Top Tips for Using a Steamer to Clean and Sanitize Your Boat, RV, and Aircraft

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May 26, 2023

Efficient Airplane, RV and Boat Cleaning with Steam: Say Goodbye to Stubborn Stains and Odors

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on cleaning boats and RVs with the incredible power of steam. If you're tired of traditional cleaning methods, get ready to revolutionize your cleaning routine. In this guide, we'll unveil expert tips and techniques for achieving spotless interiors and gleaming exteriors for your beloved boat or RV. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and say hello to a fresh and pristine living space on the go.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steam cleaning effectively sanitizes boats, RVs, and aircraft by using high temperatures and pressures to remove dirt and contaminants.
  • It is a chemical-free solution that can clean various surfaces, including cloth and vinyl.
  • Steam also acts as a sterilizing agent, recommended by the CDC for disinfection in transportation settings.

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1. Clean and Sanitize Boats, RVs, Aircraft and all Modes of Transportation with Steam

Cleaning boats, RVs and aircraft are all possible. However you or your customers travel, steam cleaning is a highly effective solution. If you own a mobile steamer business or are looking to start one, this opens up new steamer business opportunities. If you are a boat, RV or aircraft owner, purchasing a steamer for personal use will keep your high-value possessions looking like new. Your assets are worth it.

2. Steam as a Cleaning Agent

Cleaning with steam is chemical free. Steam is delivered at high temperatures and high pressures. Commercial steamers effectively heat plain water to temperatures of over 300 degrees. The small molecules of steam safely penetrate the pores of the surface being cleaned. The dirt, soil, food particles and other materials are forced out and cleaned away with the steam or cloth. Steam can clean almost every surface on a boat, recreational vehicle or airplane.

Customers and owners easily understand and appreciate the power and effectiveness of steam. To deliver the high temperature and high pressure necessary you need a well-built commercial steamer.  

3. Additional Benefit of Steam

Steam is a sterilizing agent. The CDC recommends steam as a primary disinfection tool. Boats, RVs and aircraft can transport a variety of people. Using steam to disinfect the surfaces and hidden areas between rides is effective.

4. Boats and Watercraft

Owners of boats and watercraft take pride in ownership. The interior and exterior of a boat can be effectively and efficiently cleaned with steam. If you have a quality commercial steamer, you are ready for all boat cleaning jobs. Pontoons, skiffs, catamarans, yachts and all boat types need to be cleaned. Check out all the areas and the value you can add to boat and watercraft cleaning.

• Fiberglass and Wood– Boat steam cleaning starts with the hull. The hull of a boat is seen while docked, and owners take pride when going out to sea. Using high-powered hot steam will remove grime, rust, particulates, salt and other oceanic and water invaders. Remove dock marks and other debris. From the bow to the stern, keep it clean and free to ride.
• Seating – Boat seating contributes to how passengers experience the ride. Steam cleaners effectively clean cloth, vinyl, leather and other manmade and synthetic materials seats are made of. Mold and mildew can build up on and behind seats. Steam will eradicate that from your boat.
• Hard top – The hard top takes the brunt of the weather. Keep the top free of debris of all kinds with steam.
• Cabin area – Steam penetrates sleeping and leisure areas to ensure cleanliness and sanitation. Professional steam cleaners from Fortador prepare you to clean any surface.
• Hard surfaces – Salt and fresh water leave mineralized dirt rings on your boat. Steam breaks them down and erases them from your vessel.
• Deck – Safely keep your deck clean and sanitized. Steam penetrates the corners to ensure all areas are ready for family and friends.
• Metal surfaces – Metal surfaces require a regular cleaning schedule to keep them rust-free. Using a steamer and potentially a detergent can keep your boat rust-free.

5. Recreational Vehicles-RVs

More than 9 million households own a RV [1]. Keeping a RV clean inside and out makes for a great experience. Consistently maintaining a RV can help the re-sale value when you are ready to sell or upgrade. Owners know the time and money it takes to effectively clean a large recreational vehicle. If you own a RV and want to invest in the most effective and safe cleaning system, consider a steamer. If you own a remote car wash business and want to expand, RV’s offer significant opportunities.

6. Special Challenges for RVs

A clean and disinfected RV is more important than ever. Many owners are looking for solutions. RV cleaning and disinfecting presents unique challenges. Recreational vehicles maximize the interior space. To achieve that, features and objects are often right on top of each other which creates uncommon angles and edges for bacteria and other contaminants to reside and grow. High temperature steam lands on and penetrates the cracks and crevices to eliminate these contaminants. Contact us today for a conversation on which steamer would work best for you.

All areas, including the following, are easily cleaned and sanitized with a commercial steamer. Commercial steamers with detergent capabilities are well-suited for RVs.

• Exterior – Steamers work well to remove dirt, road chemicals and other debris. Clean the RV’s finish on all sides easily with steam.
• Glass – RVs have a lot of glass. Nothing can stop you. Keep the large windshield and side glass clear of bugs and other stains with steam. You are ready to go.
• Grill and front – Pesty bugs and other road debris get embedded in your grill. Dislodge them and clean the front with a commercial steamer. Be proud when you pull in with a clean RV.
• Interior – The entire living area is safely cleaned without chemicals using steam. If there are persistent stains, having the detergent option is recommended. Clean the bathroom, including the shower.
• Driver’s area – Clean the dash, front controls, seats, drink holders, side panels, glove box and other storage areas with steam.
• Ventilation system – Let steam power through and sanitize your ventilation system. Easily spray steam into this connected system for fast results.

If you own a RV, you will find many uses for a steamer that will last for years.

7. Aircraft

Professional detailing of an aircraft requires the right equipment. Aircraft owners want a clean exterior and interior at all times. Owners take pride while flying, and want their passengers to have the best experience possible. A clean aircraft does that. See the cleaning highlights below.

• Exterior – A steamer can clean the entire exterior. High temperature and high pressure, steam will safely remove grease, stains and oil build up on all painted surfaces.
• Glass – Clean the glass inside and out to maintain clear vision for all.
• Interior – If you want to keep the brand-new feel, a steamer will accomplish that. Steam cleaning will penetrate and clean hard and soft surfaces, including the seating. Carpets can be steam cleaned and extracted to restore their luster. Bathroom cleaning is also effectively done with the same commercial steamer.

8. All Modes of Transportation

If it has wheels, tracks or skis, steam is one of the most effective and efficient cleaning agents. If you own multiple motor toys, including off-road vehicles, golf carts, jet skis, use a steamer to keep your hobby and sporting vehicles clean and ready to go.

If you own a remote steam cleaning business, work with your customers and clean other vehicles that they own. The Fortator App gives you a tool to keep track and manage customers to add value.

9. Things to Look for When Buying a Commercial Steam Cleaner

Commercial steamers come with a variety of features. Below is a list of a few basic things to consider:

• Capabilities – These include the number of hose guns, cleaning agent capabilities and attachments. A quality commercial steamer should allow you to use a detergent when necessary.
• Tank size – The larger the tank the longer you can clean without having to refill your steamer.
• Steam temperature – The CDC says two common temperatures for sterilization are 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 270 degrees Fahrenheit [2]
• Warm up time – Why wait longer than necessary when you are ready to start a job. A shorter warm up time allows you get the job going.
• Fuel and consumption – Efficient use of fuel and a larger fuel tank saves money and time.

Fortador’s full line of steamers receive high marks in all the important areas. You won’t be limited, and they will make a difference in all of the jobs you complete.

10. Technology-Driven

The steamer line at Fortador is driven by technology. Multiple Fortador steamers, including the Pro S and Pro Plus, come with a touch screen and auto-diagnostics system. This 7-inch screen shows current fluid level of the water, detergent and diesel, boiler pressure, hour meter and much more.

Use the Fortador App to select the transportation category you are steam cleaning. The boat or RV icon allows you to manage customers as well as their payments. You can schedule boat, RV and airplane cleaning and track your customers by job type. You can promote your business and keep track of customers with multiple vehicles.

11. Endless Opportunities

As you can see, motorized and even non-motorized modes of transportation can be cleaned with steam. The earlier you invest in a commercial steam cleaner, the sooner you will realize a return on your investment. Vehicle owners will appreciate the convenience and how many things they can clean with a steamer. Remote car washing services can grow their business by opening up to new vehicle categories.

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