that steam generators offer significant benefits for businesses and industries. Steam generators are not only effective for cleaning and sanitizing, but they can also be utilized for various applications, including cooking, textile processing, and steam baths. Additionally, steam generators are environmentally friendly, as they use only water and do not produce any harmful byproducts or emissions. Moreover, steam generators are easy to use and maintain, making them a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. In summary, steam generators provide businesses with a wide range of benefits that can improve productivity, reduce costs, and help maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

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