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June 5, 2023

Cleaning of short term rentals fast with pro checklist | Airbnb cleaning with steamer

It is never a bad business to have a rental property on the side, however, it can be tedious to make the place sparkling clean again. The way you do deep cleaning in your house could be very different from your airbnb rental home. You might not mind a little clutter here and there, but guests are looking to relax in a clean home that is not theirs to be cleaned.

Do not forget that you also get positive reviews on your airbnb property listed, so neglecting the cleaning process might hurt your reputation or even future bookings. In this guide, we will talk about cleaning services every host should perform before the next guest books a vacation rental with you, and the different cleaning supplies that will help you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proper cleaning is crucial for positive ratings and guest satisfaction.
  • Use a comprehensive checklist for thorough cleaning of all areas.
  • Cleaning with steamer is a fast and effective method for deep cleaning.
  • Prioritize fresh linens, address stains promptly, and provide essential amenities.
  • Consider hiring professional cleaning services for higher standards.

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Airbnb Cleaning: Guide to positive reviews with steam cleaning service

You arrived at 10am and your previous guest is leaving your house, your next guest will check in before noon and you need everything right. If your property has a 4 hour turnover you will clean every area. There are different factors in which a quick cleaning may be required.

Cleaning tips from seasoned hosts

Clean, sanitary rooms make guests happy and earn a positive feedback. Airbnb on June 29, 2021. Read 5 min. Update June 29, 2021: Guests care very much about cleanliness. Guests leaving negative reviews on Airbnb cited the lack of cleanliness as a reason for the lack. A clean house will also have an excellent reputation. This will give you a sparkly cleaning review of this property a nice review. Here are some tips from hosts:

  • Having a working diffuser with various essential oils will keep the house smelling fresh when the new guest arrives
  • Check for left behind items that might need returning or throwing out
  • Keep trash cans in every room for your guests for their accessibility
  • A stash of of toilet paper and hand soap should always be an abundance
  • Make sure to wipe door handles between each guest
  • Floors should always be clean, without any stains
  • Laundry should be cleaned without smelling like someone else used them
steam cleaner for home

What you will need for your short term rental cleaning service

In order to perform a good cleaning on your airbnb rental home, you will need cleaning products that actually work and will help you achieve a sparkling clean. Always have a glass cleaner in your arsenal, as windows tend to get dirty the easiest. You will also need a strong vacuum, a broom, a set of microfiber cloths, and a stain remover.

Even though we all try to be careful with our personal belongings and furniture, guests like to enjoy themselves without thinking about the consequences. Accidents do happen. It is always nice to get a heads up, but you should always be prepared for anything that is to come.

If you own a steamer (steam cleaner) in your arsenal, your cleaning will happen a lot faster and easier. A steamer will replace all your cleaning products, not requiring any chemicals to clean even the deepest stain in that white sofa. Steam has the power to do it all.

How to clean your rental property?

First thing you should do is have you or your property manager inspect the property thoroughly. It is very easy to check the tiny details like the dirt on the window sills, someone else's hair on the floor, stains on the bedding that did not come out after a wash and etc.

1 Airbnb cleaning of the living room

Living room might be the one room guests walk into and start judging. Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping should be the preliminary measures taken. The need to dust all the surfaces should be a given. If you have light fixtures, do not forget to dust them too, as they tend to get collect the most dirt.

furniture steam cleaning

If you have cloth furniture, investing in a lint roller might be a good idea. You never know if there will be stray hairs from the previous guest stuck on the couch. Having a stain remover like OXI will help with the stains.

If you own a steam cleaner, instead of mopping the floors, you can steam them instead. Stains on carpets can also be taken out by thorough cleaning with steam.

2 Airbnb cleaning of the bedroom

Fresh linens should always be a priority for a bed before your guest arrives. Getting multiple sets of linens might be useful for your guests, just in case an accident happens. Using bleach for your laundry and running the wash cycle twice will ensure that there is no bacteria left for the next guests to catch.

If you want to save time cleaning the bedrooms for your guests, do not try over clutter the room with too much decor. You can always make the place look nice without having statues of little elephants all over the room. More decor=more things to dust.

To ensure the disinfection of the beds, use the steamer to clean the mattresses, and pillow cases. As well as any hard surfaces that you touch the most.

3 Airbnb cleaning of the bathrooms

Getting white towels always looks really nice and luxurious, but they may take you longer to look bright white again, and you as a host might not always have that much time. Always double check for ripped towels.

Soap scum is also a something that happens in everyone's bathroom, and cleaning it is not hard if it is tackled quickly. Hosts for airbnb homes have been loving using the Bathroom Grime Fighter from Scrubbing Bubbles. Whether you have a bath or a shower

With the help of the steam cleaner, your bathroom will be left in a tip top shape. to ensure that you have done a thorough cleaning double check any light switches, handles, faucets, and/or any porcelain fixtures. Using the steam in your shower and bathroom floors will ensure it is at the best shape for your next guests.

airbnb kitchen cleaning

4 Airbnb cleaning of the kitchen

one thing that will probably be used the most in the kitchen is a coffee maker. make sure to change the filters, and water. wipe away the areas under or around the machine of any coffee grounds or water that may have spilled.

If dishes have been used, always start a new cycle before your new guest. It is ideal to have all the dishes in the cupboards, but clean dishes in the dishwasher are better than dirty dishes in the sink.

Rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe down the counters and appliances to make sure there has been no bacteria left; if you own as steam cleaner, all you will need to do is turn the machine on and use the steam gun on hard surfaces for a thorough cleaning.

cleaning hair from bathroom

5 Avoid a hairy situation

Nothing annoys guests like putting hair on the place of someone. Clean your bathroom floor by hand. Lastly, wash the toilet frequently for hair. After cleaning the bed, use the lint roller on the sheets, pillow cases and pillows.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning a short-term rental property, whether it's an Airbnb or a vacation rental, is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and getting high ratings. Neglecting the cleaning process can lead to negative reviews and potential loss of future bookings. To ensure a thorough cleaning, here is a checklist of essential tasks and cleaning supplies you'll need:

Living Room Cleaning:

  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors.
  • Dust all surfaces, including light fixtures.
  • Use a lint roller to remove stray hairs from cloth furniture.
  • Consider using a steam cleaner for faster and more effective floor cleaning.

Bedroom Cleaning:

  • Prioritize fresh linens for the bed.
  • Have multiple sets of linens available in case of accidents.
  • Use bleach and run the wash cycle twice for thorough bedding disinfection.
  • Minimize decorative items to reduce dusting needs.
  • Steam clean mattresses, pillows, and hard surfaces for disinfection.

Bathroom Cleaning:

  • Opt for white towels that can be easily cleaned.
  • Address soap scum quickly using a Bathroom Grime Fighter or similar product.
  • Thoroughly clean light switches, handles, faucets, and porcelain fixtures.
  • Use a steam cleaner to sanitize the bathroom, including showers and floors.

Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Clean and change coffee maker filters and wipe around the machine.
  • Run the dishwasher with clean dishes for new guests.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down counters and appliances.
  • Consider using a steam cleaner for a deep cleaning of hard surfaces.

Additional Cleaning Considerations:

  • Hand clean the bathroom floor and use a lint roller on sheets and pillows to remove hair.
  • Consider hiring a cleaning crew for a more comprehensive cleaning, including hard-to-reach areas.
  • An Airbnb cleaning service can be beneficial, especially for hosts with multiple properties.

Important additional airbnb cleaning service to consider

This is the minimal level of cleaning services required by the cleaners. On Airbnb, however, your property should go far beyond your expectations. Typically, once a month a clean-up crew should be hired for a cleaning service , including the “hard to reach” spots.

When crew members see damage to a home they may report the damage, take photos, or provide temporary solutions.

cleaning company for airbnb cleaning

When you should hire a cleaning service

An airbnb cleaning service might be needed for hosts who have a short term rental community and can't always be everywhere to clean. In reality, airbnb cleaning is full time job for a person, so if you are a host or property management with multiple locations, think about hiring someone full time to save money.

Commonly asked Questions

Why do I need an Airbnb cleaning service?

Airbnb rental has rapidly replaced a hotel stay, but guest expectations for clean hotel facilities remain unchanged. Airbnb will impose penalties on accounts with poor cleanliness ratings. For a superhost status, your guests will be pleased with your service. You can find some cheap, efficient cleaning services on Airbnb.

What is a typical Airbnb cleaning service fee?

What is cheapest cleaning charge in Airbnb? Airbnb clean up costs are determined by the host. The cost of the cleaning at Airbnb for a guest is roughly $60 / day and for a couple of people it'd be about $75 / day.

How do cleaners get paid on Airbnb?

A cleaning fee is a one time charge added for each booking to cover cleaning costs. These fees are included in the booking price total. It's not a guarantee, visitors will not receive any refunds. It is not always a flat rate, as different properties might need more special attention.

ac filter inspection

How often should you perform deep cleaning your Airbnb?

Deep cleaning should be performed every 2-3 months; we suggest staying with the 3-month plan. Hiring an additional person to help out with the airbnb cleaning service might be best. Additional services like AC maintenance and air filter/water filter change should be performed at similar times.

Being a good host can be difficult, but making your guests feel like home is a full time job for you or your property manager.

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